Who Is Jerry Jeudy’s Baby Mama and Girlfriend?

Jerry Jeudy’s baby mamas are the two women he has been publicly linked to; one is named Ja’Nice Thomas while the other is his current girlfriend, Antoinette Tharp. He isn’t married to either, but they both have children for him.

As is the case with many other NFL players, Jerry’s love life has been very interesting to keep up with. His first serious relationship was with ex-girlfriend Ja’Nice, but it ended unceremoniously. Having moved on with a woman named Antoinette, the public keeps wondering where his first baby mama is, as well as who his current girlfriend is. Take a look at the state of his relationship.

Jerry Jeudy’s First Baby Mama is Ja’Nice Thomas

Although Jerry and Ja’Nice were a couple for many years, there is not much known about the family background of Jerry’s former girlfriend. Janice, a young businesswoman, presently runs a company named ‘Sweet Tooth’, located in Florida.

She is an African-American woman, but information about her birth, age, and family background are all presently unavailable to the public. She only caught media attention for being in a relationship with the NFL player for several years.

Ja’Nice Thomas is originally from Pompano Beach, a city located in Broward County, Florida. Jerry himself was also born and raised in Florida. Unlike Thomas, however, he is a native of Deerfield Beach. According to a few sources, Jerry and Ja’Nice attended the same college  in Florida. While there is no verified confirmation of this, the genesis of their relationship appears to have begun all the way back from their college days.

Along the line, Jerry and his girlfriend started a little family together with the birth of their daughter. Jerry had a sister named Aaliyah who tragically passed away at the age of seven from a rare disease. So it is rather interesting to know that the player’s first child and daughter with Ja’Nice, was named Aaliyah. They named their daughter Journee Aaliyah Jeudy in the United States in March 2020. Journee is currently 4 years old.

Journee Aaliyah’s Parents Broke Up After Her Birth

Shortly after Ja’Nice gave birth to his stunning daughter, his relationship with Ja’Nice took a nosedive. After trying really hard to mend things and stay together for the sake of their daughter, the duo decided to call it quits and find happiness elsewhere. The real reason for their break has remained unknown to the media. The result was that Ja’Nice slowly faded from the spotlight.

Ja’Nice is presently not on social media. She runs her business offline. Although they haven’t exposed details of their co-parenting agreement, the former couple seems to have figured out a way to give their daughter a stable life irrespective of any differences they might have.

Jerry Jeudy’s Girlfriend Is Currently Antoinette Tharp

Jerry Jeudy is not married, but he’s in a relationship with a new sweetheart named Antoinette Tharp. Background details about Antoinette and her early days are not available on the internet. Obviously, Antoinette is famous only because she is the girlfriend of Jerry Jeudy. Some online reports have pegged her to be a model. Details are obscure regarding when the couple initially met and started dating because they haven’t made any reference to it.


The pair are definitely keeping their relationship as private as possible. This, Notwithstanding, we do know that they are parents to one daughter. The two lovers welcomed their daughter in early 2022. This would make Tharp Jerry Jeudy’s second baby mama. While this is Jerry’s second child, it is the very first child of his girlfriend, Antoinette Tharp.

Jerry’s Relationship With Antoinette Nearly Ended in 2022

Just like his relationship with Ja’Nice, Jerry’s relationship with Antoinette Tharp has become rather problematic since the birth of their daughter. The player has a short history of conflict with the women who have given birth to his children and the most recent incident took place around the middle of 2022.

On May 12, 2022, his girlfriend Antoinette Tharp filed a complaint with the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office accusing the player of criminal meddling with domestic violence cases. Jerry Jeudy reportedly got into an altercation with his baby mama after she unintentionally discovered he had three phones.

According to a police record filed at the County court, Jeudy’s girlfriend told a deputy that things had gone wild with Jeudy that night. She also claimed that he locked her wallet and medical documentation for their baby in his car at their home so she couldn’t access them. Antoinette stated that she wanted to return to Virginia but was unable to do so without her stuff, assuring the deputy that while she did not want to get Jeudy in trouble, she wanted her items returned.

According to his own statement, Jeudy acknowledged locking several items, including baby formula, in his car because Tharp seized one of his three cell phones and refused to return it. He was eventually arrested on charges of misdemeanor second-degree criminal tampering with a domestic violence enhancement. The situation further degenerated since Jeudy couldn’t be freed on bail until his girlfriend appeared before a court due to the domestic violence charges.

Jeudy reportedly spent the night in jail and was released the next morning. His attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said that the Broncos wide receiver should have never been arrested or incarcerated because the case was not very serious. Antoinette Tharp later appeared in court and begged the judge to drop the case. He was released on bond, with full contact allowed between him and the alleged victim, per his attorney Harvey  Steinberg.

Steinberg simply dismissed the entire altercation as a case of bad things happening to good people. The attorney added that the judge stated that there had been evidence to prove that there was the threat or use of any physical force against the victim. Eventually, Jerry and his girlfriend made up and since then there have been no scandals involving them.

They are still as low-key as ever, but it does seem as though they have found a way to sort out the issue of the third phone and to live peacefully within the small family they’ve created.

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