Who Is Freddie Jackson’s Wife or Is He Gay?

Freddie Jackson does not have a wife, nor is he gay. The singer’s sexuality is being scrutinized because he has never been seen with any woman, and he always avoids giving a definite answer to the question of whether he is gay, in a relationship or married each time it’s being raised in interviews. Though we are yet to get a definite answer from him, here’s an insight into what his sexuality might be.

Who is Freddie Jackson’s Partner?

While multiple sources report that the Rock Me Tonight crooner does not have a wife or partner, Freddie Jackson has been rumored to be dating producer Paul Lawrence, but there’s no confirmation from both parties regarding this.

Freddie used to work for Paul Lawrence’s nightclub during his development stage as a musician; it was before he was signed to Capitol Records in 1984, where he released his hit album Rock Me Tonight (1985).

However, the 56-year-old has never been seen with anyone as a relationship or marriage partner. Freddie has remained secretive about his relationship status since his career breakthrough, and consequently, many believe that the Grammy nominee is gay.

Is Freddie Jackson Gay?

Freddie has always maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Some have speculated that popular artists might be homosexual. However, he chooses not to discuss this issue and continues to dodge questions relating to his sexual orientation.

Even when he was asked about the issue in an interview with Unsung in 2012, the singer didn’t give a straight answer. His response, when asked about his sexuality, was that he doesn’t have to explain himself to his mother. “God will Judge us for who we all are and the things we do,” he added.

Jackson’s response was ambiguous and didn’t answer the question directly, leaving fans and the media to continue to raise different speculations about his sexuality.

Freddie Jackson’s Ambiguous Responses About His Sexuality Fuels Gay Rumors

Although the iconic singer’s response in the interview didn’t provide a concrete conclusion, many claim his ambiguous response confirms the rumors. For a fact, Freddie did answer the question without answering.

One of his fans reacted to his unclear response on a Yahoo discussion page, saying that Freddie would’ve come out straight with his response if the rumors of him being gay weren’t true. In his exact words, the user wrote, “A straight man would always deny any rumors of being gay, leaving no room for further speculations”.

Freddie didn’t admit to being gay because of his many female fans, another user speculated. “He fears he may lose many of his female fans and others who are against homosexuality if he reveals his true sexual identity,” the user concluded. The R&B star’s response obviously didn’t help matters and instead has fueled the rumors of him being gay.

The Gay Rumors Could Also be Attributed to His Lack of Intimacy with Women

Freddie’s gay rumors have continued to gain momentum partly because he isn’t married. In addition, he has never been seen publicly intimate with any woman despite his current age and status. Also, he doesn’t hang out much with his female friends and has featured only a handful of female singers in his songs. Though he has women working for him, they’re nothing more than his associates.

Furthermore, unlike the case of most popular celebrities, Jackson has never been rumored to have sexual affairs with any woman. Also, they are no reported leaked sexual tapes of him or nudes captured by anyone he probably might be having an affair with. All these have left many to conclude that Freddie Jackson is indeed gay!

Is Freddie Jackson Dating Paul Laurence?

There has been no confirmation from both parties regarding if Freddie Jackson is in a relationship with his music producer Paul Laurence. Paul worked as Freddie’s producer and songwriter at LJE (Laurence Jones Ensemble).

The two met when Freddie was a gospel singer at the White Rock Baptist Church of Harlem around 1956. However, Jackson would become a full-fledged member of the Laurence Jones Ensemble after graduating from high school. He performed under the company on the New York nightclub scene before moving to the West Coast and performed lead with a band known as Mystic Merlin (with whom he released 3 studio albums between 1980 and 1982).

However, Freddie returned to New York to continue working with Paul Laurence at the Hush Productions company. Laurance helped him with most of his hit tracks, including Rock Me Tonight in 1985. The duo was quite close, and hence, many believe their relationship has gone beyond a working relationship.

Aside from Paul Laurence, Freddie Jackson has also been rumored to be in a relationship with Patti LaBelle and Melba Moore in the past. However, there’s still no confirmation of these rumors from the parties involved. Therefore, they are still mere speculations without any proof that the You Are My Lady crooner has dated any of them.

What is Freddie Jackson’s Relationship with Patti LaBelle?

American soul singer and performer Patti LaBelle is another person romantically linked to American R&B star Freddie Jackson. She is currently divorced and was married to Armstead Edwards (1969 – 2003). LaBelle and Jackson put out a wonderful performance back on February 15, 2019, with fans suggesting the two were in love.

However, both Patti LaBelle and Freddie Jackson have yet to confirm their dating rumors. More so, Patti was engaged to Otis Williams of The Temptations in 1964. However, she broke up with him a year later after he reportedly asked her to retire and move with him to Detroit.

In 2016, she started dating a drummer named Eric Seats, who is 30 years her junior and a year younger than her son Zuri. However, their relationship only lasted for a couple of months, and they broke up. Patti’s relationship with Otis Williams and Eric Seats was known to the public, but her rumored relationship with Freddie Jackson is still yet to be announced. Therefore, by all indications, the pair are not in a relationship.

Does Freddie Jackson Have Children?

Freddie Jackson is still single and yet to be committed to any relationship. Also, the American singer is still without a child. However, he doesn’t seem bothered about not being a father and is mostly focused on his musical career.

His lack of intimacy with women could also probably be the reason why he is yet to father a child. The talented singer has remained single despite his advancement in age and social status. Hence, there’s a slim chance of him fathering a biological child at the moment.

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