Who Is Doug DeMuro’s Wife?

Doug DeMuro’s Wife is Joanna Derumo. Joanna Derumo and Doug DeMuro got engaged in 2016 before getting married in 2017, and in the year 2021, Doug and Joanna Derumo welcomed their first child.

Although Doug is a popular television and social media personality, there is very little information on his wife as she mostly prefers to keep away from every form of public engagement. Read on for more information on Doug Derumo’s wife and family.

Who is Doug DeMuro’s wife?

Doug DeMuro is married to an American woman officially known as Joanna DeMuro. Although she is the celebrity wife to an Instagram star, Joanna is not much of an outgoing person herself and prefers to steer clear of all forms of paparazzi or media attention. Unlike her husband who is a renowned Instagram and media personality known for the valuable content he shares on his Instagram account.

Besides her name, there is almost no personal information on Doug DeMuro’s wife. All details on her birth family and life before her celebrity marriage have been closely guarded away from the public.

When did Joanna Derumo Become Doug DeMuro’s Wife?

Doug and his wife Joanna officially tied the knot in July 2017 and have been married for 6 years now. The couple first met in college and dated for some time before they got engaged in 2016.

On July 16, 2017, Doug shared a post of his wedding on his Instagram handle. The post, which was a snapshot of the wedding party, showed Doug and about eight other people in a yellow jeep, while his wife Joanna stood right in front of the car. However, Joanna was looking back at the car in what appeared to be a deliberate pose to hide her face. The couple’s wedding which was held in Washington DC, the US, had close friends and relatives in attendance.

After their wedding, Doug and Joanna spent their honeymoon in New Zealand and lived in Philadelphia afterward. However, after some time, the newlyweds relocated to San Diego due to work-related reasons on Joanna’s part. Upon moving to San Diego, the love birds started their fantasy life in their beautiful dream house.

According to Doug, they had spotted the beautiful house while vacationing in California years ago, during their dating days. And when Joanna’s job took them to San Diego, they were lucky to find that the house, which they named “The House”, was up for sale. However, they would not be able to buy and move into it until about a year later, due to some legal issues. To date, the lovely couple still lives in The House as a beautiful, small family.

How many Children do Doug DeMuro and his Wife Have?

So far, Doug and Joanna have had one child together, a son whose identity has remained undisclosed. The couple joyfully welcomed their son in September 2021 after two unfortunate miscarriages and long years of waiting. They had their son at the Jacobs Medical Centre, San Diego and he is currently about 2 years old.

Besides their son, the popular car enthusiast and his wife are also human parents to Doug’s pet, a gray collie dog named Noodles. Doug frequently uploads photos of him and Noodles on his Instagram handle.

What does Doug DeMuro’s wife do for a Living?

Like almost everything about her, there is no information on what Joanna DeMuro does for a living. However, from the stories that Doug shares of their life together, it can be deduced that the young woman has a very productive career in whatever line of work she might be.

What is Joanna DeMuro’s net worth?

Doug DeMuro’s wife, Joanna DeMuro is yet to officially release her current net worth. On the other hand, Doug has an impressive net worth of about $10 million and that, in addition to whatever his wife makes, is enough to afford them and their son a comfortable lifestyle.


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