Who is Parker Leverett and Where is He Now?

Parker Leverett is the son of renowned YouTuber Caleb Leverett. He became famous after appearing in a 72-minute long video where he featured his real-life ordeal of living with his mother and step-father.

Parker Leverett was unknown until that video brought him to the limelight as he was at the center of a huge custody battle that involved his step-father and mother against his dad Caleb. Millions of people were sympathetic to Parker’s plight. He, however, ended up getting separated from his father after staying with him for two and a half months.

Parker Leverett’s Bio

  • Birth Year: 1999
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Father: Caleb Leverett
  • Mother: Samantha Denise Wimberly
  • Siblings: Hayden Leverett, Blaine Leverett, and London Leeanne Leverett

Parker Leverett was Born in Odessa, Texas

Very little has been revealed about Parker Leverett’s early life but the information we have indicates that he was born to his parents in Odessa, a city in western Texas before they got separated. From the video, we learned he was 14 years old as of 2013, which meant he was born sometime in 1999 and is 25 years old, as of this year.

His father Caleb Leverett is a famous YouTuber who didn’t spare any detail in displaying his son’s early life on his YouTube channel. His mum is Samantha Denise Wimberly who is also from Odessa, Texas. She is not on record for having any profession.

Parker has three siblings; Hayden Leverett, Blaine Leverett, and London Leeanne Leverett. There is little information about them and how they grew up together. Unfortunately for Parker, his father and mum got divorced and separated. His mother won the custody battle for him and his siblings and they stayed with her together with their stepfather who later married their mother.

His Controversial Rise to Limelight

Parker Leverett rose to fame after he made a 72-minute video about life with his mother and stepfather whom he described as abusive. This abusive behavior was not addressed properly by the appropriate authorities and this prompted Parker to take it upon himself to show the world what he and his siblings had been passing through.

The events that followed the release of that video were tremendous as millions of people became sympathetic to his plight. The implication was that his mother was seen as an irresponsible woman who failed in taking care of her children while his stepfather was seen as an abuser who didn’t hesitate to beat them at the slightest provocation.

Parker Leverett Lost the Fight for His Emancipation From His Mother Samantha Denise Wimberly

The resulting implication of the video encouraged Parker Leverett to sue for emancipation from his parents with the support of his father Caleb. The two parties entered into a legal battle that lasted for months.

Unfortunately, at the end of the whole process, Parker was judged to be too young to emancipate and was ordered to return to his mother and stepfather’s house by judge Decide Denn Whalen in Ector County Texas on the 13th of August 2013. His mother and her husband have recently moved to San Antonio TX which is a 6-hour drive from Odessa TX where he grew up.

He Had To Say Goodbye to His Dad Whom He Preferred To Stay With

Parker Leverett stayed with his dad for only 2 and a half months after years of separation before he was mandated by the court to return to his mother and her husband who are his legal guardians. The news was a sad one as he was only given 15 minutes to say goodbye to his dad and his family in the video that was later released online. Parker has since returned to live with his mum even at his protest and discomfort.

Where is Parker Leverett Now?

There’s no information about the whereabouts of Parker Leverett as it has been years since the release of the famous video. Parker is perceived to be out of college now and possibly making good use of his life. He will always be remembered as the little boy who fought for his welfare and that of his siblings.

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