Who Is Rayna Tyson? All About Mike Tyson’s Trans Daughter

Rayna Tyson is the second child and trans daughter of Mike Tyson, an American former professional boxer. Mike Tyson’s daughter was born on February 14, 1996, and is currently a 28 year-old transmasculine who now identifies as non-binary and has changed her first name to Ramsey.

Rayna Tyson, whom Mike Tyson welcomed with his second wife, Monica Turner, has been able to gain recognition due to her father’s records in the boxing industry. This notwithstanding, she is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, mostly behind the camera.

Her support and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community have also succeeded in gaining her more recognition. All there is to know about the professional boxer’s daughter has been explored below.

Summary of Rayna Tyson’s Bio

  • Full name: Rayna (Ramsey) Tyson
  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Date of birth: February 14, 1996
  • Rayna Tyson’s Age: 28 years old 
  • Ethnicity: Jamaican and Afro-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Religion: Christinaity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Rayna Tyson’s Parents: Mike Tyson and Dr. Monica Turner
  • Siblings: Mikey Lorna Tyson, Amir Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Milan Tyson, and Morocco Tyson
  • Rayna Tyson’s Net Worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Being the second daughter of Mike Tyson

How Old is Rayna Tyson?

Rayna Tyson is 28 years old. The boxer’s daughter, who now goes by the first name Ramsey, was born on February 14, 1996, in Bethesda, Maryland, in the United States, to Mike Tyson and his ex-wife, Dr. Monica Turner. Rayna is an American citizen born with the Aquarius birth sign and is of Jamaican and Afro-American ancestry. Though her father practices Islam, she was raised by her mother in the Christian faith.

The boxer’s child is not a lone child, as she has six siblings, including one direct brother and five half-siblings. Rayna was raised in the United States under the care of both parents until after their divorce, after which her mother was granted primary custody of her and her younger, direct brother.

Rayna Tyson did not reveal where she received her elementary and high school education. Upon graduating from high school, she enrolled at New York University in 2014, which her proud father took to his Instagram handle to announce. She graduated from the university with a degree in film in 2018 and was once nominated as the Best Film Student in 2016.

Mike Tyson’s Daughter Now Identifies as Non-Binary

Initially, Rayna Tyson was born a girl but later identified as non-binary as she came of age. The boxer’s child is a strong force when it comes to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. This further made her change her first name to Ramsey, which has taken over her initial first name, Rayna. She is known to have fought tooth and nail while defending the LGBTQIA+ community.

In November 2020, Rayna made headlines for attacking rapper Boosie Badazz, who made a disturbing remark about trans people in one of his podcasts. He made some remarks about Zaya Wade’s identity, Gabrielle Union’s daughter with Dwayne Wade. In an interview session with Mike Tyson, he made another remark about Zaya, which provoked Rayna. At that time, Rayna was in Los Angeles and happened to visit the studio while he was in the interview with Mike Tyson.

Rayna revealed that she told her family not to disinvite him into the studio because she saw it as a good opportunity to educate someone about trans issues. She revealed that he made transphobic comments because he had little information about them. Mike Tyson’s daughter revealed that she decided not to intervene in their interview session unless things got out of hand.

Rayna stated that part of the reason she wanted to talk to the rapper about it was because she is a nonbinary person who is socially transitioned amongst her friends and started a medical process. She made it known to him that gender and sexuality are two different things and still went on to educate him on that. To date, Rayna stands up for the LGBTQIA+ community at any given time.

What To Know About Rayna Tyson’s Parents

Rayna Tyson’s parents are Mike Tyson and Dr. Monica Turner. She only came to the limelight for her father’s achievements in the boxing sector. Rayna’s father, Mike Tyson, was born on June 30, 1966, in Fort Greene, New York, United States, to Purcell Tyson, a cab driver, and Lorna Tyson. Meanwhile, he grew up under the care of his mother alongside his siblings.

After his mother died, he was taken under the care of Cus D’Amato, his trainer and manager, who trained and shaped him into a better person. Mike Tyson attended Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York, but later dropped out as a junior.

During Tyson’s amateur career, he achieved great feats before his professional boxing career. The boxer made his professional career debut on March 6, 1985, in Albany, New York. He achieved 50 wins out of his 55 boxing performances and won many awards and honors before he stopped performing.

Who Is Rayna Tyson’s Mother?

Rayna Tyson’s mother is an American pediatrician born in 1967 in Washington, DC, United States. She was born to Maebell Steele, a scout executive, and John Turner, a truck driver turned prosecutor. The pediatrician grew up alongside her half-brother, Michael Steele, a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and Republican National Committee chairman.

Though details of her elementary and high schools are scarce, she is well-educated. She studied medicine at Georgetown University and later specialized as a pediatrician. Having had years of experience with various hospitals in the past, she is currently working at a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, and is also a clinical social worker.

Are Rayna Tyson’s Parents Still Together?

No! Rayna Tyson’s parents are no longer together; the duo severed ties in 2003 after being married for five years. The duo met each other at a party hosted by comedian Eddie Murphy in 1990. At this time, Mike Tyson had joined singlehood once more as he divorced his ex-wife, Robin Givens. Though they felt a spark for each other, they did not start dating immediately as the boxer was jailed for abducting model Desiree Washington.

