Who Is Chris Distefano’s Dad Tony Distefano?

Tony Distefano is the father of Chris Distefano, an American stand-up comedian. Tony is a former member of the Italian mafia who was in and out of jail when Chris was a kid.

Growing up in New York, Chris Distefano’s perception of his dad was a larger-than-life personality, but he never really knew what he did for a living until later. Chris has described his father as one of those old-school Brooklyn-Bronx Italians you see in movies.

Summary of Tony Distefano’s Bio

  • Full Name: Anthony Distefano
  • Ethnicity: Italian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Children: Chris Distefano
  • Famous For: being Chris Distefano’s father

Chris Distefano’s Father Tony Distefano is Italian

Though Tony is not much of a public figure, his son’s fame has brought him to the spotlight, and through Chris Distefano’s background details, we can deduce that Tony Distefano is of Italian descent. However, this is all that is available on his birth details. Other facts like when he was born and to whom he was born are yet to be revealed.

According to his records, Chris Distefano was born on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York, the U.S. This means Tony was already resident in the States at the time, but we can’t say if he immigrated or was born there.

Was Tony Distefano a Mafian?

There is no confirmed official record of Chris Distefano’s dad being a mafia, but from the stories his son has shared, Tony Distefano was part of a mob-related group back in the day. During some of the interviews where he talked about his family, Chris would mention that as a child, he didn’t know what his dad did for a living, but through the kind of company he kept, he was able to put the pieces together later.

“Growing up, my father was this larger-than-life, shady man, and I had no idea what he did for a career. I was constantly seeing men dressed in black suits and chains, their hair slick back “Chris said.

To cap it all, he would see the same guys his father kept as friends in newspapers for crimes related to mafia groups. Tony Distefano’s friends were reportedly in and out of jail when Chris was still a child. Chris Distefano’s father was also roped in many fights, including one that involved his mother and her then-boyfriend.

Tony once threatened a priest at his son’s school, saying he would break his kneecap if his son got expelled. The threat worked, but the incident and many others portrayed Tony as someone who goes after what he wants, irrespective of the method used.

Tony Distefano was Married to an Irish Woman

Though her identity has remained a mystery, Tony Distefano welcomed his son Chris during his marriage to the comedian’s mother. They were married for a few years before they divorced while Chris was still very young. There is no record of any other child in the family.

Tony Distefano’s wife seemed to have moved on after the divorce, but their child remained a link between them. Chris recalled an incident that saw his father, Tony, beat up his mother’s boyfriend at the time because he made her cry. Tony had gone to pick up his son at his mom’s when he met her crying, and after little Chris explained what happened, he went across the street, dragged the guy who made his ex-wife cry out, and gave him the beating of a lifetime.

Where is Tony Distefano Now?

Distefano seems to have turned a new leaf and is living a quiet life somewhere in Tampa, Florida. According to Chris, Tony’s wife is responsible for changing his lifestyle from a gangster gambler to what it is today.

There are reports that Tony Distefano died when Chris was still a child, but this is obviously not true. If his comedian son’s recent tweets are anything to go by, Tony Distefano is alive.

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