Who is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

Andrew Santino’s wife is rumored to be either Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger. However, the American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor has never formally disclosed the identity of his wife.

In November 2019, Andrew uploaded a video on Twitter, giving a hint that he is married. Ever since then, his fans have been trying so hard to unravel the identity of his wife.

While there are many speculations about who the famous actor is actually married to, he has the truth about his relationship life away from the media. Be that as it may, we’ve unraveled a lot about his marital status, and in this article, you will find out all about his marriage below.

Andrew Santino’s Wife is One of These Two Women

Andrew Santino has not confirmed the identity of his wife. However, sources claim that he is married to either Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger.

Andrew and Danielle allegedly dated for a long time before getting married. There is no information available on what Danielle Brooks does for a living, how and when she met Andrew Santino, and how long they have been married.

On the other hand, the speculation that Andrew Santino is married to Sarah Bolger stems from the fact that he and Sarah have been frequently spotted attending events together. The duo attended the premiere of FX’s Dave on February 27, 2020, wore matching outfits, and had their arms around each other’s waists.

Despite the allegation that they were together, a different source revealed that Sarah was only at the event to support her friend, who had an upcoming TV series. Sarah Bolger is an Irish actress who has acted in several famous movies some of which include Breathing Happy 2022, A Good Woman is Hard to Find 2019, Counterpart 2018, Halal Daddy 2017, Outlaw 2016, and The Lazarus Effect 2015.

Andrew Santino Possibly Got Married in 2015

Andrew Santino has not revealed the exact date he got married. However, he once said on a 2019 podcast that he had been married for nearly four years and this means that he likely got married to whoever his wife is sometime in 2015. Meanwhile, in the course of the interview, Andrew glowingly spoke about his wife and claimed that they still enjoy each other’s company despite having been married for years.

Speaking to Whitney Cummings when he came on his Good for You podcast in April 2019, the stand-up comedian revealed that he and his wife never had any intentions of getting married to each other when they started dating. He further stated that they only started as friends and gradually fell in love with each other. During their dating, he had an illuminating moment when he realized that she was the one for him, so he asked her to marry him.

To keep their marriage happy, Andrew said he and his wife do not allow any uncomfortable silences in their relationship. They always make conscious efforts to have fun and enjoy each other’s company despite the busy events of their lives. Also before Andrew and his wife got married, they had to see a therapist to help them address the concerns they each had about marriage.

However, they both soon realized that they hated the vibes their therapist gave off and this mutual dislike further strengthened their bond. At that moment, they both knew that they were meant for each other and decided to take their relationship further.

Does Andrew Santino Have Any Kids With His Wife?

Andrew Santino is alleged to have two daughters with his wife, but he, yet to confirm this allegation. Another source claims that he has a son named Miles with Danielle Brooks, but this information is also unverified.

In an interview with Tiger Belly on November 15, 2021, Andrew disclosed that he did not know if he ever wanted to have kids. He said that having a kid is a massive change and joked that he was going to try and have a kid but if it does not work, he would just leave.

Why Has Andrew Santino Kept His Marriage a Secret?

Andrew Santino revealed that he prefers to keep details of his marriage secret as he does not want to put his personal life under the invasive lens of the media. He cherishes what he enjoys with his wife and would not want any media speculations to destroy his marriage. His reasons are valid considering the number of celebrity marriages that are frequently being destroyed.

Who Has Andrew Santino Dated in The Past?

While Andrew Santino has had previous relationships, the actor prefers not to reveal details about his ex-girlfriends. As such, we could not find the persons he has previously been in a relationship with, nor do we know if he is still on good terms with any of them. It appears that Andrew has always been a private person, given the lack of available information on his love life both as a single and married man.

Is Andrew Santino Gay?

Andrew Santino’s wife, who is most likely a female exists thus, he is not gay, although there have been speculations about that. These speculations started after Andrew posted a picture of him and fellow comedian Chris D’Elia in 2019. Before then, he had responded to Chris’ Tweet by saying that the ‘secret is out’. Furthermore, Andrew also jokingly tweeted in May 2020 that he was getting married to Chris and they were now a couple. All these fuelled the rumor about his sexuality.

In March 2018, he made a post on Instagram to address the rumors. In the post, he vehemently stated that he is not gay and urged the speculations to stop. Additionally, the actor has not been found in any compromising situation with a fellow male and as such, we cannot readily conclude that he is gay.

Where is Andrew Santino Now?

Andrew Santino is currently focused on advancing his career. He divides his time across the various career paths he has chosen in acting, stand-up comedy, and podcasting. He frequently posts hilarious videos of his podcasts and comedy on his social media platforms where he has thousands of followers. Andrew Santino’s Social media handles are Instagram @cheetosantino, YouTube @Andrew Santino, and Twitter @CheetoSantino.

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