Who is Hilary Swank’s Best Friend?

Hilary Swank’s best friend is Mariska Hargitay, an American actress, director, producer, and philanthropist. 

Hilary Swank is an American film producer and actress. She is well-known for her on-screen projects, and her friendship with Mariska Hargitay has helped her a great deal in life. Hilary Swank and her best friend, Mariska Hargitay, have kept their friendship going for over a decade. The duo has been seen at various events together and also support each other’s endeavors.

Who Is Hilary Swank’s Best Friend, Mariska Hargitay?

Hilary Swank’s best friend is Mariska Hargitay. Mariska Hargitay is an American actress, director, producer, and philanthropist. She was born on January 23, 1964, in Santa Monica, California, in the United States, and is 11 years older than her best friend, Hilary. The American national born under the Aquarius birth sign is of Hungarian, German, Cornish, and English ancestry.

She was born to Jayne Mansfield, an American actress, and Mickey Hargitay, a former Mr. Universe. The actress was raised in the Christian faith, mainly in Catholic doctrine. Mariska Hargitay has two older brothers and three half-siblings from both parents.

Hilary Swank’s best friend attended Marymount High School, a Catholic school in Los Angeles, California. She enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles School of Theatre, Film, and Production and left before her graduation. The actress later attended Groundlings Theater and School in Los Angeles.

Mariska Hargitay started her career with modeling. She was crowned Miss Beverly Hills USA in 1982 and was also involved in other beauty pageant contests. The actress started her on-screen project by appearing in music videos and taking on minor film roles. In 1986, she bagged her first major movie role in the film Ghoulies.

Currently, she has appeared in over thirty on-screen projects. She has won about ten awards for her movie roles and contributions. Mariska Hargitay also has a few credits as a director and producer.

She is also a philanthropist and the founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation. The foundation, which was founded in 2004, supports survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Hilary is a huge supporter of the foundation and often attends its fundraising events.

When Did Hilary Swank and Mariska Hargitay Become Friends?

Hilary Swank and Mariska Hargitay met on the set of the series ER. At this time, Mariska was working on the film while Hilary came with her ex-husband, Chad Lowe. They later became friends and remained very close after Hilary divorced her husband in 2006.  Hilary Swank’s best friend was highly supportive of her during her divorce process.

The duo has been together for a long time, supporting each other through thick and thin. They are often seen having fun at Hollywood events as well as baseball games. Hilary Swank and Mariska Hargitay often flaunt each other on their social media handles and speak highly of each other.

Hilary once revealed that Mariska helped her through life-changing times and also helped her find moments of celebration. She also stated that Mariska is a real girl’s girl and is not threatened by strong women, which is rare in their business. The actress continued that Mariska is like family to her.

During Hilary Swank’s marriage to Philip Schneider, Mariska was her maid of honor. The flower girl, Amaya, is Mariska’s daughter and Hilary’s goddaughter. At this time, their friendship is still growing stronger, and they seem like they will not back out soon.

Was Hilary Swank’s Best Friend on The Masked Singer?

Currently, it is not known if Hilary Swank’s best friend was on The Masked Singer. However, she was speculated to be the Ladybug in The Masked Singer. This is because the celebrity behind the costume was revealed to be an Emmy-winning actress. Meanwhile, she has yet to confirm if she was the person in the costume or not.


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