Who is Jessica Allain and How Old is The British Actress and Model?

Jessica Allain is a 27 year-old fast-rising British model and actress who has featured in several movies and TV series such as Laundromat, Thriller, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She has also shared the screen with icons such as Meryl Streep and is certainly one to watch out for in Hollywood.

Jessica Allain’s Bio

  • AGE: 27 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: 17th of February 1997
  • BIRTHPLACE: London United Kingdom
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
  • ETHNICITY: Caribbean

Jessica Allain Has British Nationality and Caribbean Ethnicity

Born on the 17th of February 2017, Jessica Allain is 27 years old. She has British nationality. Her ethnicity is however Caribbean. Jessica Allain’s mother is from Barbados while her father is from the eastern Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia.

She Spent Her Teen Years Modelling in Different Parts of the Globe

Jessica Allain was born in London and grew up there. She fell in love with acting as a child but did not explore this love at first. She rather deployed her good chocolate looks to become a model at the age of 16. Jessica Allain recorded decent success as a model and got to work in various parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and America.

She Switched to Acting at the Age of 18

Jessica Allain became an actress at the age of 18 and it was through modeling. In 2015, the modeling agency asked her to work as an extra on the set of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It was a very insignificant role but she loved every inch of it. She felt right at home and realized that this was precisely what she wanted to do with her life. Without further ado, she packed up her bags and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Jessica Allain Has Shared the Screen with the Likes of Antonio Banderas and Meryl Streep

Jessica Allain made her movie debut with a small role in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in 2015. Since then, she has been featured in several movies and TV series including Yonderland, Eddie the Eagle, The Honor List, Thriller, The Laundromat, Two Eyes, Archenemy, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Fear.

One of the movies that Jessica Allain is best known for is 2018’s Thriller. Thriller dwells on a childhood prank gone wrong and the teens who suffer the consequences. Jessica Allain played the lead role of Lisa Walker and she and her fellow cast members received praise for their work.

Laundromat is another movie that Jessica Allain is well known for. The 2018 drama chronicles a widow’s investigation into the ongoing at a Panama law firm. Laundromat featured the likes of Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas. Jessica Allain on her own part played the role of Simone, a college graduate who is determined to protect her mom from suffering as a result of her father’s indiscretions.

Jessica Allain’s Parents are Quite Supportive of Her Career

Jessica Allain is yet to win any awards in her acting career but it is only a matter of time as she continues to work hard. The actress also has a large number of loved ones rooting for her. Though the identity of her parents is not available, Jessica Allain has nevertheless revealed that they support her even if they don’t entirely understand what she does.

The Actress is Likely Single at the Moment

With regards to her love life, Jessica Allain is most likely single. The actress has yet to mention any special someone in her life. A look at her social media pages is also no help as she doesn’t share personal details. It is very much possible that Jessica Allain is single. It is also possible that she is dating someone but is protecting the individual’s privacy.

Jessica Allain’s Select Filmography
  • Yonderland
  • Eddie The Eagle
  • The Honor List
  • Thriller
  • The Laundromat
  • Two Eyes
  • Archenemy
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Fear


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