Who is Monica Huldt? Inside The Personal Life of The OnlyFans Model

Monica Huldt (born October 22, 1983) is a 40 year old Polish-American businesswoman, social media personality, brand influencer, and former teacher. She is a well-known Instagram model who has successfully trademarked the art of provocative and scintillating photoshoots.

Known professionally as Swedish Bella, Monica skyrocketed into the spotlight in 2020 as an aftermath of the COVID-19-induced nationwide lockdown and became an internet celebrity simply by selling personalized content on the subscription-based platform, OnlyFans.

Summary of Monica Huldt’s Biography

  • Full Name: Monica Huldt
  • Nickname: Swedish Bella
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: October 22, 1983
  • Monica Huldt’s Age: 40 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Polish-American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Education: Begaskilan Eslov High School, Malmo Teacher’s Training College, Carrier Match, UK
  • Monica Huldt’s Husband: John Huldt
  • Monica Huldt’s Height in Inches: 65 Inches
  • Monica Huldt’s Height in Centimeters: 165 cm
  • Monica Huldt’s Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 38 Inches (Bust), 28 Inches (Waist), and 38 Inches (Hips)
  • Body Measurements in Centimeters: 96 cm (Bust), 71 cm (Waist), and 96 cm (Hips)
  • Monica Huldt’s Net Worth: $7 million
  • Famous for: Being an Adult Entertainer
  • Monica Huldt’s Instagram: @swedish_bella
  • Twitter: @BellaSwedish
  • OnlyFans: @miss_swedish_bella
  • TikTok: @swedishfox83

How Old is Monica Huldt and Where is She From?

Monica Huldt was born to Polish parents on October 22, 1983, in Warsaw, Poland, and is currently 40 years old. The social media star hasn’t said much about who her father is but she has confirmed that her mother is a medical doctor. Her family was a middle-class family and were devout Catholics. Her parents raised young Monica strictly according to the Christian faith.

Monica also hasn’t mentioned whether she has siblings or not, so it would seem that she’s an only child, however, this information isn’t yet confirmed. Monica Huldt was born under the zodiac sign, Libra. She is a White woman of Polish descent and currently possesses American citizenship. When she was only 7 years old, she and her family relocated from Poland to Sweden for undisclosed reasons.

The explicit content creator reveals that her childhood wasn’t an easy one as she struggled with eating disorders as well as depression. She has also said that she endured heavy bullying from the kids at her school, probably because she was from a different country. In Eslöv, Sweden, where her family relocated, Monica had to learn to adapt quickly. Despite all her personal and family challenges, Monica tried her best to pursue a solid education.

She first attended the Begaskilan Eslöv High School and acquired her O-level certificate. She then proceeded to Malmo Teacher’s Training College, where she got a higher degree in History. Finally, Monica wrapped up her educational pursuits by enrolling at a distance learning institute called Carrier Match, the UK where she became a Certified Associate in Project Management.

Monica Huldt Has Gathered Millions of Followers Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

There is a huge chance that you would have come across the name “Swedish Bella” on the internet at least once, especially if you are an active user. However, Monica Huldt didn’t start with the massive reach she currently has. The content creator was once like every other regular person living in America, trying to survive in the country. Before the fame, she was just a simple teacher in a private college.

In 2015, Huldt decided to try a new career path. She started as a model and was mainly active on Instagram, with a little over 500 followers at the time. Monica decided to quit her teaching job to focus on her work as an adult model. It was around this time that she adopted the moniker ‘Swedish Bella’ as a nod to her European roots. She kept at this job for about four years until things changed in 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a tide that turned Monica Huldt’s fortunes around. She began to share her x-rated pictures on the content-sharing OnlyFans platform to earn more money. According to the model, she decided to take the risk of putting up her content for sale. Huldt also revealed that received overwhelming support from her fans, which included the students she taught at college.

Before long, she had created a cult following on both Instagram and OnlyFans. Her Instagram posts/pictures have gone viral millions of times, and she is regarded as the poster girl for social media adult entertainment. Swedish Bella is also popular on TikTok, with her videos amassing over 1.3 billion likes on the platform in less than 3 years. Currently, Monica has about 2.4 million Instagram followers.

Below is a list of all the various social media platforms where you can find Monica Huldt:

  • Instagram: @swedish_bella; No of Followers – 2.4 million
  • Twitter: @BellaSwedish; No of followers – 219.5k
  • TikTok: @swedishfox83; No of followers – 186k
  • OnlyFans: @miss_swedish_bella; No of followers – 795k

Monica Huldt is also a Brand Influencer on Instagram

While Huldt is mainly known for the kind of content she creates, she has also successfully managed to build a business on the internet. She has worked as a brand ambassador/influencer, as well as a business developer. Swedish Bella has been linked to top fashion brands like Fashion Nova and many others.

She currently holds a position as Director of Strategy at a business called The Future of Exclusivity. All of Monica’s multiple hustles, both in front of the cameras and on the field, have brought her net worth estimated to be about 7 million dollars currently. Most of her income comes from OnlyFans, with Business Insider reporting annual earnings of over $700k from the platform alone.

Monica Huldt’s Height is 5 Feet 5 Inches

In the adult entertainment industry, looks are of utmost importance, and Monica Huldt is not ignorant of this fact. The 40-year-old admitted to getting two major body augmentation surgeries; one on her nose and another on her breasts. Her body measurements (Bust/Waist/Hips) are currently listed as 38-28-38 inches. Monica’s weight has been reported by multiple online sites as 55 kg or 121 lbs (pounds).

At 5 feet 5 inches, Monica Huldt’s height is hardly impressive. However, her average height notwithstanding, Monica’s killer curves make her instantly noticeable in any photo shoot. She also has pretty blonde hair and rich brown eyes that complete the package.

She is Currently Married to John Huldt

Monica Huldt hasn’t been coy about her romantic life and has revealed that she is happily married. Her husband is John Huldt, a personal trainer who works at Equinox Westwood. It isn’t clear when the two got married or when they met, or even whether they have any children at the moment. Pictures of the couple aren’t hard to find and can be found all over the internet.

Monica Huldt was Recently Involved in a Scandal Regarding Her Marriage

Monica Hudlt

A few months ago, the content creation behemoth came under heavy fire for some things she said about her marriage to John Huldt. Monica appeared on the lifestyle YouTube show Truly, and she spilled some crazy secrets. The Instagram star stated that she and John operated a one-sided open marriage, where he was allowed to sleep with other women.

Monica also revealed that she loved to please her husband and that he controlled every aspect of her life, even though she thrice out-earns him. The public was not having it, however, and a series of discussions were started all over social media, most of which described the situation as negative, old-fashioned, and abusive.

Amid all the criticisms that ensued after the show aired, Monica Huldt came out to defend herself, stating that she was happy with her marital arrangement and asked the public not to interfere or judge her family.

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