Who is Hunter Lee Soik? All About Anna Delvey’s Boyfriend

Hunter Lee Soik is the ex-boyfriend of Anna Delvey, a fake German heiress who was convicted of fraud in 2019. They met in New York in 2014 and dated for about two years before breaking up in 2016. Hunter was born on 20th November 1981 and is 20th November 1981. He is an American creative director, tech inventor, and entrepreneur

After they started dating  around 2014, Soik helped Delvey gain access to the New York social scene. They later broke up in 2016, and Soik moved away to Dubai. Delvey remained in New York and perfected the fake persona of a German heiress.

Under this ruse, she fraudulently obtained large sums of money from pals and banks. She was later arrested in 2017 and convicted in 2019. The whole story inspired books, movies, and TV series, and this has shone a renewed spotlight on her ex-boyfriend, Soik.

Summary of Hunter Lee Soik’s Biography

  • Full name: Hunter Lee Soik
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 20th of November 1981
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Age: 42
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: Korean-American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: single
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Height in Centimetres: 178 cm
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Weight: 75 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 38-29-13
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 99-76-36
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Net worth: $7 million
  • Famous for: Anna Delvey’s former boyfriend
  • Hunter Lee Soik’s Instagram: @hunterleesoik
  • Twitter: @hunterleesoik
  • Facebook: @hunterleesoik

Hunter Lee Soik is Originally from Korea and was Adopted by American Parents

Hunter Lee Soik is 42 years old as he was born on the 20th of November 1981. His place of birth is South Korea and he has Asian ethnicity.

Soik spent some time living in Korea before he was adopted by American parents. He thus moved to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. In Sturgeon Bay, he completed his high school diploma. He showed an aptitude for the arts and thus decided to follow that path.

He Started His Career as a Model, Actor, and Photographer

Hunter Lee Soik’s love for the arts inspired him to move to California around 2000. In California, he enrolled at the Brooks Institute and studied for a bachelor of fine arts in photography and electronic arts. He spent about a year in school before he decided to quit and dive headlong into showbiz.

Soik started his career as a model and actor, appearing in TV ads for companies such as coca cola. He additionally worked as a photographer and scored many paying gigs.

Hunter Lee Soik
Hunter Lee Soik in New York in 2013 Image Source

He worked as a Production Assistant for the Likes of CBS and Walt Disney in the early 2000s

Between 2001 and 2003, Hunter Lee Soik switched gears and worked as a production assistant for several well-known studios in Hollywood. The first one was CBS, and he helped out on the set of their hit show, CSI: Miami.

He then went on to work for the likes of Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Entertainment and served as a set production assistant on the set of movies such as The Italian Job, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Freaky Friday, and S.W.A.T.

Soik is an Experienced Creative Director and has Created Ads for Designer Brands such as Burberry, Balenciaga, and Prada

Hunter Lee Soik also spent several years working as a creative director, during which he created campaigns for several famous companies. From 2007 to 2008, he found work as a creative consultant for an advertising company known as LIPMAN. During this time, he scored several high-profile clients such as Burberry, David Yurman jewelry company LLC, Smart Water (owned by Coca-Cola), and St John (luxury knitwear maker).

In December 2008, Hunter Lee Soik bade farewell to LIPMAN and focused his sights on being an indie creative director for the next year. During this period, he was represented by the talent agency Art + Commerce, and he recorded good achievements. He produced several magazine covers for Vogue Italia and Vogue Australia. He also produced ad campaigns for designer brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Prada Eyewear, Mulberry, Balenciaga, Alberta Ferretti, and Bottega Veneta.

Hunter Lee Soik
Hunter Lee Soik in New York in 2013 Image Source

He Founded Two Creative Consulting Companies, Which Has Worked with the likes of Stella McCartney and Jay Z

Hunter Lee Soik also founded two companies during his time as a creative director. His first company, The Law of Few, came into existence in 2003. The company operated from 2003 to 2007 and recorded appreciable progress. Soik served as the motion graphics director for an Emmy-winning American documentary film known as Operation Homecoming: Writing The War Time Experience.

He also served as the motion graphics director for an advertising campaign by a skateboard manufacturer known as Vans. The Law of Few was quite successful, and Hunter Lee Soik sold it off in 2007. The second creative company that Hunter Lee Soik founded was Wardenclyffe in December 2009. The company existed for three years, during which it attracted numerous high-profile clients.

Soik served as a digital director for the likes of Pop Magazine and Garage Magazine. He also served as a digital director for the foremost British designer, Stella McCartney, and helped her set up an e-commerce site and app for her brand. Hunter Lee Soik also helped to put together Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne Tour from August 2011 to March 2012. It was the highest-grossing hip-hop tour of that period.

Hunter Lee Soik
Hunter Lee Soik in 2021 Image Source

Hunter Lee Soik is also a Techprenuer and Invented an App That Records Dreams

After several years of working in the fashion, movie, and creative industries, Hunter Lee Soik made a major career pivot and set his sights on tech. This pivot was ironically influenced by his past experience. During his 12 years of working in the creative industry, Soik worked numerous hours and barely got any sleep. When he finally decided to take a vacation in December 2012, he found himself sleeping for long periods of time.

While sleeping, Soik usually had vivid dreams but often forgot them once he got up. He, therefore, started searching for an app that can help him record his dreams. When he didn’t find one, he decided to invent one. Hunter Lee Soik invented his Shadow app in January 2013. It gently wakes people up from sleep so that they can remember their dreams. They then put it down and it goes into a database where they can compare it with others.

