Who is Jai Wiggins? All About Yung Miami’s Baby Daddy Who Died in 2020

Jai Wiggins was an American rapper and producer popularly known for being Yung Miami’s baby daddy. He was born on August 18, 1993, and died on June 15, 2020, during a shootout.

While Jai was still alive, his relationship with Yung Miami was not rosy, but the rapper and singer still mourned his death. Read on to learn about Jai’s life and what led to his death.

Summary of Jai Wiggins’ Bio

  • Full name: Jai Wiggins
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: December 1, 1993
  • Jai Wiggins’ Age: 30 years old
  • Date of Death: June 15, 2020
  • Cause of Death: Shooting
  • Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States of America
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Child: Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.
  • Jai Wiggins’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Jai Wiggins’ Height in Centimeters: 172 cm
  • Jai Wiggins’ Weight: 65 kg
  • Famous for: Being Yung Miami’s baby daddy
  • Occupation: Rapper and Producer

Jai Wiggins was Born in Miami, Florida

Jai was born on December 1, 1993, in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. He was an American of mixed ethnicity, and although he did not disclose the names of his parents before his death, we gathered that his mother was a housewife while his father worked as a serviceman. Jai grew up in a big family alongside his siblings and cousins.

How Did Jai Wiggins Meet Yung Miami?

Jai met Yung Miami at a mutual friend’s party in Miami, and they instantly fell in love. A few weeks later, Jai and Miami started dating and seemingly enjoyed each other’s company as they were often cited together at public events. Jai and Yung Miami were also professionally involved as he helped produce some of her music tracks.

Why Did Yung Miami and Jai Wiggins Break Up?

Yung Miami and Jai broke up in June 2015 over issues of domestic violence. According to Yung Miami, Jai had grown abusive toward her and constantly stalked her. He also allegedly harassed her and threatened to pull the braids off her head. Yung Miami had endured all of these abuses until October 2015, when Jai forcefully pulled her out of the car and repeatedly punched her face and head.

Following the public fight, the police were called to the scene while Miami was taken to the hospital to take care of the injuries Jai inflicted on her. Subsequently, Yung Miami filed a long-term restraining order against Jai, and he was ordered to stay 500 yards away from her. The court also granted Yung Miami sole custody of their son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

Some months later, Yung Miami accused Jai of violating a court order and had to appear in court, where he was mandated to retake a parenting class and an assessment and intervention program for domestic battering.

How Many Children Did Jai Wiggins Have with Yung Miami?

He had a son with Yung Miami. Their son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., was born on June 26, 2013. Although Jai and Yung Miami broke up two years after the birth of their son, they worked together to give him a good life, with Jai devoting his time to his son.

The young Jai is still too young to have a career, but he is set to be a star as his mother often posts his pictures on social media, particularly his Instagram account @_princejai. Apparently, the Instagram page is still managed by his mother, and so far, it has earned over 75k followers. His content on the page ranges from lovely pictures of him and his sister, Summer.

What Happened to Jai Wiggins?

Jai Wiggins was killed in a shooting on June 15, 2020. Sources claim that Jai’s sister had gotten into a physical altercation with someone, and Jai had stepped in to quell the situation when he was shot. Although he was rushed to the hospital, Jai eventually succumbed to death due to the gunshot injuries.

Although Yung Miami and Jai Wiggins had long separated before his death, she expressed her sadness over the tragic event and affirmed that he was a fantastic father to their son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

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