Who Is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man? Why Alex Cooper’s Fans Think He Is Mat Kaplan?

The identity of Mr. Sexy Zoom man has been a puzzle among the fans of Alex Cooper. The American podcaster left fans talking when she announced her relationship with a man she met during a business-related zoom meeting. A man she prefers to address as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.”

As of the time of writing, Alex Cooper has not disclosed the identity of this mystery man. However, her fans have been able to put together the tidbits shared by Alex about her relationship, which proves that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is no other than Matthew Kaplan. Her fans strongly believe that Matt is the face behind Alex Cooper’s mystery man. Encapsulated in this article are a few points to buttress home the speculations.

Alex Cooper’s “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” Became a Sensation After She Announced It on Her Podcast in 2020

During a series of her “call me Daddy” podcasts circa 2020, Alexander Cooper announced her relationship with the Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Since the first time she spoke about him, Alex hasn’t stopped sharing tidbits of how wonderful their relationship had been, yet has never disclosed his identity. This has left fans curious to know about the mystery man who has caught the fantasy of Alexander Cooper.

In times past, the podcast host has been known to use code names such as Rod sox, slim shady, and Door #3 to refer to her ex-boyfriends. She has also adopted the same for her current mystery man, who is now famous and known as Sexy Zoom Man.

As strange as it is, Alex spent years discussing relationships and sexuality issues on her podcast but has done an excellent job of keeping her love life off of media attention. Despite how open she may have seemed to be to her listeners about issues bothering them, the very identity of her lover has remained one aspect of her life that she holds dear. Why she has chosen to do this remains a mystery we will unravel in the course of time.

Hints That Suggest Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Mat Kaplan

According to her social media feeds, she had reportedly met “Mr. Sexy Zoom man” at a business-related zoom meeting during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. In what seemed like a love at first sight encounter, Alex was immediately attracted to him by his persona shortly after they met for dinner in Los Angeles, and they began dating afterward.

Matt Kaplan’s Career Fits the Description Cooper Gave About Mr. Sexy Zoom Man

This rumor banks on two major speculations. Alex Cooper had revealed that her boyfriend was a movie producer and actor who recently worked on an NBC show. Her fans were curious to find out who the mystery man was and thus, stormed her social media pages.

Fan’s best belief is that Mat Kaplan is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. This is because Mat coincidentally is the CEO of a top-tier entertainment company called Ace Entertainment and a movie producer who has produced a number of notable films, which include Body Cam, To All The Boys I’ve Loved, Versus, Are You Afraid of The Dark? Etc.

Alex Cooper Shared a Video of Herself and Matt Kaplan’s Dog

Again, Alex shared a video of herself and Mat Kaplan’s dog, Henry, on her social media handle. She was seen snuggling on the couch with her boyfriend’s pet pooch. While the pup licks her face, she sticks out her tongue.

This has been massively criticized by netizens who viewed it as disgusting. The dog, Henry, with whom Alex has been flaunting pictures online, is not hers but Matt Kaplans, as Henry has also been featured in some of Ace’s entertainment production.

Also, Matt Kaplans IMDb profile has been mentioning Cooper as his spouse for a while now. With the aforestated facts, it’s safe to say that Matthew Kaplan is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. However, it’s important to note that neither of them has confirmed or debunked the rumor.

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan’s Reaction to the Rumors of Dating

Despite Alex Cooper’s reluctance to reveal the identity of her boyfriend, she has provided her fans with more than enough clues and evidence that suggest that Matt is the mystery man. However, neither she nor Matt had denied or made any comment on this.

Also, the duo had coincidentally left a trail that cannot be denied in February 2021 when Matt Kaplan stated in his IMDb profile that he was married to Alex Cooper. Similarly, Alex Cooper put up a tweet the same day to announce that she has a boyfriend.

Quick Overview of Matt Kaplan’s Biography

Who Is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man? Why Alex Cooper’s Fans Think He Is Mat Kaplan?
Matt Kaplan, the supposed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man

Matthew Kaplan (born on April 14, 1984) is a renowned movie producer and actor from California, United States. He is known to be the ex-husband of Australian actress Claire Holt. Asides from being a movie producer with huge achievements under his belt, he is popularly known as the mystery “Mr. Sexy zoom man.”

The mystery man who “calls her daddy” host reportedly married in February 2021. Matt appears to be content with being the mystery man as he also leads a private life. Matt is a pet lover and has a dog named Henry. Pictures of Henry have been seen on both Alex Cooper and Claire Holt’s (Matt Kaplan’s ex-wife) social media handles.

Regardless of His Mysterious Identity, Alex Cooper Holds Her Relationship Dear

The American podcast host had opened up in an interview with Bustle in July 2021 about her relationship with the mystery Sexy Zoom Man. She had admitted that her relationship with him would have to be the strongest and the best she had been in her entire life. She has said that he knows that her life is her material and supports her and her podcast.

Since the podcast host admitted to being in a relationship with the mystery man and with the various pointers giving off his identity as Matt Kaplan, a lot still remains to be seen about the duo. This is especially so as it is hoped they will make a public announcement of their relationship and possibly marriage if they are not already married.

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