Who Is Colin Jackson’s Partner or Is He Married?

Colin Jackson does not have any partner, to the best of public knowledge, as he is not dating anyone openly. The Welsh former athlete has also never been married.

The renowned sprinter and hurdler is by no means a eunuch, but he prefers to keep his love life away from the prying eyes of the public. Part of the reason for this may be his sexuality. Colin Jackson is gay and took his time to come out as he has never wanted the media to sensationalize that fact.

Colin Jackson has Never Been Married nor Dated Anyone Publicly

Colin Jackson first gained fame by winning the 110m hurdles silver medal at the 1986 Commonwealth Games. He was 19 years old at that time and went on to dominate for the next several years, winning multiple championships and setting several records in the 110m hurdles and 60m hurdles.

All this made him quite popular and the resulting attention focused on much of his love life. Despite all the spotlight, that aspect of his life remains a mystery. Colin Jackson has never dated anyone publicly. He has also never been married. Of course, this does not mean he has never been in a relationship. It only means he has decided to shield that aspect of his life.

He has Faced Several Gay Rumors in the Past

Colin Jackson has not only faced speculations about his love life but also his sexuality. Back in the 2000s, the sprinter faced several gay rumors. One of these rumors surfaced when he moved into the same London flat with swimmer Mark Foster in 2002. They lived together for two years, but there was nothing going on between them.

In 2006, News of the World published a story in which a gay male air steward revealed that he had a secret affair with Jackson. The publication generated a lot of buzz, and Jackson was questioned on whether he was gay. He, however, denied it multiple times.

Colin Jackson denied being gay in his 2004 autobiography. By 2008, he was interviewed by The Voice, a prominent black newspaper, as to how he felt about people assuming he was gay. The sprinter declared that he didn’t mind people saying he was gay in the circumstance. He, however, maintained that he wasn’t gay but also stated that he wouldn’t go around screaming that fact from the rooftops.

Is Colin Jackson Gay?

Colin Jackson is gay. The British sprinter eventually came out in 2017 during an interview conducted by two Swedish LGBT athletes, Kajsa Bergquist and Häggström, for a program titled Rainbow Heroes. Jackson revealed that he only came clean on the program because they would not sensationalize the news. He also revealed that he appreciated his interviewer’s storytelling approach and how they were interested in how his sexuality affected him sports-wise and emotion-wise, as well as his preparations.

Colin Jackson also revealed that he had come out much earlier to his parents in 2006. According to him, after the News of the World story broke in 2006, his parents questioned him as to the truthfulness of the publication. He admitted that it was true, and his parents accepted him just as he was and treated him graciously.

Colin Jackson’s decision to come out fetched him praise from several quarters. Many stated that this would encourage other people to one day take that bold step.

It has been about five years since Colin Jackson came out as gay. He has, however, yet to reveal the identity of the person that he is dating to the world. It may be that he has not been in any serious romance that warrants such an important move. It could also be that he is choosing to shield his partner from the spotlight. There is, however, the possibility that he may finally reveal the identity of his partner sometime in the future.


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