Who Is Brent Rivera Dating? Meet Pierson Wodzynski

Brent Rivera is dating Pierson Wodzynski, a Californian-born former fashion photographer who currently earns a living as a model, Instagram star, YouTuber, and TikToker.

Brent and Pierson first crossed paths on the set of the popular dating show called Date Takeover. In that episode of the show, Lexi Rivera, Brent’s younger sister, was featured and was expected to pick a date for her big brother. At the end of the day, Lexi picked Pierson but the duo couldn’t commence dating immediately as Brent was still with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Gutowski. However, they started a romantic relationship immediately after Eva left the scene.

Who is Brent Rivera Dating?

Brent Rivera is dating Pierson Wodzynski. The duo started dating around 2020 but there are rumors saying they have gone their separate ways.

Born in California on February 18, 1999, Wodzynski is Matt Adam Wodzynski and Karin Woodzynski’s oldest child. She is not the only child of her parents as she has a younger brother who goes by the name Logan Wodzynski. Logan is also a content creator with his own YouTube channel that has amassed over 177k subscribers. Pierson often features her parents and brothers on her YouTube channel.

Pierson is obviously an American by nationality but their ethnic background has never earned a mention in the public space.

She achieved all her academic qualifications in California; after graduating from high school, she proceeded to earn higher academic qualifications at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied Communications. Reports revealed that she also passed through El Camino College but what she studied there is not known.

What Does Brent Rivera’s Girlfriend Do for a Living?

Pierson Wodzynski gained popularity as a photographer, model, YouTuber, Instagram star, and TikToker. She started as a fashion photographer before moving into other fields like modeling and content creation on different social media platforms.

Pierson Wodzynski’s YouTube Channel was launched in 2014

Wodzynski became a Youtuber on the 2nd of May 2014. So far, her self-titled channel @pierson has amassed over 3.78M subscribers with 205 videos. She has over 600 million views. At a point in her YouTube career, the social media platform awarded her a golden play button after she surpassed one million subscribers.

The kind of content to expect on Pierson’s channel are challenges, vlogs, reactions, pranks, unboxing, lip-sync videos, comedy skits, dance videos, and quirky videos.

The content creator was not so popular when she launched her channel on YouTube, and so had to do a lot of collaborations with fans in order to boost her subscription level.

Pierson Wodzynski is Popular on TikTok

Pierson reigned on YouTube for a while before she went on to launch her account on TikTok – @Pierson. The number of her followers so far has exceeded 15.4 million and she has accumulated 416.8M likes

She attained another level of fame by sharing lip-sync videos, dance videos, character-based comedy sketches, and her performing arts skills on the platform. It was through TikTok that she started getting endorsement deals from brands such as Colgate.

From there, Pierson was able to take her career to the next level and secure tons of brand partnerships including Colgate.

Among her most popular clips on Tiktok is the video she recorded with Jason Derulo (Savage Love hitmaker). So far, the post has accumulated over 19.3 million views and still counting.


the girlies on our way to wreak HAVOC ????@Baha Mar Resorts

♬ HEATED – Beyoncé

She is an Instagram Star

On the Instagram platform, Pierson can be located at @piersonwodzynski which is a verified handle. After sharing 875 posts, the American content creator has gained 2.8 million followers.

It is on Instagram that the Californian native shares the majority of her modeling shots and videos.

How Did Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski Meet

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski reportedly met on the set of the popular dating show called Date Takeover. That particular episode of the show featured Rivera’s younger sister Lexi who was saddled with the responsibility of picking a date for her brother out of the female contestants.

After Pierson emerged as the winner, she got introduced to Brent’s circle of friends. However, the duo couldn’t take their relationship further because Brent was still Eva Gutowski’s boyfriend. Pierson and Rivera eventually started going steady sometime in 2020 after Eva and Brent broke up.

After he became Pierson’s boyfriend, Brent wasted no time informing fans that they have officially begun dating. The social media followers of the two content creators were really thrilled about the news and soon started rooting for them to make things more permanent

Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera’s Relationship

After Lexi Rivera connected Pierson with her brother, the duo started bonding with each other. There were spotted together at several places and notable is the fact that they were creating quality content together as a couple. Most of their joint content was practical pranks they sprung on one another.

As their relationship waxed stronger, Pierson and her love interest traveled to different parts of the globe such as Greece, Paris, Hawaii, Italy, and more. As they were jets-setting across the globe, the romantic duo made sure to update fans through social media platforms.

Pierson Wodzynski’s dream came true when she was invited by Brent to join Amp World – a social media collective founded by Brent and some of his industry colleagues.

Other members of Amp World include Ben Azleart, Lexi Hensler, Dom Brack, and Andrew Davila. Others include Jeremy Hutchins, Alex Stokes, Alan Stokes, Caleb Burton, and Mason Fulp.

Along the line, Pierson Wodzynski and her boyfriend, Brent had a pretend-wedding ceremony following which they proceeded on a pretend honeymoon. The marriage reportedly lasted only 24 hours.

Rumors of Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski’s Break up

Fans started adoring Brent and Pierson right from word go and wished for them to take their relationship to the next level. However, to their greatest dismay, Wodzynski herself came on an interview session to declare that their relationship has ended.

However, despite their split, the content creators have continued to collaborate on creating videos for their different handles. Besides, their flirtatious behaviors towards each other in those videos have succeeded in confusing fans about their current relationship status.

While Pierson has announced their breakup, many still believe that the couple never separated and that the exposition done by Wodzynski was merely to gain more attention. However, neither of the two has bothered to refute the claims, but time will tell.

List of Brent Rivera’s Ex-Girlfriends

Morgan Justus

Brent Rivera’s first known girlfriend is Morgan Justus, a singer-songwriter, model, and YouTuber from California. The two were in a relationship in June 2017 but decided to part ways in October 2017. Despite the breakup, it was reported that they split amicably and the reason behind their split was believed to be their individual focus on their respective careers.

Lexi Hensler

Rivera and social media influencer Lexi Hensler have a close-knit relationship and have known each other for years. They’ve featured in each other’s content numerous times, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship between them. However, these rumors were clarified by Lexi herself in a 2019 YouTube video titled “Reacting to your Assumptions! Did I date Brent Rivera?!”. In the video, she explained that while she has a deep love and respect for Brent, their relationship has always been platonic.

Eva Gutowski

Rivera’s relationship with Eva Gutowski, another social media influencer, and host of the web series: “How To Survive: A Break-Up”, was quite a rollercoaster ride. They initially met in 2015 for a music video titled “Literally my Life” but didn’t start dating until later. Their relationship saw many ups and downs, and by 2020, Eva announced that their relationship status was “complicated” and they had no plans to reunite romantically.

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