Who Is Barry Gibb’s First Wife Maureen Bates?

Maureen Bates is Barry Gibb’s ex-wife who rose to the spotlight for being once married to him. Bates’s former husband, Barry Gibb, is a British songwriter, musician, singer, songwriter, and producer.

Gibb and Bates’ romance started way back in the 1960s when the singer was at the prime of his career. They dated for some time and eventually tied the knot in 1966. The estranged couple welcomed a daughter, Lasely Evans. Their marriage lasted just three years, as they pulled the plug on their union in 1970.

Maureen Bates is now known as the first wife of Barry, who rose to become a successful musician. At this time, they have moved on with their lives, with Barry remarrying and Maureen living away from the spotlight. Meanwhile, here is all to explore about her life and marriage to the singer.

How Old is Barry Gibb’s First Wife, Maureen Bates?

Maureen Bates’s age at this time is not known. This is based on the fact that there is no credible detail about her date, month, or year of birth. It has also made her zodiac sign unknown. There is also no information on her exact place of birth or country of birth.

Since Maureen Bates maintains a very low profile, there are no details on her background. This includes the name of her parents and what they do for a living. It is not known if she is the only child born to her parents as there are no details about her siblings. In light of the fact that her background has been sealed, her ethnicity and where she spent her childhood have also remained vague.

Maureen Bates’s educational background was not left out in what she kept off the records. Consequent to this, the schools that she attended from her elementary to high school levels were not disclosed. There is also no detail about the college that she attended or her course of study.

When Did Maureen Bates Become Barry Gibb’s Wife?

Maureen Bates became Barry Gibb’s wife on August 2, 1966. Meanwhile, the ex-couple has been tight-lipped about releasing information about their relationship. Based on this, there is no credible information on how and when they met. When they started their romantic relationship, nor how long they dated was not revealed.

However, on August 2, 1966, they exchanged their marital vows. At this time, the singer was 19 years and in the prime of his career. They were married for a period of three years before their marriage hit the rocks.

Maureen Bates and Barry Gibb divorced in 1970. Being that the ex-couple is private about their marriage, they did not reveal the reason for their divorce. There was also no news of how the divorce was settled.

However, two months after they finalized their divorce, Barry Gibbs got remarried. He got married to Linda Gray, a former miss Edinburgh whom he met on the set of Top Of The Pops in London on September 1, 1970. Their marriage, which welcomed five children, has lasted 53 years.

The Ex-couple Welcomed a Child Together

While Maureen Bates and Barry Gibb were married, they welcomed a daughter together. Their daughter, Lesley Evans, was born on May 28, 1968. Much about her is not known, including her education and what she is up to at this time. However, her existence is yet to be proven by her father, as he revealed that he had five children, all from his second marriage.

Is Maureen Bates Still Alive?

Maureen Bates is still alive, but where she is at the moment is not known. Since her divorce from Barry Gibb, she has maintained a low profile, making all about her relationship unknown. What she does for a living has also been kept off the records. However, she was reportedly cast in the 2014 film, Back2one.


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