Who is Randy Chrisley? All About Todd Chrisley’s Brother

Randy Chrisley is the younger brother of Todd Chrisley. He is an American businessman and real estate agent born in Westminster, South Carolina, on August 28, 1970, and is currently 53 years old.

The Chrisleys stand as prominent figures in America due to Todd Chrisley’s involvement in the real estate industry and TV shows. Todd’s fame surged with the premiere of his reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, which birthed Randy Chrisley’s fame. Although Randy has intentionally maintained a low-profile life, he keeps appearing in the spotlight because of his brother, Todd Chrisley.

Randy Chrisley’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Chris Randy
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: August 28, 1970
  • Chris Randy’s Age: 53 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Chris Randy’s Ex-Wife: Pamela Chrisley
  • Randy Chrisley’s Children: Gabe Chrisely and Amber Chrisley
  • Randy Chrisley’s Parents: Gene Raymond and Faye Chrisley
  • Siblings: Todd and Derrick
  • Randy Chrisley’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Randy Chrisley’s Height in Centimeters: 179 cm
  • Randy Chrisley’s Weight: 75kg
  • Randy Chrisley’s Net worth: $ 1 million
  • Famous for: Being Todd Chrisley’s brother

What is Randy Chrisley’s Current Age?

Randy Chrisley is 53 years old. He was born on August 28, 1970, in Westminster, South Carolina, United States. The real estate agent is an American national born under the Virgo birth sign and is of Caucasian ancestry. He is the second child of his parents, Gene Raymond, an American army veteran, and Faye Chrisley, whose occupation is not known.

Randy Chrisley has two siblings: Todd Chrisley, his older brother, and Derick Chrisley, who is now late. His fame is a result of his older brother’s success in the real estate sector. He grew up alongside his older brother in Westminster, South Carolina, United States, under the watch of his parents.

Irrespective of the popularity he gained from featuring in his brother’s reality TV show, much about Randy’s education is not known to the public apart from his high school education. He graduated from West Oak School in 1984, and since then, there hasn’t been news of any further academic achievement.

Is Randy Older Than Todd Chrisley?

No! Randy Chrisley is not older than Todd Chrisley. While Randy appears older than Todd in looks and stature, Todd is older than him with a 16-month age gap, which is a year and four months. On the other hand, Randy was only 10 months older than his immediate younger brother, Derrick, who was just 4 months old when he died in October 1971.

There is a track record of a strong bond and cordial relationship between Randy and Todd. As a matter of fact, Randy came to the limelight after featuring in his brother’s TV show. According to reports, it was Todd who defended Randy when his estranged wife, Pamela, took to social media to call him out on the basis of extramarital affairs in 2016.

Todd Chrisley is Randy’s elder brother, whose massive success in real estate and TV shows brought him unmatched fame. He was born in Georgia, United States, on April 6, 1969. Meanwhile, there are no credible details of the elementary and high schools he attended; however, all that is known is that he did not earn a degree. He later ventured into real estate and TV shows and has recorded major success.

As much as he has made appearances on The Domenick Nati Show and Steve Harvey’s TV series, he also has his own show known as Chrisley Knows Best. The TV show, which was established in 2014, portrays the lives of Todd Chrisley and his family, thereby thrusting them into the limelight. Todd Chrisley is a father of five whom he welcomed from his two marriages: two from his first marriage with Teresa Terry and three from the second and last with Julie Chrisley.

Who is Randy Chrisley’s Father?

Gene Raymond Chrisley is Randy Chrisley’s father, born on May 9, 1935, in South Carolina, the United States, to the late Leonard A. and Allie Mae Childers Chrisley. He proudly served as a veteran of the United States Army during the Korean War, for which he earned a Bronze Star for his contributions to his country.

After he retired from the army, he was employed at Westpoint Stevens, a company specializing in bed and bath home fashion products in the United States. Randy’s father worked with the company for years before retiring. However, unlike his family members, he did not make appearances in the Chrisley Knows Best TV Show as he passed away due to cancer on July 11, 2012, at the age of 77. Despite this, he is held in high esteem by his family, as they mention him often on the show.

Who is Randy Chrisley’s Mother, Nanny Faye Chrisley?

Faye Chrisley is Randy Chrisley’s mother, born on September 2, 1943, in the United States. Though nothing is known about her parents, she has a sibling known as Francis, whom she grew up with in Westminster, South Carolina, United States.

As much as her early academic history is scarce, she earned a bachelor’s degree from a public research university in the United States. Prior to becoming a part of the family’s TV show, she already gained fame for her relationship with Todd Chrisley.

Although there are no known records of how Faye met her husband or the events of their wedding, their marriage lasted until Gene’s death in 2012. Faye has remained with her family to date despite rumors of her registering on a dating app to find a partner after her husband’s demise.

Is Todd Chrisley’s Brother Married?

Randy Chrisley is currently single after his marriage with his ex-wife, Pamela, turned sour in 2016. The ex-couple met in 2012 and married after dating for a short time. Their marriage produced two children: a son, Gabe Chrisley, and a daughter, Amber Chrisley, before their split.

What happened to Randy Chrisley’s Marriage to Pamela?

In 2016, four years after their marriage, Pamela took to social media to accuse Randy of infidelity. She continued calling out the Chrisleys despite getting a grave silence from Randy until Todd responded with legal measures. He accused Pamela of ganging up with her friends to extort his family through the divorce suit filed against her by Randy.

Todd also revealed that Pamela had been angered by his refusal of her request to feature in the family show. He cited incidents of misconduct by Pamela that led to his refusal, including her lying against his mother to the Department of Children and Family Services in order to get custody of her daughter. Pamela was also accused of theft in their family house.

Randy Chrisley

Chrisley’s ex-wife was later charged with extortion and second-degree harassment by the Westminster police. She paid $1,000 bail and was ordered by the court to desist from involving Randy Chrisley in anything, physically or electronically. Although Randy filed for divorce, he was not actively involved in the process, either in court or on social media.

Behind the Chrisleys’ Opulent Prestige

Randy Chrisley’s life outside his family’s fame is the direct opposite of the picture-perfect personality displayed on the reality show. In October 2016, Randy was reportedly arrested for shoplifting $22 worth of candy in a Dollar General store in South Carolina. He was reportedly caught red-handed, with candy bags stuffed in his pants, as he tried to escape from the store. The real estate agent was immediately apprehended by police, booked, and released the same day.

Randy Chrisley’s shoplifting arrest was a surprising and humiliating event that exposed a low moment in his life, highlighting the stark contrast with his brother’s opulent lifestyle and achievements.

What is Randy Chrisley’s Current Health Status?

Randy Chrisley is currently healthy after being declared cancer-free after years of fighting the pernicious disease. He was diagnosed with stage-four cancer in 2014 but was able to fight the disease through several chemotherapies, with the financial support of his family, despite the late diagnosis.

Randy has chosen to lead a private life, as he avoids public attention even on social media platforms. His focus is currently on his personal life, taking care of his business, and maintaining his health.

What Does Todd Chrisley’s Brother Do for a Living?

Prior to joining the real estate business, Randy tried his hands on many career paths, but none was yielding any progress. He later joined the real estate business and tried establishing his own company, but it still fell. The real estate agent began working with RS Services as a consulting agent in 2001, which was the last time his business deals appeared in the limelight.

Who is Randy on the “Chrisley Knows Best” Show?

In 2014, Randy made minor appearances on his brother’s TV show after many years of keeping a low profile. After appearing in a few episodes of the show, he faded away from the media once again, making nothing known about him.


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