Who Did Albert Chang Cheat With On Lily ‘Pichu’ Ki and Why?

It’s no longer a secret that Albert Chang cheated on LilyPichu with their mutual friend and colleague, Sarah Lee, also known as Avocadopeeled. For anyone still wondering why Chang cheated, here’s a better question to ponder on – why do people cheat?

Anyway, more than being former lovers, Albert and Lily are Twitch streamers who were both members of Offline TV until the cheating controversy that tore them apart. Created by William “Scarra” Li and Christoper Chan, Offline TV is an online social entertainment platform based in Los Angeles, California. It is famed for bringing a group of content creators together to create various kinds of content and play videogames together for the viewing pleasure of its massive fan base.

As members of Offline TV, the former couple who reportedly met online became very popular among the fans of the online social entertainment platform. Apart from what they contribute to the content produced by Offline TV, they were admired for being lovers as they seemed inseparable and very committed to each other. All of that changed in November 2019 after it was confirmed that Chang cheated on the woman many regarded as the love of his life. Both Lily and Albert have moved on from the unfortunate event but their fans keep striving to understand what led to the infidelity that ruined the relationship.

Meet Sarah Lee, The Twitch Streamer With Whom Albert Chang Cheated – How Were They Caught?

Like Albert Chang (SleightlyMusical) and LilyPichu, Sarah Lee is also a Twitch streamer known for other activities that revolve around online social entertainment. Before the cheating controversy, she collaborated with both Albert and Chang a few times. She has thousands of followers on her twitch account and is also a singer-songwriter. The Korean-American is one half of a musical duo called Sunday Moon. Sarah has a YouTube channel and is fairly popular on other social media platforms.

Albert Chang’s affair with Avocadopeeled wasn’t something he wanted the public to learn about but fate exposed him. It was through Sarah Lee that people got to know he had been cheating on LilyPichu. As it happened, Lee was online streaming as usual in early November 2019 when she inadvertently streamed a Google Doc with SleightlyMusical. This probably wouldn’t have amounted to any trouble if the doc didn’t show they had been chatting and flirting with each other.

When this happened, some members of Offline TV, including Albert Chang and LilyPichu, were in Japan for Twitch Con. They started tweeting about Albert’s infidelity, albeit subtly. But their fans caught the vibes and started speculating on what the problem was; which eventually led to a very public breakup between SleightlyMusical and Lily.

The Public Breakup That Followed…

It was Imane Anys’ (Pokimane) tweet on the 9th of November as shown below that first hinted at a problem among the Offline TV members.

The next day, Federico Michael Gaytan (Fedmyster) who would later leave the group in 2020 tweeted that he was sad. This fanned the flames of the speculation, forcing LilyPichu to make a public statement about the end of her relationship with Albert Chang.

Through TwitLonger, on the 10th of November 2019, LilyPichu confirmed her breakup with Albert and apologized for Pokimane and Fedmyster’s subtweets which left Offline TV fans agitated. Adding that she might take a short break from streaming, the American internet personality admitted that she is heartbroken but affirmed her love for Albert and her friends (Pokimane and Fedmyster) who were being lynched online for going public with the breakup.

The two had to tender a public apology on Twitter. Fedmyster admitted that it was irresponsible of them to have taken the matter to social media, contending that they were “torn apart and upset for Lily”. Pokimane also apologized, admitting that it was not okay they talk about the breakup publicly.

Why Albert Cheated and What He’s Been Up To Since The Dramatic End of The Relationship

A day after LilyPichu released her statement, SleightlyMusical also released a statement via TwitLonger. Admitting he cheated on Lily, Albert described his infidelity as the worst decision of his life and expressed that he’s sorry for the pain he caused Lily and for betraying her trust and love. He also apologized to the Offline TV community, adding that he would be “taking an indefinite hiatus from content creation to reflect and spend some time alone”.

Sarah Lee also took to TwitLonger to apologize for betraying Lily whom she said had been kind to her. Describing her affair with Albert as “immensely selfish”, Lee stated that the only reparation for her is in becoming a better person. With that, she also related that she would be taking time away from the public for self-reflection.

Albert kept his words as he left Offline TV in 2019 and was nowhere to be found online until the 5th of October 2020 when he uploaded a video that detailed what he had been up to while he was away. It is a powerful and sincere video that was positively received.

Since then, the content creator has been very much around. He has released several videos and is making significant progress for someone who was “canceled”. As for why he cheated on Lily, there is no specific reason even though it was speculated in some quarters that he cheated with Sarah Lee to end his relationship with LilyPichu.

Lily ‘Pichu’ Ki is Now in a Relationship with Michael Reeves

As far as we can tell, Lily has also moved on from the heartbreak she suffered and the dramatic way her relationship with Albert came to an end. She has found love again and has been dating Michael Reeves for a while now. She confirmed the relationship in a February 2020 video.

Michael is also a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. The content creator born to a Filipino mother and an American father is one of the current members of Offline TV which he joined in December 2019. Reeves is known for creating videos that revolve around technology. He was nominated for a Streamy Award under that category in 2020.

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