Who Is Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, Helen Hunt’s Daughter?

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan (born May 13, 2004, age: 20  years old) is the daughter of Helen Hunt, an award-winning actress, and Mathew Carnahan, a writer, producer, and director. Makena is a young American actress in her own right.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan was thrust into the limelight as a child because of her parent’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Helen Hunt, is an actress best known for the sitcom Mad About You. The young actress’s father has also gained recognition in his career and is well known for the movies House of Lies, Dirt, and many others. Though they have managed to shelter Makena from the limelight, here is all we know about her.

Summary of Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Biography

  • Full name: Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: May 13, 2004
  • Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Age: 20 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Half-Jewish and half-methodist
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Parents: Helen Hunt and Matthew Carnahan
  • Siblings: Emmett Carnahan
  • Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Height in Inches: 5″2
  • Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Height in Centimetres: 157 cm
  • Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Famous for: being the daughter of the award-winning actress, Helen Hunt, and Mathew Carnahan, a writer, producer, and director

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan Was Born In Los Angeles

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States, on May 13, 2004, to famous parents. The 20-year-old American actress was born under the Taurus zodiac sign and is of Caucasian descent.

She was born to parents who have achieved great feats in the entertainment industry, which has thrust her into the spotlight. Her father, Mathew Carnahan, is an American writer, producer, and director. Some of his successful onscreen projects include House of Lies, The Fugitive, Valley of the Boom, and many others.

Her mother, Helen Hunt, is also a name to be reckoned with in the movie industry. She is an award-winning actress and producer who has over 30 acting projects. Helen has appeared in movies, stage plays, and television shows. Some of her film credits include Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Stealing Home, The Miracle Season, and many others.

She has appeared in some television shows like World on Fire, Blindspotting, Knots Landing, and others. Some of Helen’s credits as a director include Mad About You, House of Lies, and others. Her stage works include Eureka Day, Our Town, and many more.

Though Makena is the only child of her mother, she has an older half-brother, Emmett Carnahan, whom her father welcomed from a previous relationship. Based on her age, the young actress is still in school and is attending New York University. She reportedly attended the Neighbourhood playhouse of The Theatre. Meanwhile, details of her basic and high school education have been unclear.

The Mystery Surrounding The Birth of Helen Hunt’s Daughter

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan was called a miracle baby because of the circumstances surrounding her birth. She was born when her mother reached the advanced age of 40 years. Aside from her age, Helen Hunt disclosed that she had difficulties at a young age with conception. The actress stated that, at a certain point, getting pregnant became her greatest wish and greatest challenge.

Helen also added that she decided to give in to adoption after her last big try with her then-boyfriend, Mathew. However, their last shot did grant them their wish and gave them Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, whom they have cherished since birth.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s Parents Were Not Married At The Time of Her Birth

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s parents, Helen Hunt and Matthew Carnahan, were just partners and were never married. The duo did not disclose how or where they met each other but it is known that they started dating in 2001. At that time, Helen Hunt had just divorced her ex-husband of one year known as Hank Azari, an American actor.

However, Helen and Matthew welcomed their daughter three years into their relationship, which lasted sixteen years. Meanwhile, since they were both active in the entertainment industry, they worked together on some movie projects.

The duo always appeared to be in a superb relationship in public but were facing hard times in their closet. They had problems in their relationship because Helen had trust issues and never trusted Mathew. She always suspected that he betrayed her, but he never accepted the accusation. Matthew reportedly left many times but was brought back by the actress.

This notwithstanding, she would often kick him out again after some time. They spent those hard times together for the sake of their daughter since they did not want her to suffer being raised in a broken home. However, in 2017, they called it quits for real and never got back together. Though they had a hard time breaking up, they are now on good terms.

The Young Actress Shares A Strong Bond With Her Parents

Though Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s parents are separated, she still maintains a close relationship with both of them. Though she loves both of them, she does not give the same energy of love to both. Here is how close she is to her parents.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan Once Had A Tattoo of Her Mom’s Face On Her Arm

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan has lived with her mother all her life, even after she called it quits with her father. This fostered a strong bond between the mother and daughter. Since she is her miracle baby, she cherishes her and does not hesitate to flaunt fun pictures of the two of them on her social media handles.

Helen Hunt describes the times that she spends with her daughter as the greatest pleasure she has ever known. Their close bond also makes Makena wish for her mother’s happiness at all costs, thus, she approved of her latest boyfriend, Steven Tepper.

Makena and a close friend also got a henna tattoo of her mother’s face on their arms in January 2016. This greatly touched her mother, who took to Twitter to share the joy that her daughter’s action gave her. Helen, on her own part, does not stop at anything when heaping praise on her daughter.

She is Her Dad’s Little Girl

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan is also close to her father and is regarded as his little girl. She also spends quality time with him and has been spotted several times visiting him at home. Though he does not get to stay with Makena all the time, he is playing a great fatherly role on his own part.

Helen Hunt’s Daughter Started Acting In 2014

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s parents are great figures in Hollywood, and it comes as no surprise that their daughter has followed their career path. The young actress was inspired to play some movie roles by her mother. Following this, her first movie Ride, which was released in 2014, was directed by her mother.

Helen also played the lead role in the movie while her daughter played the role of a girl on a plane. She also appeared alongside her mother in the 2018 movie, Miracle Season. Makena also takes part in her school’s play. According to her mother, she watched her take part in the school’s play, Romeo and Juliet, through Zoom.


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