Who is Kylie Prew and Exactly How Old is She Today?

Kylie Prew is a 21-year-old American social media influencer, content creator, basketball player, internet celebrity, and entrepreneur from Key Largo, Florida born on May 19, 2003.

Prew is best known for her online influencing career but asides from that, she is also best known as the girlfriend of YouTube personality Jojo Siwa. She has also received a lot of media attention following her sexuality.

Summary of Kylie Prew’s Biography

  • Full name: Kylie Prew
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: May 19, 2003
  • Kylie Prew’s Age: 21 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kylie Prew’s Parents: Douglas Prew (Father) and Narelle Prew (Mother)
  • Siblings: One sister
  • Kylie Prew’s Height in Inches: 71.6
  • Height in Centimetres: 182
  • Kylie Prew’s Weight: 55kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 32 (Bust), 24 (Waist), 25 (Hips)
  • Famous for: Being a social media influencer
  • Kylie Prew’s Instagram: @p._kylie_.p

How Old Is Kylie Prew?

Kylie Prew is 21 years old. She was born on May 19, 2003, in Key Largo, Florida, the United States of America. She is the oldest child born to Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Narelle Prew. Her father is from Miami Springs and her mother is from Sydney, Australia.

With both parents from different countries, Kylie is of mixed ethnicity and of American nationality. Her father is a successful businessman who owns and operates two restaurants, The Fish House and The Fish House Encore, in America. On the other hand, her mother, Narelle Prew, served as a liaison for AAP/Reuters.

According to some reports, Prew has a younger twin sister. She has, however, chosen not to reveal her twin sister’s name to the media. Kylie’s family is seen to spend a lot of time together as they have been spotted traveling and hiking.

Kylie Prew’s Education

Kylie Prew grew up in Florida, the United States. She has managed to keep her early life private from the media. The social media sensation, however, finished her primary education at a local elementary school in her hometown, Florida. She moved on to Coral Shores High School after she finished primary school.

Kylie Prew is currently in high school and will graduate before the end of the 2022 school year. She is currently focusing on her career as a content creator and social media influencer. Kylie is also a gifted singer and athlete. She played varsity basketball in her early high school years and was featured on the Max Prep athlete page.

What Does Kylie Prew Do For A Living?

Kylie is a gifted young lady who excels in many areas and could easily fit into a variety of professions due to her diverse skills. Many people assumed she would pursue a career as a basketball player due to the outstanding skills she displayed in her early high school years.

She could still become a professional basketball player because she had participated in several matches with the school’s varsity basketball team. The influencer is also a travel enthusiast who enjoys sharing her travel photos on social media. However, Kylie appears to have settled on being a social media influencer and an online content creator, rather than all of her aforementioned hobbies. More on her online career below:

She Is An Instagram Influencer

Kylie Prew’s dream of becoming a social media influencer is quickly coming true. Her Instagram followers are increasing by the day. Since her first Instagram post on July 28, 2017, she has posted a few more photos that have endeared her to her followers on the platform.

She has only made few Instagram posts so far, but she already has over 405k followers. She enjoys posting pictures of herself and her partner on Instagram. According to her Instagram profile, she has also collaborated with and endorsed Sand Cloud fashion brands.

Kylie Prew Creates Contents on TikTok

Kylie Prew is also known to create contents on her TikTok account. She is always seen posting videos of her trips and also that of her lover Jojo Siwa. The social media sensation has been seen to amass massive views on her posts.

What Is Kylie Prew’s Sexuality?

Kylie Prew is bisexual. This became public knowledge after her partner, a female American singer named Joelle Joanie Siwa, better known as JoJo Siwa, announced their relationship on her Instagram in January 2021.

JoJo Siwa is an American singer, dancer, and YouTube personality well-known for her appearance on Dance Moms for two seasons. She has appeared on television shows such as The Thundermans, All That, Dancing with the Stars, Abby’s Ultimate Dance, and many more.

She is also a well-known social media personality and influencer. Her verified Instagram handle (@itsjojosiwa) has over 11.6 million followers and on her YouTube channel called “It is JoJo Siwa” she has over 12.2 million subscribers.

The singer first hinted at her sexuality when she posted a photo of a custom shirt that her cousin gifted her with the inscription “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” A day later, precisely on January 23, 2021, she went live on Instagram to declare that she was in her happiest mood, probably because she was no longer in the closet.

The internet then exploded with speculation about who JoJo was dating, and fans wondered if she had a girlfriend. Finally, JoJo confirmed that she was in a relationship via an adorable Instagram post weeks after coming out.

On February 8, 2021, she shared four loved-up photos of herself and her new girlfriend, Kylie Prew, on her Instagram account. She uploaded the photo expressing her joy that Kylie has been her friend for over a year since January 8th 2021 and she has finally got to call her girlfriend.

She went on to say that she is the most loving, supportive, happiest, and protective girlfriend and the most beautiful person in the world, before revealing that it is their one-month anniversary. Jojo tagged her new beau in the third photo, revealing her name to be Kylie Prew. The singer revealed that she and Kylie met on a cruise ship in 2020 and became close friends before they eventually started dating.

The ladies are both content in their relationship as evidenced by the amount of romantic photos they post on social media. Because JoJo Siwa lives in California and Kylie Prew in Florida, the couple is in a long-distance relationship. However, they still manage to make out time to visit each other.

The duo have been spotted together at various events and have shared photos of their travels on social media.

Are JoJo and Kylie Still Together?

When the couple first announced their relationship in 2021, they quickly became role models for many members of the LGBT community. Many others were inspired to come out of the closet but sadly, JoJo and Kylie split up a few months later, in October 2021. Siwa stated that the reason for their slit was her tight schedule and tender ages.

Many of their fans were outraged and concerned, wondering how a sweet relationship admired by many could fall apart in such a short time. Their breakup first occurred at the time JoJo was filming Dancing With the Stars. A source confirmed the news to Us Weekly at the time, stating that JoJo and Kylie did break up. Some cast members were aware of the breakup because Kylie had stopped attending the show.

However, after being apart for seven months, the couple reconciled in May 2022. They announced it with super sweet pictures that were taken at the Happiest Place on Earth with the caption, “If you love something let it go, if it comes back….????♾.” They are still together, and their love for each other appears to have grown as they continue to delight their fans with photos of each other on Instagram.

Kylie Prew’s Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Kylie Prew’s height is listed at 6 feet (182 cm or 1.8m) tall and weighs around 55 kg, according to sources (121 lbs). According to a 2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, the average height of all American women aged 20 and up is 5 feet, 4 inches. This means that Kylie Prew is taller than the majority of women in America.

Her other body measurements are as follows: 32 inches (bust), 24 inches (waist), and 25 inches (hips). She is endowed with brown eyes and blonde hair. However, her shoe size and other body measurements are not available to the media.


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