Who Is Debra Scibetta Sammy Gravano’s Ex-wife and Where Is She Now?

Debra Scibetta also known as Debra Gravano is the ex-wife of Sammy Gravano, a former mobster hitman. They got married in 1971 and divorced twenty five years later. Debra is an Italian restaurateur. 

Her ex-husband is arguably one of the biggest hitmen in New York and was a member of the Gambino Mafia Family, an infamous ecstasy ring. Being the ex-wife of a former mobster hitman almost automatically guarantees you a top spot in one of the biggest mafia in Brooklyn’s history, but life didn’t go so smoothly for her. From a housewife to a drug trafficker to a homely granny – that was how it went for her. Here’s everything you need to know about Debra Gravano’s ex-wife.

Summary of Debra Scibetta’s Biography

  • Full Name: Debra Scibetta Gravano
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Debra Scibetta’s Husband: Salvatore “Sammy The Bull” Gravano
  • Debra Scibetta’s Children: Gerard Gravano and Karen Gravano
  • Siblings: Nicholas “Little Nick” Scibetta
  • Famous for: Being a drug trafficker and the ex-spouse of the notorious kingpin, Sammy Gravano

Debra Scibetta Grew Up In Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Debra Scibetta is Italian by nationality. She grew up just around Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, in a small family of five including her parents. Her family moved to the States at a time when legal immigration was still new.

Her family is believed to be the first generation of immigrants. Details about her age, academic qualifications, and siblings are not available to the public. However, we know that she had a brother named Nicholas Scibetta.

She Became Sammy Gravano’s Wife In 1971

Debra Scibetta’s relationship with the infamous Sammy “The Bull” Gravano started in the late ’60s before they walked the aisle in 1971. Between that time and their divorce, they welcomed two kids – Karen and Gerard – into the world. Debra owned a restaurant named ‘Uncle Sal’ which she managed with her son.


Debra Scibetta

About seven years into their marriage, Debra Scibetta had to deal with the news of the death of her only known brother Nick. Little did she know that her husband was involved in Nick’s murder and in her ignorance, she kept living with her husband and running her restaurant.

After 25 Years of Marriage, Debra Divorced Sammy Gravano

The marriage between Debra and Sammy only lasted 25 years and to many, that should be a long time, however, it ended quite terribly. There are speculations that the reason why Debra divorced Sammy was that she found out he was gay and that he killed her brother to avoid being exposed.

According to reports, Sammy Gravano was involved in a gay relationship with a man known as Jack Russo. Jack was also a member of the Gambino Crime Family and was involved in a homosexual relationship with Sammy and somehow, Nick knew about it. In order to make that the information does not get to his wife, Sammy Gravano had to eliminate his brother-in-law.

However In 1978, when the news of Nick’s death was revealed to the public, it was said that he died of drug and alcohol abuse. Well, at first thought, one would believe what was said with regard to Nick’s death – and that was the case until Sammy confessed to killing 19 people including Nick, his brother-in-law. However, he did not reveal the reason why he killed Nick.

His confession came about as he entered the  United States witness protection program in an effort to help bring the Gambino Mafia Family to book. However, Debra Scibetta was hard hit by that revelation and so she decided to leave the house she shared with Sammy in Tempe, Arizona. According to her, she had to leave for her children’s sake.

After Leaving Her Husband, Debra Got Involved In Crime

According to reports, after Debra’s separation from Sammy, she got involved in the criminal activities of the Gambino Family. The exact details of her involvement with the family are shady, but what we know is that she was instrumental in the fall of the family as her actions led to the arrest of 40 members of the crime house, including herself.

Debra Scibetta
Salvatore “Sammy The Bull” Gravano

After Debra Scibetta was arrested in Arizona for taking part in her ecstasy ring family business, she pleaded guilty to illegitimately orchestrating an organized drug outfit in 2001 and was luckily sentenced to a mere few years on probation.

Where Is Debra Scibetta Now?

Currently, Debra Scibetta lives in Phoenix and is in the midst of the comfort and love of her grandchildren. After Debra’s release from probation, she’s successfully steered clear of the public eye. She did not serve any sort of jail term at all, guess the judge didn’t deem her offense that serious.

Debra’s Husband Helped The Police Bring Down The Gambino Mafia Family

The Underboss, the man she thought was her lover and husband, turned out to be a notorious mafioso. He was not only responsible for 19 murders for the Gotti family, but he also confessed to murdering her brother and his close friend, Nicholas “Little Nick” Scibetta.

Despite being one of the Gambino Mafia Family’s most trusted hitmen, he betrayed the Gottis and became an FBI double agent, helping arrest and convict around 39 members of the New York mafia family.

Despite his best efforts to nail the mafia family, Sammy was found guilty of possessing and distributing hard drugs in 2002 and was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment. He explained how cruel his life was during his time as part of the deadly Gambino crime crew while speaking up in the Truth and Lies: The Last Gangster documentary.

Gravano was diagnosed with Graves disease. Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano is fighting death on a daily basis. Graves disease is a rare terminal condition that attacks the human immune system.

Debra Gravano’s Son: What Happened To Him?

Unfortunately, Debra Scibetta and Sammy Gravano’s son, Gerard also took to a life of crime as he followed in his father’s footsteps. And even though he would never reach the notorious heights his father reached in the crime world, he was associated with the Gambino family and its illegal activities.

Debra Scibetta
Gerard Gravano

The younger Gravano joined the notorious juvenile crime group “Devil Dogs”. This happened in the 1990s when he was still in his 20s. However, he got caught in 2000, along with dozens of others. They were apprehended for selling and transporting “ecstasy”,  a hard drug in Arizona as per the New York Times.

Justice prevailed when he pleaded guilty to the charges of “illegally conducting an enterprise and offering to sell and transport dangerous drugs,” according to AS News, and the following year, he was sentenced to at least eight years in prison.

You might be asking, where is he now? Gerard Gravano has since turned a new leaf and is now on good terms with his dad. Currently, a father and businessman, he is happily married to Amy Lynn Gravano, with whom he has three kids.

Debra Gravano’s Daughter: What Happened To Her?

Debra Scibetta’s daughter, Karen Scibetta never wanted anything to do with the dark side of her family and succeeded in doing just that. She was utterly disgusted by her father’s reputation, dishonor, and dire line of work, so she decided to disassociate herself from the family and relocate to Staten Island.

Debra Scibetta
Karen Gravano

She has done well for herself, building several business ventures. Karen started a career in self-care and added a product line that centers around weight loss. She also runs a spa/lounge that earns a steady income for her. She is the owner of the fast-food outlet, Pizza Nostra. Furthermore, Karen Gravano is an author and has written a book – a New York Times bestseller – that chronicled her experiences as the daughter of a crime kingpin. The book is titled MobDaughter.

She found the love of her life – David Seabrook – even though he also has some connections with her father’s dark past.  However, it took them only a few months to get married, and now they have a beautiful family together with their daughter Karina Seabrook.

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