Who is Brooklinn Khoury and What Happened To Her Face?

Brooklinn Khoury (born April 20, 1999) is a 25-year-old Instagram celebrity, entrepreneur, and professional skateboarder.

She was born in Mission Viejo, Orange County California, and her parents, Ephrem Khoury and Melissa Demanagos are entrepreneurs.

The model is well known for her beautiful skateboarding skills. She is also famous for dating the former Dance mom star, Chloe Lukasiak. Sometime in November 2020, she ran into trouble with a dog and lost her upper lip in the attack.

Summary of Brooklinn Khoury’s Bio

  • Full name: Brooklinn Taylor Khoury
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 20, 1999
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: Lebanese
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Queer
  • Profession: Model and skateboarder
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Girlfriend: Chloe Lukasiak
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Parents: Eprem Khoury and Melissa Demanagos
  • Siblings: Sam Khoury and George Khoury
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Height in Inches:  67 inches
  • Brooklinn Khoury s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Weight: 55kgs
  • Body measurements in inches: 35-25-36
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 89,64 and 91
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Net worth: $2 million – $3 million
  • Famous for: Being a professional skateboarder
  • Brooklinn Khoury’s Instagram: @brookkhoury

Brooklinn Khoury Has A Lebanese Ancestry

Brooklinn Khoury was born Brooklinn Taylor Khoury on April 20, 1999, to her parents, Eprem Khoury and Melissa Demanagos. They welcomed her at Mission Viejo Orange County in Southern California. This 25-year-old lady is an American citizen. Brooklinn is often mistaken to be white, however, she is of Lebanese and Greek descent.

As a child, she grew up in a fully-established home. Her parents owned a graphics management business in Rancho, Santa Margarita. She spent her time with her brothers, Sam and George Khoury. She also shares pictures of their happy moments on Instagram.

Brooklinn attended Tesoro High School, but her elementary school is not known to the public. Also, there are no details about her college degree, if she has any. Currently, she is focused on skateboarding.

Her Face Was Attacked By A Pitbull

On November 3, 2020, Brooklynn was attacked by a dog, which left her without an upper lip. According to Brooklinn, her cousin invited her over for a girls’ hangout in Gilbert, Arizona and in the early hours of that day, both of them went out for a manicure.

While they were driving to her cousin’s house, she took a selfie. She was a bit uneasy about a small spot near her mouth and she cropped her mouth out of the image but the rest of the journey was uneventful.

When they got to her cousin’s house, Khoury went to the kitchen. She was used to her cousin’s 8-year-old blue nose dog; his name was Diesel. So, she decided to go pamper the pitbull.

Diesel was sitting while Brooklinn stood and according to her, she called him a ‘good boy’ but instead of appreciating her compliment, Diesel sprang up and landed on her face. She struggled for freedom but he would not let her.

Finally, he did free her and when she stood up, her shirt was already painted with blood. Not only that, she noticed a pink lump on the floor. After a close examination, she found out that it was her upper lip.

Brooklinn neatly wrapped her lip in a cloth while her cousin rushed her to the hospital. Sadly, she lost her upper lip despite the speedy intervention of the doctors. She currently lives without a lip and with scratches on her nose.

Brooklinn Khoury Underwent Skin Grafting For Her Ripped-Off Lip

A year after the accident, Brooklinn Khoury was booked for her first surgery on November 17. She said it took her a year to find the surgeon. The surgery, which lasted about 20 hours cost about $400K. As part of the surgery, the doctors had to cut some skin and arteries from her arm to form a new upper lip.

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She was excited to have completed her first surgery. Though she still has about five more to go, she is trying to maintain a positive mindset. She also stated that the procedure was successful and was happy to leave the hospital.

After then, Khoury has undergone multiple surfies to fix her lip. In an Instagram post in November 2021, she said that she had learned to love herself no matter how she looked. The model has also decided to share her journey to inspire people on social media.

Despite the accident, Khoury still loves dogs. While she has more plastic surgeries to undergo, she’s optimistic about smiling again.

She Is A Professional Skateboarder And Model

Brooklinn Khoury has always loved skateboarding since she was a child. In 2014, she started skating for the fun of it. But in 2016, she decided to become a professional skateboarder and has participated in some skateboarding competitions.

She has appeared in a Vogue spread for women skaters. Not just that, a Los Angeles skating shop was named in her honor and she has been perfecting her skills since she left high school. In addition to this, Khoury is a full-time model. She works with some fashion brands to promote their products. She has worked with Thread Wallet, a company that deals in wallets.

While pursuing her career, she has partnered with a couple of agencies like Brooklyn Projects, Millennium Boards, and Rastaclat. She also started a clothing and jewelry line, Hug Someone You Love Today, in July 2021. And she released her single in January 2022 titled Waiting For You.

What Is Her Sexual Orientation?

This beautiful skater is bi-sexual. She became famous after she started dating the popular American actress and dancer, Chloe Lukasiak. Chloe took to her Instagram page on October 8, 2021, to announce their relationship by sharing a photo of herself and Khoury kissing.

The couple had reportedly had their first date two days before Brooklinn’s accident. They met on the Hinge app and according to Khoury, she fell really hard for Chloe.

After the accident, Khoury was a bit worried whether her partner would still find her attractive but Lukasiak would not stop telling her how beautiful she was. The amazing actress has been there for her lover throughout her recovery period.

On November 2, 2021, Chloe organized a surprise survival party for Brooklinn Khoury. The party had Brooklinn’s family and friends in attendance. The actress used the opportunity to gush over her lover. Her kind gesture really got to Khoury and in her (Khoury) words, she’s the best human.

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