Who Is Andre Marhold, Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend

Andre Marhold is the former boyfriend of Jeffree Star, a famous makeup artist and YouTuber. He is also an American basketball player born on August 06, 1990. His height is six foot six (1.98 meters).

Andre Marhold’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Andre Marhold
  • Nickname: Amarxii
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: August 6, 1990
  • Andre Marhold’s Age: 33 years old
  • Place of birth: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Andre Marhold’s Siblings: Albert Marhold and Shyra Oliver
  • Andre Marhold’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Andre Marhold’s Height in Centimeters: 198 centimeters
  • Andre Marhold’s Height in Meters: 1.98 meters
  • Andre Marhold’s Weight: 98 kg
  • Body measurement in Inches: 44-30-36
  • Education: Pittsburgh’s Knoxville Middle School, North Mecklenburg High School, and Duquesne University
  • Occupation: Basketball Player
  • Famous for: Being Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend
  • Andre Marhold’s Instagram: @amarxiii_
  • Andre Marhold’s Net Worth: $2 million

Where is Andre Marhold From and How Old is He?

Andre Marhold is 33 years old. He was born on August 6, 1990, in his hometown Pensacola, Florida, United States. Andre has two siblings, a brother named Albert Marhold and a sister, Shyra Oliver.

He is of black ethnicity as he was born to African-American parents, although he has not disclosed the names of his parents. When he was a teenager, he relocated with his family to North Carolina.

For his education, Andre attended Pittsburgh’s Knoxville Middle School before enrolling at North Mecklenburg High School. He further acquired a degree in corporate communication from Duquesne University.

What Does Andre Marhold Do for a Living?

Andre Marhold is a professional basketball player and while he has been playing for some years, he only came into the limelight following his relationship with Jeffree Star. Andre started playing basketball when he was only 8 years old as he has always been passionate about the game.

While enrolled in North Mecklenburg High School, he was a member of the school’s basketball team, where he averaged 10 rebounds and 10 points. After he graduated from high school, he gained admission into Duquesne University where he played 96 games for the University’s team until his graduation.

On February 3, 2014, Andre got signed with Chin Min Dragons St. Polten and was with the team through the 2013-14 season. He entered the 2013 NBA draft but was eventually not picked by any team. With the expiration of his contract with the Chin Min Dragons St. Polten, Andre signed on to Giessen 46ers. He joined the team on June 10, 2014, playing a total of 33 games with them in F Pro A.

Andre Marhold Became Famous as Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend

Andre and Jeffree met on Instagram after Jeffree’s picture appeared on Andre’s explore page. He then proceeded to like several of Jeffree’s pictures, thus calling the attention of the YouTuber. Jeffree sent Andre a DM and they chatted for a month before Andre flew out to Los Angeles to physically meet with Jeffree.

During his visit to L.A, Jeffree posted a picture of him straddling Andre, and the next day, he uploaded a selfie of the two of them, announcing their relationship. This sparked various reactions from viewers who claimed that Jeffree was only dating Andre to prove that he was not racist.

Jeffree and Andre Split Shortly After Their Relationship Became Publicly Known

A few weeks after making their relationship public, Andre and Jeffree split up. Their split was accompanied by a lot of social media drama as Jeffree accused the basketball player of stealing from him. He claimed that their relationship ended after he discovered that Andre had no job, no money, and no life.

In reaction to the accusation, Andre stated that they broke up because Jeffree had control issues as a result of being cheated on in his previous relationship. He further claimed that Jeffrey was threatening to sue him for going against the non-disclosure he signed before they started dating. Andre later deleted his stories and took down his Instagram account.

Soon after, a backup account claiming to be Andre’s sprang up and spread rumors about Jeffree having AIDS and offering Andre money and gifts to hang out with him. The account also alleged that Jeffree had cheated on his ex-boyfriend Nathan with his best friend. Andre denied having any affiliations with the accounts and while some of them were taken down, one still exists as @amarxiii_ and claims to be Andre’s backup account.

Is Andre Marhold Back Together with Jeffree Star?

Andre Marhold is not back together with Jeffree Star. In April 2021, Jeffree had a serious car accident and he revealed that Andre reached out to him after the incident and apologized to him. He also posted a video of Andre visiting him at his mansion in Wyoming.

Following this revelation, fans speculated on the possibility of the two ex-lovers getting back together, but Jeffree soon dismissed the speculations, stating that he only hung out with an old friend and is currently not in a relationship.

Andre Marhold Has a Son

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A post shared by Andre Marhold (@amarxiii__)

Andre Marhold has a son, however, he is yet to reveal the name of his son and whom he had him with. On August 25, 2020, a French Model named Emmanuella Chartol posted a picture of herself and Andre on @theshaderoom, alleging that he was the father of her son. She further stated that she was ready to make their relationship work, and posted a very distinct picture of Andre with their son.

However, despite the social media uproar caused by the viral post, Andre neither denied nor confirmed having a child with Emmanuella and soon after, she took down her Instagram account. There is no further information about the age of the said son and where he currently is.

Does Andre Marhold Still Play Basketball?

Andre Marhold has not been in any recent games, although he was most recently a member of the GISSEN 46ers. His last game was played against Oettinger Rockets Gotha on March 21, 2015, and he has not revealed what his future career plans are.

Overall, he has not had a very successful basketball playing career as he is yet to win any awards or major achievements. Apparently, his relationship with Jeffree is his claim to fame.

Is Andre Marhold Active on Social Media?

Andre Marhold was previously active on the Instagram platform, however, his account was taken down after the scandal of his breakup with Jeffree Star. While there are some Instagram accounts with his name and pictures, Andre claimed that it was only a fake account and not affiliated to him and Jeffree revealed that he was going to take legal action against the people hiding behind the accounts to spread malicious rumors about him.

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