Who Is Jai Courtney’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Jai Courtney is not married. Despite his ravishing looks, Jai does not have a wife, and he is yet to find his missing rib, although he’s been rumored to have dated several girlfriends in the past. Jai Courtney’s most recent girlfriend was Mecki Dent, whom he dated for over six years, and many people assumed she was already Jai’s wife.

Jai Courtney is a well-known Australian actor especially famous for starring in A Good Day to Die Hard. However, his talent isn’t the only factor that makes him popular but also his astonishing looks. Being handsome has attracted a lot of admirers who are interested in knowing about Jai’s marital status. Here is all we know about Jai Courtney’s love life.

Is Jai Courtney Married?

Being a celebrity has allowed Jai to be with many women. However, despite his long dating history, Jai Courtney is not married at the moment. The Hollywood star is still evaluating his choices and doesn’t seem to have plans of getting married anytime soon.

Like most celebrities, Jai has been linked with several women in the past. He dated an Australian actress named Gemma Pranita and broke up with her in 2013 after about eight years together. Then he dated Emilia Clarke in 2015, a relationship that barely lasted a year. However, Courtney’s most highly talked-about relationship was with Mecki Dent, whom he officially started dating in 2016 but broke up with in 2022.

Ever since his shocking breakup with Mecki, Jai hasn’t been rumored to be in a relationship with anyone. Similarly, the Australian has ignored talks of him getting married or starting a new relationship. So it is not known if he plans on leaving singlehood anytime soon.

Who is Jai Courtney Dating Now?

Jai Courtney isn’t dating anyone at the moment. However, he recently was in a romantic relationship with Mecki Dent. When they were together, the pair couldn’t hide the love they had for each other from the public. They were captured on several occasions displaying their affection for each other.

Jai Courtney’s ex-girlfriend, Mecki Dent, was born and raised in Adelaide before relocating to the US in pursuit of her career. She is a well-educated lady with degrees in English and dramaturgy. After school, she became a marketing expert in the movie industry.

Around the time when news broke out about Courtney and Dent dating, she held the role of a National Publicity Coordinator for Paramount Pictures in Sydney. In addition, Mecki works as a PR for an Australian fashion label, Sass and Bide. She also doubles as a model for the company, rocking their wear for photo shoots.

Who Is Jai Courtney’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?
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Jai Courtney and Mecki Dent Were Open About Their Relationship

Jai and Mecki allegedly started dating in 2016, but reliable sources claim that the couple met in 2015 and started dating a year after. Their relationship was labeled official when the love birds made their red-carpet debut appearance for “Suicide Squad” in 2016.

To make things even more official, the admired couples showed love for one another when they shared a passionate kiss during the “Suicide Squad” premiere in London, and with this, some fans conferred on Mecki the title of Jai Courtney’s wife. Ever since then, the pair has made regular public appearances and have been very open when it comes to their love life.

They even referred to themselves as “travel junkies”. And sometimes, they post pictures of themselves on vacation, while other times, Mecki accompanies her lover while he’s on tour promoting new films.

Are Jai Courtney and Macki Dent Still Together?

Jai Courtney and Mecki Dent have since broken up at the beginning of 2022. Their breakup became evident when we noticed that neither of them has posted any “couple” pictures on social media. Besides, unlike before, Jai posts more work-related pics taken from behind the scenes, and there’s no Mecki Dent on his profile anymore. Likewise, he has deleted all pictures of her and them together.

On the other hand, Mecki has an interesting artistic side, and she uses her Instagram account as a canvas, with the occasional splash of Jai. However, those splashes were last posted in March 2021.

Some suspect that the couple may have hit a setback in their relationship, but considering that neither of them said anything about it, it might be a mere coincidence. Considering how open they’re about their relationship, fans believe that they’ll be informed if things were to end. However, the fact is, they’re no longer together though some people still assume that Mecki Dent is Jai Courtney’s wife.

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