Who is Jennifer Misner and Was She Dustin Diamond’s Wife?

Jennifer Misner was never Dustin Diamond’s wife however, she was the ex-partner of the late American actor and musician. The duo succeeded in confusing fans about their true relationship status until Dustin’s death, when it was revealed that they never married.

Jennifer and her love interest Dustin met during the springtime of 2004 when the American movie star was touring Pennsylvania, where Jennifer was living at that time. They commenced a relationship after a while, and after four years of living together, the couple started creating the impression that they were already married. They would each brandish their wedding rings in public places, and their marriage looked so real. Thus, fans were disappointed when Dustin’s death certificate said the actor never married in his lifetime. The couple didn’t have any children, but Jennifer had one miscarriage during their early days together.

Summary of Jennifer Misner’s Biography

  • Full Name: Jennifer Misner
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Jennifer Misner’s Husband (Wife): Dated Dustin Diamond
  • Jennifer Misner’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Jennifer Misner’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Jennifer Misner’s Weight: 67 kg
  • Jennifer Misner’s Net Worth: #1 million
  • Famous For: Being the ex-partner of American actor Dustin Diamond
  • Facebook: @Jennifer Misner

Who is Jennifer Misner?

Jennifer Misner is the supposed ex-wife of American actor and musician Dustin Diamond. Jennifer is the type that loves to live her life away from the prying eyes of the media; thus, despite her long relationship with a celebrity of Dustin’s caliber, nothing is known about her birth details. We were only told that she was born sometime in the 1970s.

Also, her exact place of birth was never mentioned. The lady is listed as a Pennsylvania native in the United States, and needless to say, this makes her a citizen of America, but she is said to come from a mixed ethnic background.

Misner has never deemed it necessary to mention the names of her parents in the public arena, and thus, nothing is known about them. However, it is common knowledge that Jennifer Misner did not grow up as a lone child. She has at least one sister who goes by the name of Amanda Misner. Amanda is currently a resident of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, and an employee of First Commonwealth Bank, where she functions as a consumer loan operations specialist.

Talking about Jennifer’s academic journey, the Penn State native is listed as a University graduate. She is an alum of Pennsylvania State University, though details like her course of study and year of graduation are not listed.

She also achieved her earliest academic qualifications in her place of birth, Pennsylvania, but the details have remained under the shade to date.

Jennifer Misner is an Experienced Marketing Executive

Jennifer Misner has spent a better part of her adult life working in the marketing department of several companies, but she recently took the decision to move into the business world.

After she completed her studies at Pennsylvania State University, Jennifer Misner went on to carve a career for herself in the marketing department of various companies, including the likes of TNS, Concord Hospitality Enterprises, Sheehan & Associates, Jacaruso Enterprises, the Monarch Group, and more.

Her career in the corporate world took off in 1996 when the Penn State native scored her first job at TNS (Transactions Network Services) where she started functioning as the firm’s project manager.

She was later lured to Monarch Group with the offer of a bigger paycheck and better working conditions, and she joined the company’s marketing department for a short while.

After five years in paid employment, Jennifer Misner made the conscious decision to try her luck as an independent sales consultant, however, she landed another job in 2010. This time around, she became an employee of Sheehan and Associates, where she functioned as the firm’s sales director for some time.

Moving over to Concord Hospitality Enterprises in 2012, Dustin Diamond’s ex-spouse worked in a similar capacity, and the position lasted for one year, ending in 2013. At this point in her career life, she moved over to Schulte Hospitality Group, but the details of her work in the company are not known.

Fortune smiled on Jennifer in 2018 when she landed a plum position at Jacarusco Enterprises, where she was made the firm’s Vice President (marketing + strategy).

In 2019, she worked with Sonesta Hotels as Regional Sales Director and is currently under the employ of Holiday Inn Express, occupying the prestigious position of the hospitality company’s sales and marketing director. Jennifer Misner has really come a long way from her early career life in 1996 and is enjoying life as a top management staff. However, she only tested fame for her association with American actor and musician Dustin Diamond.

She Now Runs a Seed Shop in Kentucky

Despite achieving an enviable level of success in the hospitality industry, Jennifer still harbors the hunger to try her hands at something new.

In recent times, it was revealed that the Penn State native has decided to explore her long-held interest in gardening and is in the process of converting her passion into a viable business concern. In August 2020, she announced the launch of her own seed shop in Kentucky. The small garden is operating under the state’s license and has the stamp of approval of KY Proud.

Talking about her decision to go into the gardening business, Jennifer revealed that she was among those whose jobs were gravely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and with loads of free time on her hands during the lockdown, she had the opportunity to hatch ideas for future investments.

From what is obvious, Jennifer did not establish the seed shop alone, she is working with a partner, though the person’s identity is unknown. Alongside her partner, she went on to contract a vendor that has been responsible for shipping their life plant since the springtime of 2021.

It is glaring that her seed shop business has survived for a couple of years, and from the fillers we are getting, Jennifer is making headway.

Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond Met and Began Dating in 2004

Reportedly, Dustin Diamond was on a tour of Penn State in 2004 when he first crossed paths with Jennifer Misner, and they commenced a romantic relationship a short while later. Some sources said they started going steady by November 2004, but this is yet to be verified.

The details of the couple’s early dating period were never disclosed, but we were told that they started cohabiting sometime in 2006. They decided to move to Port Washington, Wisconsin, to live in the American actor’s house.

