Who Is Carole Krumenacher? All About Bob Costas’ Ex-wife

Carole Krumenacher (born March 27, 1955; Age 69) is the ex-wife of Bob Costa, a renowned sportscaster, and that is her only claim to the spotlight at the moment.

Bob Costa’s first wife is not one to embrace the spotlight, even though she once shared media attention with her ex-husband. Carole and Bob were married for almost two decades before they pulled the plug on their union, and within that time, she kept a low profile. More than 2 decades after their separation, Krumenacher is still keeping details about her personal life close to her heart.

Summary of Carole Krummenacher’s Bio

  • Full name: Carole “Randy” Randall Krummenacher
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 27, 1955
  • Carole Krumenacher’s Age: 69 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Carole Krumenacher’s Ex-husband: Bob Costas
  • Carole Krumenacher’s Children: Keith Michael Kirby Costas (son) and Taylor Costas (daughter)
  •  Famous for: being the first wife of Bob Costas

How Old is Carole Krumenache?

Carole Krumenache was born on March 27, 1955, making her 69 years old at this time. She was born in New York City, New York, in the United States of America. Her parents are reported to come from a mixed background comprising of English, Irish and German heritage, but their identities are to be shared publicly. It is also not known if Carol had siblings to spend her childhood with.

Her basic education was acquired in her place of birth – New York, but the institutions she attended are not known. While her husband must have acquired a university degree to reach such great heights in his career endeavors, the academic achievements of his former wife are not public knowledge.

Her Career Journey Has Remained a Mystery

Carole Krumenache is a typical example of how your spouse’s fame can overshadow your very existence if you can’t keep up. While her ex-husband is a renowned media personality, Carole never had a career history known to the public.

Her only claim to fame was during her marriage to Bob Costas, and she was mainly recognized as his wife. Carole spent her time raising their kids while Costas pursued and built his career to what it is today.

How Long Did Carole Krumenacher’s Marriage to Bob Costas Last?

Carole Krumenache and her famous former spouse, Bob Costas, were married for 18 years. The pair met in the year 1982 and dated for a while before their wedding in 1983. The marriage went on pretty well for a while and even produced two children but time took a toll on the bond they once shared, and divorce came calling. The couple ended their marriage in an amicable divorce in 2001.

The news of the divorce was confirmed by Coastas’ business manager, Pam Davis, and in her statement, she said, “The parting is amicable. They are devoted to their children, and Bob will continue to live in St. Louis to remain close to them.” However, the main reason for the divorce was not revealed, and the public is left with the assumption that the couple grew apart.

Of course, having two children meant they will remain linked to each other. Thus, the former couple worked out a plan to keep their relationship on a healthy ground for their kids.

Carole Krumenacher and Her Ex-husband Share Two Children

The union between Carole Krumenacher and Bob Costas produced two children, a daughter and a son. However, they didn’t go right into starting a family after their wedding. Their first child is a son born in 1986 and named Keith Costas at birth. Keith’s name was later modified to Keith Michael Kirby Costas when baseball center fielder Kirby Pucket reminded Bob Costas of his promise to name his some after him if he bats .350, and by the time Keith was born, the Minnesota Twins player was batting better than .350.

Carole’s second child is a daughter named Taylor Costas. Taylor was born in 1989, three years after her brother, and she is the last child in the family. Their parents’ divorce must have been a devastating event at the time, but the family has managed to stay together. Carole got custody of the kids after the union ended and still had help from their father while raising the children.

Carole Krumenacher’s children are all adults now and following their father’s career footsteps. They are currently carving robust careers in the sports broadcasting world respectively. In fact, both Keith and his sister have won awards for their works. Keith won two Emmys for his contribution to MLB Network’s MLB Tonight as an associate producer. In the same capacity, Taylor Costas bagged an Emmy for her coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics on NBC.

Where is Bob Costas’ Ex-wife Now?

Bob Costas’ first wife is a private person who doesn’t like media attention, and since her marriage to Costas ended, she kind of disappeared from the limelight. Nobody can say if she remarried after leaving her first marriage.

Carole’s noticeable absence on social media makes it even harder to keep up with her personal life. She doesn’t get spotted in public events, and no recent pictures of her have made it to the media space. Likewise, the lack of information about the career life of Bob Costas’ first wife is not helpful in knowing what she has been up to lately. However, one thing that is certain is that Carole is still alive.

Carole Krumenacher’s Husband Has Moved On With His Love Life

Bob Costas and his wife Jill Sutton image source

It took Bob Costas 3 years to start another marital journey after the divorce from his first wife. On March 12, 2004, Costas married his second wife, Jill Sutton, in a private wedding ceremony attended by family and friends. There is no information available on the details of their dating history before they tied the knot.

Costas and his latest wife now reside in many cities, including New York and California, and they are often seen in public, attending events together. They have a 534-square-foot chateau located in Newport Coast, California. The marriage, which is almost going into the second decade, seems to be a happy one, even with a seemingly wide age gap between the couple. Jill Sutton has also blended into the family well enough and played her role of a stepmother to Carole’s children. She is on good terms with them, and they visit her often.

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