Who is Jocko Willink’s Wife? All About Helen Willink

Helen Willink is the wife of Jocko Willink, the former US naval officer. Helen met Jocko while working as a flight attendant, and the duo tied the knot in 1997. The couple went on to have four children – three girls and one boy. All of Helen’s kids are grown up and forging their own paths in life.

Helen is 53 years old and worked with a Bahrain-based airline as a flight attendant but currently supports her husband in his business endeavors.

Summary of Helen Willink’s Biography

  • Full Name: Helen Willink
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 20th of June 1970
  • Helen Willink’s Age: 53
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Helen Willink’s Husband: Jocko Willink
  • Helen Willink’s Children: Four
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Jocko Willink

How Old is Helen Willink?

Helen Willink is 53 years old and was born on the 20th of June 1970. Her full moniker is listed as Helen Louise Willink. Helen’s birth occurred in England, which points to her British nationality; however, ethnicity-wise, she is White.

Helen hasn’t said much about her early life and family background, which makes it difficult to get tidbits about her parents and siblings, if any. She has equally not revealed her academic records, but it has been said that the British lady was educated in England.

What Does Jocko Willink’s Wife Do?

With her education done and dusted, Helen Willink landed a job in Bahrain as a flight attendant with one of the airlines. She was on the job when she met the man who would become her husband, and after marriage, she left to go and concentrate on raising a family.

Helen hasn’t just spent the last 25 years being a wife and mother, she has played a huge role in the success of her husband’s business. Especially his fitness training center.

How Helen Willink and Jocko Willink Met

Helen Willink and Jocko Willink first crossed paths in Bahrain, where she was with one of the airlines as a flight attendant. At that time, Jocko was a naval officer sent to Bahrain by the United States Navy.

According to what the couple said, they felt an immediate connection after meeting for the first time and started dating after a short while.

Talking about their early days together, the former Naval officer said that Helen was attracted to him because of his hard work and dedication. In one of his tweets, Jocko said his spouse wouldn’t have cared about him if he was a man with soft and clumsy hands, and the same goes for his three daughters.

The Couple Have Been Married Since 1997

Since we were not told exactly when Helen and Jocko met, it is quite difficult to calculate how long they dated before deciding to take things a bit further.

However, it is common knowledge that the lovebirds exchanged wedding vows sometime in 1997. Their wedding ceremony was described as a low-key affair with family and a few friends in attendance.

Helen Willink
Helen and Jocko image source

In recent times, seeing a married couple whose union endured for more than two decades is fast becoming a rare occurrence, but Jocko and Helen Willink seem to be the exception. The couple’s union has lasted for over 25 years and is still going strong.

From what is perceivable, their marital bliss appears to be like the “forever happily after” that only ends in death.

The Secret of Jocko Willink and Helen Willink’s Long-Lasting Relationship

Having lasted for over two and half decades in matrimony, Helen and Jock have sparked curiosity among fans and the general public who wish to know the secret of their successful union.

The former naval officer was in an interview session in October 2020 when he opened up. Talking with Podcast Magazine, Jocko said they made their union last longer by controlling their emotions and working together as a team.

Going on, Jocko said having emotions is never a sign of weakness, but one must always maintain a balance and never lose control, or else one would have moments of weakness. The former SEAL mentioned that good decisions can never be made when one is emotional. He also painted a scenario with a couple who tend to reflect each other’s emotional state, saying that things will likely escalate into very bad and uncontrollable situations for them.

Helen Willink’s husband also described his role whenever his spouse gets emotional. According to the former US naval officer, he would keep telling her to calm down, and in a situation where it fails, he would resort to what he described as the “reflect and diminish” strategy. Below are his exact words on the subject.

if my wife is super emotional about something, I’ll reflect some of that emotion, but I’ll diminish it—bring it down a level—deescalate it, so she can still see me as being on her team.”

On her own part, Helen described her union with Jocko as intense, and she also said it is not different from the rest. Helen has been a supportive wife to her spouse throughout their long years together, though the couple rarely appear in public together.

Helen Willink Shares Four Children with her Husband

Helen Willink and her spouse, Jocko Willink, are parents to four children – three girls and one boy.

The oldest among the Willink brood is Freja Willink, who was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, on the 15th of September 1999. After she finished Point Loma High School, Freja joined the University of California, Berkeley, to study Political Economy in Inequality and Development. She graduated in 2021.

Helen Willink
Jocko, Helen, and their three daughters image source

Helen’s second daughter is Rana Willink, who joined the family in San Diego, CA, on the 13th of March 2001. She is an alum of Point Loma High School. Rana is a female wrestler training under the watch of wrestling veteran coach Brian Lamb. She has also won a good number of titles.

Helen and Jocko’s only son, Thorsen Willink, was also born in San Diego on the 4th of December 2002. He is equally a wrestler and has been engaging in championship contexts for years.

Helen Willink’s last daughter is the least known member of their family, but it is common knowledge that she was born in 2009 and is still in her early teens.

Her Husband Was a Navy Seal and is Currently a Businessman

Jacko Willink used to work with the US Navy SEALs as a Commander of the SEAL Team 3S Task Unit Bruiser. He spent 20 long years before his retirement.

After he left the US Navy, Jocko went into the fitness industry and established his own fitness and training center known as Victory MMA and Fitness.

The gym, which is based in San Diego, is among the best the region has to offer. It offers its clientele self-defense training, group exercise classes, and more, and specializes in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and fitness,

Alongside his long-time friend, Leif Babin, Jocko co-founded a consulting firm known as Echelon Front. They also run a podcast. Jocko is listed as an author and has secured several brand deals with many MMA promotions.

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