Soik’s app generated a lot of positive interest. He was interviewed about it by several media organizations, including the BBC. He also gave a TED Talk on it in December 2013. The app was eventually able to raise about $82,500 in funding, but it later fizzled out.

Between 2013 and 2019, Hunter Lee Soik was based in the UAE and Worked for the Government of Dubai

Hunter Lee Soik dedicated three years to his Shadow app. When things didn’t pan out as he hoped, he moved to the UAE in 2016. He spent the next three years there, during which he helped to deepen their tech ecosystem. He served as the head of innovation and futures for the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority. He also served as the head of global community for the Dubai Future Foundation.

During his stint in Dubai, Hunter Lee Soik also served as the head of the program for the Dubai Future Accelerators and the Dubai Future Talks. He attracted several keynote speakers for the Dubai Future Talks, including musician will.i.am and renowned astrophysicist – Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Hunter Lee Soik
Hunter Lee Soik in Dubai in 2016 Image Source

How Much Is Hunter Lee Soik’s Net Worth?

Hunter Lee Soik is worth as much as $7 million to $8 million. This handsome fortune doesn’t come as a surprise, given the career that he has built up. From a lowly production assistant, Soik rose to become a sought-after creative director. He worked for several designer brands and celebrities and likely pocketed six-figure and seven-figure salaries for his efforts.

There is no ignoring the fact that Soik has founded and run successful companies. Being a CEO can be challenging, but it can also be very financially rewarding, as many can attest.

Hunter Lee Soik is the Ex-Boyfriend of Anna Delvey, The Fake German Heiress and Convicted Fraudster

Since leaving the U.S. in 2016, Hunter Lee Soik has lived a quiet and regular life. He was, however, dragged into the spotlight in February 2022 after it emerged that he had dated convicted fraudster Anna Delvey.

Real name – Anna Sorokin, Delvey is originally from Russia and spent the first 16 years of her life there before relocating to Germany with her parents. In Germany, Delvey continued her education. She also became obsessed with fashion and a glam lifestyle. She eventually went to work as an intern for a Paris-based fashion magazine, Purple, in 2012.

By 2013, Anna Delvey was transferred to New York. She used that opportunity to schmooze with socialites and began her fraudulent schemes. Anna lied to people that she was a German heiress with a hefty trust fund. Under this ruse, she obtained tens of thousands of dollars from her pals, which she never paid back. She also racked up bills at expensive hotels and equally obtained loans from banks using false documents.

Anna Delvey was later arrested in 2017 and convicted in 2019. Her whole story led to several TV series, including the Netflix series Inventing Anna. The series threw a spotlight on everybody that had ever been involved with Delvey, and one of them was her former boyfriend – Hunter Lee Soik.

Hunter Lee Soik
Hunter Lee Soik and ex-girlfriend, Anna Delvey

Their Relationship Lasted for Two Years Before They Broke up in 2016

Hunter Lee Soik and Anna Delvey first ran into each other in New York in 2014. At that time, Delvey was working for Purple magazine while Soik was busy promoting his app. He was well known in the tech circles, and so he and Delvey got to socialize with some big names in the industry. They also expanded beyond tech and soon became a fixture on the New York social scene.

Soik and Delvey dated for about two years before they broke up in 2016. Soik subsequently left New York and went on to work in the United Arab Emirates. Delvey remained in New York and pursued her fraudulent lifestyle with momentum. She was subsequently apprehended a year later and convicted in 2019.

Police investigations showed that Anna Delvey had begun her deceitful lifestyle at the time that she and Soik were dating. There is nothing, however, to show that Hunter Lee Soik was involved in any of Anna Delvey’s schemes. The only thing that he did wrong was introducing her to the New York socialite circle.

Of course, this is not a crime, and he was never questioned, charged, or arrested in connection with Delvey’s crimes.

Anna Delvey in court for her trial Image Source

Hunter Lee Soik’s Connection to Anna Delvey was Unearthed after the Airing of the 2022 Netflix Series, Inventing Anna

All throughout the period of Anna Delvey’s arrest and trial, no one associated Soik with her. He was able to continue living quietly until the airing of the Netflix series Inventing Anna. The series shed a lot of light on Delvey’s former boyfriend and portrayed him as a techie who defrauded his investors. They also highlighted the part he played in Delvey’s social climbing,

This set the internet alight, and many people swore to uncover the identity of Anna’s boyfriend. They worked with clues such as the fact that he had invented an app for dreams and that he had given a TedTalk. They later narrowed down the possibilities to three individuals, including Hunter Lee Soik.

Anna herself enjoyed the whole mystery. She even took to social media to reveal that she would disclose the identity of her boyfriend to the highest bidder and set the starting bid at $10,000. People refused to take up her bait, and the whole mystery was later resolved after multiple sources confirmed to New York media that it was indeed Hunter Lee Soik. People also uncovered the fact that Delvey had tagged Soik in an Instagram post in 2014.

Hunter Lee Soik is Currently Based in Hong Kong

Hunter Lee Soik has never addressed his connection to Anna Delvey. He is determined to have as normal a life as possible and so has gone to great lengths to protect his privacy. He has avoided media interview offers. His Instagram account is also set to private. All this makes it difficult to know what he is up to. There are also no details on his personal life. He could be possibly married with kids or just dating.

It is, however, believed that Hunter Lee Soik has left UAE and is currently based in Hong Kong, where he has founded another company known as The Enso Group. This is a family office that helps rich individuals make investments in frontier technology and breakthrough products that shape the 4th industrial revolution.


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