Jennifer Suffered a Miscarriage The Next Year

Jennifer and Dustin were barely together for one year when she became pregnant with what would have been their first child. However, tragedy struck when she miscarried the pregnancy in 2005. The news of his partner’s miscarriage left Dustin, who had earlier expressed his wish to have children, devastated and also left him with huge hospital bills to set off.

It was later revealed that an ectopic pregnancy was responsible for Jennifer’s miscarriage. Clinical research shows that ectopic pregnancy is a condition that occurs in a woman’s body when a fertilized egg goes on to implant and grow outside the confines of the main cavity of a woman’s uterus.

She and Diamond Launched A Charity Foundation In Honor of their Lost Child

The miscarriage that Jennifer Misner had led her to join efforts with Dustin in launching a philanthropic organization targeted at meeting the needs of less privileged children. It was named the Dustin Diamond Foundation and worked with already existing organizations that are known for child care, giving them support to take care of more kids.

The couple hosted the first event for the foundation in October 2005, and it was entitled “Haunted Masquerade” and came in the form of a “sit-down dinner”. The couple did other celebrity fundraising projects to achieve their set goal. They raised sizeable funds for the Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin.

However, the foundation did not last long and has become deactivated. Reportedly, the couple’s foundation failed due to Dustin’s financial issues that almost led him into bankruptcy.

Jennifer Misner
Jennifer and Dustin image source

Jennifer and Dustin Reportedly Wedded in 2009

Four years after Jennifer lost her pregnancy, she reportedly tied the nuptial knot with Dustin Diamond in 2009. However, the truth about their purported marriage surfaced after the American actor breathed his last.

Even though their wedding news was doubted by many people, Dustin himself laid all doubts to rest when he appeared in a 2012 interview session flaunting his wedding ring. In his speech, the actor said their marriage had endured for three years and counting. He also said they were living in marital bliss and wished to have kids very soon.

The Duo Ended things in 2013

However, barely one year after his interview, there were news reports that Dusting and Jennifer Misner ended things; this happened in 2013. Following their separation, the actor sold off his home in Washington and moved to Florida, while Jennifer went to put down roots in Kentucky and has continued to live there to date.

On reasons behind the split, neither Jennifer nor Dustin deemed it necessary to inform fans of the details, but it is a known fact that the American movie star was a violent man. He even threatened his ex-girlfriends with a dagger he always carried around. Besides, there was a time when he was locked up by the police for harming someone with his ever-present blade.

Though the couple never mentioned anything, fans believed that the reasons for their split were not far from Dustin’s violent character.

Dustin Diamond Died in January 2021

During his lifetime, Dustin Diamond gained popularity in the entertainment industry as a standup comedian, actor, musician, and director best known for his role in Saved by the Bell. Occasionally, he would appear in the wrestling ring for a gig or two, but this didn’t happen often.

Diamond was barely 44 on the 14th of January 2021 when he was hospitalized after reportedly feeling pain all over his body. He was previously diagnosed with cancer of the lungs; it was the type called small cell carcinoma and had already spread extensively. He later developed a huge lump on one part of his neck that made him start hiding away from people. He even put off going to the hospital to avoid a situation where he will be photographed by curious fans who may share his condition online.

The late entertainer was previously in Cape Coral, Florida, where he completed his first chemotherapy, but unfortunately, the news about his death hit the airwaves on the 1st of February 2021.

Dustin appeared to be a strong believer in God when he was alive, and his official Instagram handle revealed him to be anti-gay.

Dustin’s Death Certificate Showed He Never Married Jennifer Misner Legally

Dustin Diamond’s death certificate was obtained a month after his demise, and to the greatest surprise of his fans, the content revealed that the actor never got married in his lifetime.

Consequently, the new information about the actor’s relationship status raised many eyebrows as many wanted to know the position that Jennifer Misner occupied in his life. Besides, their wedding ceremony was well reported by several media sources, and Dustin himself was constantly in the public eye flaunting his wedding ring.

It was Dustin’s bosom friend, Dan Block, who finally came up to set the record straight. According to Dan, the American actor never exchanged wedding vows with Jennifer. “They were just dating”, Black said. When quizzed about the wedding ring, he said Dustin was obligated to always wear a wedding ring as a form of dedication to his love interest, especially when they went on travels as a couple.

What’s more, Block also revealed that all the time the American actor would be talking about their marriage in the public space was a mere stunt to get more sympathy from fans while dealing with his financial situation that was rather too bad.

Block also revealed that Dustin himself was about to set the record straight on his relationship status before his death. According to Block, the actor was beginning to feel uneasy about how sources like Wikipedia keep listing him as the ex-husband of Jennifer Misner.

Is Jennifer Misner Dating Anyone?

Jennifer has always shunned public scrutiny all her life; thus, it was no surprise that she returned to obscurity after her split from Dustin. Since then, the Corus Christi native has been living a private life, which has made it difficult to get the identity of the man in her life, if any.

Though she has a presence on Facebook, Jennifer only posts sporadically and doesn’t say much about her personal life.

To the best of our knowledge, Jennifer Misner never became a mother. The only time she came close to having a child was when she conceived Dustin’s child, whom she lost through a miscarriage. It has been over a decade since Jennifer separated from the American actor, and nothing has been said about her having kids with another man.

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