Who Are Michael Rainey Jr.’s Parents and Where are They From?

Michael Rainey Jr.’s parents are Michael Rainey Sr. and Shauna Small. Michael Rainey Jr.’s dad is a businessman by profession while his mom has her business in health and beauty products. He was born and raised in New York, United States but his Jamaican ancestry is through his mother’s lineage.

Michael Rainey Jr. is an actor who has appeared in films and series like Power, Book II, Orange Is the New Black, and Barbershop: The Next Cut.

Being that he is a well-known celebrity kid and has become famous in the entertainment industry for his exceptional performances in the above-mentioned series and film, many of his fans are eager to know more about his family, especially about his parents and what they do for a living.

Where are Michael Rainey Jr.’s Parents From?

Michael Rainey Sr.

Michael Rainey Sr. is the father of the celebrity kid actor, Michael Rainey Jr., and husband to Shauna Small. It is known that he was born in New York but apart from that, other details about him such as his date of birth, family background, parents, and sibling among others are not available.

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Shauna Small

Michael Rainey Jr.’s mother, Shauna Small, hails from Jamaica, as revealed by the actor during a 2018 interview with OnStage TV. His mother was born in Jamaica but at the age of 12, she immigrated to the United States of America with her family. That notwithstanding, her family still owns a home back in Jamaica and according to Michael, he visits the island often.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the actor made an effort to connect with his Jamaican roots. He did this by giving digital tablets to Jamaican children, with the help of the Kingston Eastern Division of Police.

The beautiful, young-looking black woman is an entrepreneur. She attended the College of Staten Island from where she bagged a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology/English. Afterward, she enrolled in Concordia University-Portland in 2015, graduating the following year with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

In 2004, Shauna established Our Learning House, Inc., an organization that provides childcare workers and the general public with a variety of training (both online and in-person) and also offers consultation services. Being the founder of the organization, Shauna has been its director from inception to date.

Michael Rainey Jr.’s mother has also been the director of Higher Level Talents, Inc., the actor’s management team, from 2006 to date.

Michael Rainey Jr.’s Mother is the Owner of Relax be Healthy

Also a health and nutrition coach, Shauna owns an organic skincare brand named ‘Relax be Healthy’, according to Michael Jr.’s post on Twitter below.

In August 2016, she launched her business website relaxbehealthy.com and on the site, she sells a variety of health and beauty products such as natural body and hair care products such as different types of body butter and essential oils, oral care products, herbs, fresh natural smoothies, herbal teas, and homeopathic supplements among others.

Meanwhile, prior to her setting up her own business, Shauna Small was a teacher and as a result, she was able to homeschool her son. Since January 2009, she has been a volunteer basketball coach for children at leagues.

She was Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease

In 2013, she was diagnosed with Lupus and was to undergo surgery. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks your own tissues and organs. Michael Rainey Jr. on hearing the state of his mother’s health was very devastated and heartbroken as he and his mother share a solid bond.

Michael Rainey Sr. and Shauna Small’s Marriage

There is no information as to when, where, or how Michael Rainey Sr. met Shauna Small for the first time or even details about when they got married as all this information has been kept private and away from the public. Their union is blessed with a child which happens to be Michael Rainey Jr.

Which Parent is Michael Rainey Jr. Closer to?

When it comes to children and their relationship with their parents, it’s normal for a child to be closer to one parent than the other. It does not mean he/she does not love the other; it only goes to show they feel more connected with that particular parent than the other.

In the case of Michael Rainey Jr., the actor shares a very close bond with his mother, who he calls “The Queen”, and this can be seen in the different posts he shares about her on his social media page, showing how they spend quality mother and son time together and others.

Surprisingly, the same cannot be said of his father as the actor hardly talks about him and rarely post anything about him on his social media page. In an article published by Vibe Magazine in February 2020, the young star suggested that he and his father have always had a rough relationship and hardly spend time together just like his on-screen character Tariq and his father James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the Power series.

According to him, “Ghost and Tariq’s relationship is kind of similar to me and my father’s relationship. So that’s a reason I relate to those scenes with Ghost and Tariq where they’re really going at each other because that’s something real in my life”.

However, while Tariq’s uneasy relationship with his father peaks with an unimaginable deed: the murder of his own father, Michael stated that he does not believe in such, stating that with proper communication, problems could be resolved, and unhealthy relationships could become healthy.

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