Who Is Aliza Barber, Lance Barber’s Wife?

Aliza Barber is the wife of Lance Barber, the popular Hollywood actor known for shows such as Young Sheldon and The Comeback. She was born in the 70s and is presently in her 40s.

Aliza is a professional chef and practices her craft in Los Angeles. Despite being the wife of a well-known actor, she avoids the spotlight. She hardly makes it to red-carpet events. Her social media appearances are also few and far between. The lady is determined to live a normal life and provide the same for her children.

Aliza Barber’s Bio

  • AGE: mid-40s
  • BIRTHDAY: 1970s
  • BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Aliza Barber is Originally From Chicago

Although he has had many TV spouses over the years, Lance Barber’s real wife is Aliza Barber. Aliza was born around the same period as her husband, early to mid-70s, and is presently in her 40s. She has American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity as well.

Aliza Barber is from the U.S. mid-west, specifically the city of Chicago. She spent her formative years there with a loving family unit that encouraged her and supported her to reach for her dreams. She remains close to her family to date and often visits Chicago with her kids to see them

She is now a Chef Based in Los Angeles

While her husband is an actor and Hollywood star, Aliza Barber is a professional chef. She has been a chef since the 2000s and has utilized her culinary skills to dazzle the taste buds of the patrons at the establishments she has worked at, including fine dining restaurants.

Aliza’s foray into the culinary industry may have been inspired by a love for food as a child. She may have also had parents who were great cooks and picked up a skill or two from them.

Nonetheless, she would have undergone formal training after high school or college to hone the skills she has gathered over the years and become even better.

Aliza Barber
Lance Barber with his TV family from the series Young Sheldon

Aliza Became Lance Barber’s Wife in the 2000s

Lance Barber and his wife, Aliza, are a couple who strive to live a normal life without much media or fan intrusions. They protect details of their personal life from the public. As a result, it is hard to tell the specific details of when they met and started dating.

It is, however, known that they met in Chicago sometime in the mid to late 90s. Aliza is from the city, while Lance Barber moved out there in 1995 to join The Second City Improvisational Comedy Troupe. He and Aliza must have crossed paths at some point and taken a fancy to each other.

They later started dating, and their relationship grew so strong that even when Lance had to move out to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities, they still continued their romance.

Aliza Barber and Lance Barber got married sometime in the 2000s. The exact date of their wedding is not known, and so also the location. They may have chosen to do it in Los Angeles, where they lived. They may have also gone back to the city of Chicago, where their love story began.

They Have Two Kids Together

Aliza Barber and Lance Barber have been married for several years now, and their union is going strong. Their names have never made the headlines for any unsavory reasons or drama. The couple have welcomed two kids in the course of their marriage.

True to their normal M.O., they have not disclosed the name of their kids or their dates of birth. Lance, who has social media accounts, also does not share his children’s or even his wife’s pictures there. He and Aliza are determined to give their kids a normal upbringing and have even discussed the possibility of moving away from Los Angeles for that purpose.

For now, they remain there, and Aliza supports her husband. They often watch his works together, and she gives her thoughts on them.


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