Who Is Patricia Beech, Tony Bennett’s Ex-wife?

Patricia Beech is the ex-wife of legendary singer Tony Bennett. Beech first met Bennett when she was just an art student and a part-time model in 1951, while he was a fast-rising singer. They fell hard and fast for each other before tying the knot in 1952.

The couple were married for several years, during which they had two sons together. They later divorced in 1971 due to Bennett’s penchant for wine and women. Beech has lived her life out of the spotlight since then. She, however, has two sons that are doing exploits in the music industry.

Summary of Patricia Beech’s Biography

  • Full name: Patricia Beech
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1933
  • Patricia Beech’s Age: 31
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Patricia Beech’s ex-Husband: Tony Bennett
  • Patricia Beech’s Children: Danny and Dae Bennett
  • Patricia Beech’s Parents: Harold Beech (father)
  • Patricia Beech’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7
  • Patricia Beech’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Patricia Beech’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Patricia Beech’s Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Tony Bennett’s ex-wife

Patricia Beech is a Native of Mansfield, New Jersey

Patricia Beech was born in the year 1933 in Mansfield, New Jersey. She has American nationality, while her ethnicity is Caucasian. The identity of her family members remains shrouded in mystery, but her father’s name is Harold Beech.

Patricia grew up in Mansfield and attended the John Simpson Junior High School. As a child, she was very much interested in music and art. She later chose to study art at a college in Cleveland. It was in the course of doing this that she met John Bennett.

She is a Former Model and Art Student

While it is hard to tell what Patricia Beech does for a living these days, she was formerly a model back in the day as well as an art student. As previously stated, Beech grew up with a love for art and studied the same at a college in Cleveland. While doing so, she also got into modeling in order to help her make some money and pay for her schooling.

Beech stopped pursuing modeling and art during her marriage to Bennett and was more of a homemaker. There is, however, the possibility that she rekindled her passion for art in the years following their divorce.

Patricia Beech
Patricia Beech and Tony Bennett on wedding day Image Source

Patricia Beech and Tony Bennett Began Dating in 1951 and Wed in 1952

Patricia Beech first met her future husband, Tony Bennett, while she was studying at an art school in Cleveland. He was also an art lover, and they naturally bonded over their mutual love for art. They also bonded over music and began dating in 1951. The couple dated for a while and later got engaged. They then got married on the 12th of February 1952.

The wedding took place at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan and was quite a lavish one. It was made even more remarkable by the fact that two thousand ladies dressed in black gathered around the church premises, apparently mourning the fact that their music heartthrob, Bennett, was now taken.

Their Marriage Lasted for Several Years and They Welcomed Two Sons

Patricia Beech
The couple with one of their sons Image Source

Patricia Beech’s marriage to Tony Bennett lasted for several years. During this period, they made their home in various parts of New York. Bennett prospered in his career, dropping hit after hit, so he became quite wealthy. This led to an improvement in their fortunes.
They could afford a lavish lifestyle of a typical Hollywood celebrity, and they attended several red carpet events together.

The couple also had a music studio put in at their Englewood mansion in New Jersey. Patricia and Tony also had two children during the course of their marriage. The first was a son named Danny or D’Andrea, born in 1954. The second was another son name Daegal or Dae, who was born in 1955.

They Divorced in 1971 as a Result of Bennett’s Infidelity

Patricia Beech and Tony Bennett had a good marriage for much of the 50s. Their union, however, started to unravel in the 60s, and by 1971, they were officially divorced. Patricia Beech divorced Tony Bennett because he cheated on her. The singer became enamored with wine, women, and partying as he grew famous, and this reckless behavior was simply unbearable.

Another factor that played a part in the couple’s breakup was Bennett’s busy schedule. His career required him to be on the road much of the year, and Beech did not fancy tagging along. They were thus separated whenever he was on the road, and this contributed to wrecking their union.

Patricia Beech filed for divorced from Tony Bennett in 1969. She sought divorce on the grounds of adultery and claimed that Tony Bennet had commenced an affair with an aspiring actress, Sandra Grant, in 1966. She also claimed that the singer had abandoned her. She asked for custody of their two teenage sons as well as alimony.

The divorce had the potential of getting ugly, but Beech and Bennett were able to avoid that. They reached a mutually satisfying outcome on custody and alimony.

Patricia Beech
Tony Bennett and Sandra Grant Image Source

Tony Bennett’s Ex-wife has Lived Her Life out Of the Spotlight Following the Divorce

Following her divorce from Tony Bennett, Patricia Beech has lived much of her life out of the spotlight. She rarely makes the news and has no social media accounts under her known name. All this makes it quite difficult to figure out where she is now, what she is up to, and whether she has remarried.

It is very much possible that Patricia currently lives in Eaglewood, New Jersey. She may have also moved out to another city in pursuit of fresh beginnings. Beech could also be remarried and had more children. She may also have resurrected her artistic talents and become an artist. The possibilities are endless.

Patricia Beech
Tony Bennett with sons, Danny and Dae Bennett Image Source

Her Two Sons are Award-Winning Music Producers and Sound Engineers

Patricia Beech has at least two children, the sons that she shares with Tony Bennett. Both boys grew up with her after the divorce, but their father remained a constant presence in their life. They were thus inspired by his love for music.

Beech’s eldest son, Danny, is now an artist manager and owns his own company. He has also served as his father’s manager for more than three decades and was responsible for reinvigorating his father’s career in the 90s. Danny has also produced and directed a critically-acclaimed documentary film about his father titled The Zen of Bennett.

Patricia Beech’s second son, Dae, is a former rock drummer and sound engineer. He previously played in a rock band known as Quacky Duck and His Barnyard Friends in the 70s. He later decided to become an engineer in the 80s. Dae has worked with a variety of artists. He has also worked on some of his father’s albums, including Duets II, which topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in 2011.


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