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Living in the 21st century has taught one that love and romance aren’t an exclusive privilege for only couples of a straight persuasion. Popular CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his lover, nightclub mogul, Benjamin Maisani have been dating for a long time. The couple started seeing each other in 2009, and have been together ever since. For a celebrity couple, they have managed to keep their personal business private, offering up only the occasional Instagram selfie and video.

Who Is Benjamin Maisani, Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend?

The name Anderson Cooper is definitely known by a lot of people inside and outside the media world. The popular CNN anchor and Yale University graduate comes from money and a good deal of it too. He is the son of the late author and screenwriter Wyatt Cooper, and fashion designer and heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt. His mother is the great-great-granddaughter of the business magnate, Cornelius Vanderbilt who built his wealth in railroad and shipping, eventually making the Vanderbilt name one of the most iconic in American history.

Anderson studied political science before he decided to switch career paths to journalism. He credits his change of heart to his older brother’s suicide in 1988. Anderson started out as a fact-checker for Channel One, a youth-oriented small news agency. He eventually began to climb the ladder of journalism, working for ABC News as correspondent and co-anchor from 1995 to 2001. Since 2001, he has been with CNN where he has become one of the most celebrated news and television personalities. In 2016, he co-moderated the second presidential election debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Benjamin Maisani does not boast nearly as robust a portfolio as his partner. However, he is from Corsica in France, which many supporters of their relationship feel played a vital role in their budding romance. Benjamin’s dreams were in the same ballpark as Anderson’s, however, he wanted to be a filmmaker, not a journalist. This was the whole reason he moved to New York City. Graduating from Hunter College he took up employment at the Morgan Library located on Madison Avenue.

The job wasn’t doing much for his financial life. Maisani wanted a job with better pay, so he ended up working at a gay bar called Baracuda located in Chelsea. Benjamin credits this job for helping him become more social and self-confident, even though he largely remains a private person. He continued to work in the bar business eventually rising from bar-tender to bar owner. He owns his own chain of gay bars.

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper’s Love Affair

Benjamin and Anderson were first pictured together in New York City which was where they met. Both of them are private people, Benjamin more than Anderson. In various interviews, he has talked about how he has never wanted to be a public figure in any way. Anderson is also the same way. That is probably why it took him three years after the start of their relationship in 2009 to officially announce his sexual orientation.

Benjamin Maisani and his boyfriend, Anderson Cooper
Benjamin Maisani and his boyfriend, Anderson Cooper (Image Source)

Since then, especially starting in 2015, the couple has gifted their audience with pictures and video clips of their adventures and travels. Memorably their Instagram posts have shown them in different exotic locations around the world: Myanmar, Venice, and Tahiti to name a few.

The couple had several homes around the country. One of them was a renovated firehouse tucked away in Greenwich Village. They purchased the home for an estimated $4.3 million in 2009. They also bought an 18-room, 10,000sqftt mansion in Connecticut to the tune of about $9 million. Cooper also has a vacation home in Brazil and a waterfront in the Hamptons.

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The couple has always seen having kids as an option they would want to explore in the future. Even Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt has always supported him having kids and has occasionally asked him about it. While Anderson admits, he wants a family, his hectic work schedule seems to be standing in the way for now.

Are They Still Together?

The couple’s romance seemed to be growing and a lot of their fans probably believed it would go on forever. However, earlier in 2018, during an interview with People and US Weekly, the CNN anchor revealed that he and Maisani had split up a while ago. He reiterates that they still love each other very much and will always be in each other’s lives. The last picture of the couple together was captured in March 2018. It was a photo of Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper leaving their Manhattan home together.

This is not a surprise to some of their followers, however, as Cooper was photographed several times with Victor Lopez, a radiologist from Dallas, weeks before his break-up announcement. The photos are on Lopez’s Instagram page which is set to private.

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