While the boxer was in jail, Monica visited him every two weeks, which made their love stronger. When Mike came out of prison, they began dating officially and welcomed Rayna in 1996. The next year, on August 5, 1997, they got married and welcomed their second son. In 2002, Monica could no longer keep up with the boxer’s infidelity and filed for divorce. The next year, their divorce was finalized, with Monica gaining primary custody of her children and a $9 million divorce settlement.

Mike Tyson moved on and got married for the third time to Lakiha ‘Kiki’ Spicer in 2009, to whom he is still married. On the other hand, Monica remarried but has remained protective of her relationship, thus concealing every detail of who her current husband is.

Is Mike Tyson’s Daughter a Lone Child?

Rayna Tyson is not a lone child, as she has six other siblings, including one direct brother and five half-siblings, which her father welcomed from his other relationships. Here is a peek at her siblings.

1. Mikey Lorna Tyson

Mikey Lorna Tyson is Rayna Tyson’s oldest half-sibling and half-sister, whom her father welcomed from his past relationship with Kimberly Scarborough. The relationship between Mike Tyson and Kimberly Scarborough was regarded as an affair. Mikey Lorna Tyson was born in 1990 in the United States and is currently 34 years old. Unlike Rayna Tyson, Mikey Lorna Tyson’s birth came with lots of challenges that her mother overcame.

Though her father wanted her to be aborted, her mother kept her, and with time, the professional boxer realized his actions and tried his best to be the best dad to her. Though details of the schools that she attended are scarce, it is believed that she is well-read, as her father is hell-bent on giving his children the best. What she has her hands on at the moment is also scarce, but it is believed that she is earning a decent living.

She is currently in a relationship with a good-looking man, as revealed by Mike Tyson. Though she maintains a low profile, it is believed that she maintains a good relationship with her half-siblings. This is based on the fact that her half-siblings and dad support and watch each other’s backs.

2. Amir Tyson

Amir Tyson is the only direct sibling of Rayna Tyson and the third child of Mike Tyson, whom he welcomed with his second wife, Monica Turner. He was born on August 5, 1997, in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. The Bethesda native did not mention any details about his elementary and high school education. However, he graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History from American University in Washington.

With a father who is famed for his achievements as a professional boxer, many expected Amir Tyson to follow the same career path as him. However, he took a different career path in line with the course that he studied at the university and joined ESPN as an intern upon graduation. Amir is also a business-minded individual who founded Debonair Attire, a clothing line that deals in casual clothing items for both males and females. He maintains a good relationship with his sister and other half-siblings.

3. Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson is Rayna Tyson’s younger half-brother, whom her father had from his relationship with Sol Xochitl. Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl were never married but welcomed two children together. Meanwhile, Miguel was born on April 18, 2002, in the United States and is 22 years old.

Miguel Leone’s elementary school is not known, but he attended Odyssey Charter High School. He is currently studying Psychology with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and is set to graduate in 2024. While still in school, he is an active activist and an aspiring musician. Miguel is interested in boxing sport and often practices with his father, who revealed that he is not pursuing it as a career.

4. Exodus Tyson

Exodus Tyson is Rayna Tyson’s younger half-sibling, born on May 26, 2009, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, to Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson. Meanwhile, the professional boxer and Sol Xochitl were never married but welcomed her and her brother. However, Exodus did not make it past preschool age, as she died at the age of four.

According to reports, she was playing with the family’s treadmill when she got entangled in a cord. Unfortunately, it took some time before Miguel found her and informed his mother, who tried her best to resuscitate her along with the emergency services. She was later rushed to the hospital, where she passed away the following day due to the injuries that she sustained. This struck hard on the whole family, as she was loved by all.

5. Milan Tyson

Milan Tyson is the younger half-sibling of Rayna Tyson, who was welcomed by her father and his current wife, Lakiha Spicer. She was born on December 2008 in Henderson, Nevada, United States of America, and is 15 years old. There are no records of the schools that she attends, but it is believed that she will gain a good level of education.

The 15 year-old half-sibling of Rayna is currently pursuing a career in tennis. She is currently training with Patrick Mouratoglou, a French tennis coach and sports commentator who trained Serena Williams and is expected to become a star in the future.

6. Morocco Tyson

Morocco Tyson is the youngest half-sibling of Rayna Tyson, born to her father by his current wife, Lakiha Spicer. He was born on January 25, 2011, in Henderson, in the United States, and is 13 years old. The youngest of the Tysons is still pursuing his education, but the names of the institutions that he attends and those that he attended in the past are scarce.

Moreso, he is also an Instagram influencer who has succeeded in garnering over 5k followers. His Instagram, which is managed by his parents, is filled with interesting content uploaded by Morocco, including top events with his family and many others. He is a sports lover who plays golf and tennis, which he also flaunts on his Instagram handle.

What Does Mike Tyson’s Daughter Do for a Living?

Mike Tyson has left a legacy in the boxing industry, and many look up to his children to pick up the mantle, including Rayna. However, she chose a different and interesting career in the entertainment industry. She has worked as a crew member towards the success of many films.

Rayna worked as a research intern in the production of The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a 2017 documentary that portrayed the death of a black gay rights activist in 1992. She worked as a set staff assistant in the production of the 2019 award-winning film, Joker. Though it seems like she took a break from her job, she might come up with something big in the future.


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