Who Is Andrew Tate’s Girlfriend or Does He Have A Wife?

Andrew Tate is currently not married and has never been married, but several sources have confirmed that he is presently in a romantic relationship with Sofiya Guliyeva. Sofiya is equally a social media personality best known for posting various forms of lifestyle content on the social media platform TikTok.

It’s quite hard for anyone with an idea of what goes on on various social media platforms like YouTube to not be aware of who Andrew Tate is. The American-British former kickboxer is well-known for his controversial, and often misogynistic views on women and relationships.

Those ideas have also gotten him in trouble with a few of these social media platforms and have also left people wondering about what his love life is like, especially the women he is involved with romantically. Well, no time like the present to find out.

Is Andrew Tate Married?

Andrew Tate is not married at the moment. In fact, the self-dubbed “Top G” has never been a part of the institution of marriage. Given his dim view of the prospect of marriage, it is almost one hundred percent safe to say that we may never get to see the former kickboxer tie the knot with a woman.

Andrew is noted for his strong overarching patriarchal position with regard to gender dynamics. His views on the subject have often put him at loggerheads with others with relatively more progressive views on the subject, and have also seen him banned from various social media platforms at different points in his career as an influencer.

Amongst other things, he certainly does not mince his words or ideas when it comes to marriage which he considers a complete waste of a man’s time and resources. Tate’s view on the subject of marriage couldn’t have been made any clearer than how he expressed those views during one of the podcasts he was invited to sit in on.

Andrew Tate Believes Marriage Is A Completely Useless And Fruitless Endeavor

When a podcast host questioned the Top G on his views of marriage, he revealed his belief that marriage only meant something to women and that the idea of getting married was a completely useless and fruitless endeavor because he did not see the tactical advantage of getting married.

He said that women enjoy marriage more, but also that they enjoy a lot of things, especially when they don’t have to organize or pay for anything. Tate also expressed his dissatisfaction with marriage because of how the government gets involved when things don’t go well, adding that no man wants to get married because it only benefits women.

He stated that a man could decide to be loyal to a woman, have children with her, and even be with her forever without getting married to her. While he dismissed the idea of living together as less than optimal, he also thinks that’s the closest a man should get to the institution of marriage.

The social media influencer ended by saying that men who desire marriage are often insecure ones who try to prevent their partners from possibly cheating by labeling their relationships with the titles, labels, and documents that being married provides.

How Many Wives Does Andrew Tate Have?

Andrew Tate does not have even one wife, not to talk of many wives, because he has never been married. As previously indicated, the Top G does not relish the idea of being married and has made his views on the subject unequivocally clear.

It does not, however, mean that the former kickboxer lives a celibate lifestyle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tate has been in a myriad of romantic relationships with several women, possibly including well-known American model, and socialite Lori Harvey. The Top G has made no secret of the fact that he is sexually active.

Lori Harvey is the adoptive daughter of famous African American comedian and TV personality, Steve Harvey. She made her way into the limelight as a model for various leading fashion brand,s including Dolce & Gabbana.

Details of his alleged relationship with Lori, including how, when, and where they met, as well as when they started dating officially have yet to be verified because of the insufficient evidence of such a union, despite the rumors that they were seen together on a few occasions. Neither ever came out to deny or assert the reality of the alleged relationship.

Andrew Tate Used To Date Romanian Model, Naghel Georgiana Manuela

Andrew Tate was recently in a relationship with Romanian model Naghel Georgiana Manuela. She is a social media influencer from Comănești, Romania who used to work at Crama La Salina winery. Tate once referred to her as the woman he trusts in an Instagram post he made on his IG page in October 2021. The post was a picture of them in Tate’s private jet with the caption that said he flew his plane with the one woman he trusts.

The relationship experienced some rough bumps, including the fact that Andrew and Naghel, alongside other people, including his brother Tristan, were arrested in Romania on December 29, 2022, on suspicion of defilement, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group to exploit women.

They denied the charges against them following their court arraignment in Romania but the judge still remanded them in custody for 30 days. Four unsuccessful appeals later, their stay in police custody was extended to March 31, 2023, before they were eventually released, albeit from police custody. They remained under house arrest until April 29, 2023.

It is yet unclear what led to the break up of Tate’s relationship with Naghel, but we can confirm that the two of them are no longer romantically linked to each other.

Andrew Tate’s Girlfriend Is Currently Sofiya Guliyeva

Andrew Tate is currently in a romantic relationship with Canadian-born social media star Sofiya Guliyeva. Sofiya is a -1 year-old TikTok star who was born in Toronto, Canada, in 2000. She is reportedly currently based in Dubai but also has a home in Turkey.

She is quite known for her lifestyle-themed TikTok posts, some of which have featured the Top G. The social media star who also refers to herself as Baby G seems to have further endeared herself to Tate by openly throwing her weight behind his often misogynistic view on women.

We are yet unsure about the timeline of the relationship but sources suggest that they might have started dating in late 2022 or early 2023. We can almost certainly reiterate the fact though, that Andrew Tate has no intention of marrying Sofiya or anyone else because time seems to have not made him soften his rather hard stance on the subject of marriage.

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