Who is Gold Rush Rick Ness’ Girlfriend or Does He Have a Wife?

Rick Ness’ girlfriend is Leese Marie. The lovers started dating in 2020 after it was claimed that Rick Nees divorced his ex-wife, Jenn Ress. 

Rick Ness is a TV personality well-known for the main series of Gold Rush and the spin-off of Winter’s Fortune. The TV personality has succeeded in gaining the public’s recognition since he started making appearances on his on-screen projects. This has further piqued the interest of his fans and the public in knowing more about him, including his personal life.

How Old is Rick Ness’ Girlfriend?

Rick Ness’ girlfriend, Leese Marie, is quite a reserved person, and as such, not much is known about her. She was born on October 25th, but her year of birth was not revealed; however, she is reportedly between 36 to 40 years old.

Details about where she was born were not mentioned, but according to credible sources, her boyfriend Rick believes that she is from the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States.

Following this fact, she is an American national born under the Scorpio birth sign. Leese Marie has remained tight-lipped about her background, making little to nothing known about her parents. There is also no information about if she has any siblings or what they are up to at the moment.

Leese Marie has also kept the public in the dark about her educational background. Based on this, the names and locations of her early and high school educations were not disclosed. It is also unclear if she earned a degree or not, as well as her course of study.

Rick Ness and Leese Marie Have Been in an On-and-Off Relationship

In an interview with Idaho Press, Rick Ness revealed how he met his girlfriend, Leese Marie. The TV personality revealed that he met her after an off-season, right after he got home. He stated that they had never met before, but he first saw her with some of their mutual friends and talked to her.

The TV personality disclosed that she did not know who he was or what he did, but he managed to talk her into going on a date with him. He continued that she is with him now, sitting three feet away from him with his dog, Ruby, on the deck so that he could do his interview.

When they started dating was not revealed, but he made their relationship known to the public after he was allegedly linked to Karla Ann Charlton, a co-star. To debunk the rumors of him dating his co-star, he uploaded pictures of himself and Leese Marie on his Facebook, revealing that she was his girlfriend in October 2020. Part of the public wished them the best while they were met with critics from some of the public.

He Proposed to Leese Marie in 2022

Rick Ness and Lisa Marie dated for two years before the TV personality proposed to her in October 2022. Rick took to his Facebook page to announce his proposal, uploading a picture of Leese’s birthday cake and her engagement ring with the caption, “The future Mr. and Mrs. Ness.”

He further went on to appreciate her and her patience in their relationship so far. The TV personality also wrote a long message, listing all that she has supported him through.

However, it did not take long before things took a turn. In November 2022, Leese took to her TikTok account to announce their breakup. She further shared the video on her Instagram, revealing that she was never looking back. Leese revealed in the video that she suffered two years of emotional, mental, and physical abuse. She continued, that she was done, begging God to give her the strength to get through her heartbreak.

Her comment section was flooded as they never expected the breakup. Leese Marie responded to the comments in another video, revealing that Rick Ness cheated on her countless times before their engagement. In the video, she disclosed that her engagement with the TV personality has been called off. Rick also took to his Facebook to narrate all that he had done wrong to Leese, asking for her forgiveness.

Leese did not let it go and took to her social media to reveal more about their breakup. However, in 2023, things took another turn, and the duo posted pictures of themselves in a lovey-dovey pose, which shows that they are back together.

Is Rick Ness’ Girlfriend a Man?

Rick Ness’ girlfriend is a woman named Lesse Marie. After appearing in the twelfth episode of The Gold Rush, Leese Marie continued to make headlines, gaining a lot of derogatory comments from the public. Rick’s team members were also not left out of the criticism.

The rumors about the TV personality’s girlfriend being a man began to circulate after Rick’s team member, Chris Kruse, made a demeaning statement about Leese. In an episode of The Gold Rush, Chris stated that Rick’s old lady showed up today and his name is Dave while talking to their teammate. He further told Rick Ness that he made everyone know that his girlfriend was a guy.

A few days later, Leese Marie uploaded a post on her social media, stating that she refuses to back down to bullshit and that if you are going to start, you better be fucking ready to rumble. She was straight with her words and never directed them at anyone in particular.

Aside from this, Leese and Rick have received a lot of criticism from the public, but have stood strong. Leese Marie, who has been the subject of ridicule almost all her life, has always found a way to fight back. She often takes to her social media handles to give a suitable reply to all the criticisms that come her way.

Did Rick Ness’ Girlfriend Do Plastic Surgery?

No! Rick Ness’ girlfriend, Leese Marie, did not undergo plastic surgery. The rumors of her having plastic surgery began circulating after the TV personality first revealed her as his girlfriend on Facebook. Some critics had it that she was built on plastic surgery, and Rick should get ready to spend heavily on that. Meanwhile, there has been no news to confirm or deny the fact that she had plastic surgery or not.

What Happened To Rick Ness’ Girlfriend?

Rick Ness’s girlfriend, Leese Marie, was revealed to have an autoimmune disease. This was reportedly disclosed in one of Rick Ness’ Facebook posts after he received lots of negative comments about her. To clear up any confusion, he revealed that she suffers from the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, which makes weight gain impossible for her.

It was further revealed that due to the disease, she has a high metabolism and a restrictive diet. This notwithstanding, she maintains a healthy diet and has a positive mindset, which made the TV personality love her.

Where is Rick Ness’ Girlfriend Now?

Leese Marie once appeared on the twelfth episode of The Gold Rush. Meanwhile, what she does for a living at the moment has not been revealed. Also, it is not known if she lives in the United States, but according to some sources, she shares a home in Milwaukee with her fiancee.

Rick Ness was Allegedly Married in the Past

Rick Ness has been revealed to have been previously married to his ex-wife, Jenn Ness. According to some sources, Rick has a fraternal twin brother named Randy Ness who works as a mechanic for the family construction company. He was speculated to be the one who was once married to Jenn Ness. Meanwhile, neither the brothers nor Jenn has come out to clarify the public.


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