Who Are Sam Fender’s Dad and Mum? Meet His Parents

Sam Fender’s dad and mum are Allan Fender and Shirley Fender. Sam Fender’s father is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and pianist, while his mother is a nurse.

Sam Fender is a British singer, musician, and songwriter well known for his thick Gordie accent and high-pitched tenor. He has about two studio albums and one extended play. The singer has also appeared in a number of films, including Vera and Wolfblood.

He also had a short stint in modeling, appearing in some UK fashion magazines. The award-winning British singer has gained a spot in the limelight, thus thrusting his dad and mum into the limelight.

Meet Sam Fender’s Parents

Sam Fender’s dad and mum have been a huge part of his life. Both parents played a significant part in his musical pursuits, and here is all there is to learn about them.

Who Is Sam Fender’s Dad?

Sam Fender’s dad is Allan Fender, a musician. He specializes in playing the guitar and is also a singer, songwriter, and pianist. According to Sam Fender, his father was also a great chef. Allan’s age is not known, as his month, date, and year of birth have not been disclosed. His nationality has not been revealed, but it is assumed that he is British, and also inherited white roots from his parents.


Allan Fender’s parents and what they are up to have been kept from the public’s knowledge. Similarly, nothing has been revealed about whether or not he has siblings. Sam Fender’s dad has chosen to keep the public in the dark when it comes to his personal details.

Based on this, details of his basic and high school education are scarce. It is also unclear if he attended a college or university, as nothing has been mentioned in this regard.

Allan Fender Exposed His Son To Music

Sam Fender has extensively commended his father for being a huge influence on his career pursuits. The singer stated that while growing up, songs like those of Bowie or Aretha Franklin would be playing while his father cooked.

In an interview with F Magazine, he explained how his father introduced him to music as a child. The British singer stated that his father was good at music, especially with the guitar, but never taught him or his brother anything. This made him think that his father wanted them to get a real job, but that was not so.

When Sam Fender was about 10 years old, his dad taught him the power chord, which was like a simple three-finger chord. This became a huge breakthrough for the British singer, as he ended up playing the guitar every day. San Fender began playing various popular songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Green Days, American Idiot, and many others. To date, he still credits his father for the role that he played in his music career.

The singer is no doubt surrounded by music lovers, which is why he climbed the success ladder quickly. He did not just credit his father for playing a great role but also his godfather, who was more like a father to him. He revealed that his godfather was a big music fan who collected music and had the best vinyl collection.

Meet Sam Fender’s Mum

The singer’s mother, Shirley Fender, is a nurse. Sam Fender’s dad and mum are no doubt very private with their personal details, despite gaining a spot in the limelight for their association with their son. Following this, her exact age cannot be determined due to the fact that her birth details have been kept under wraps. In this vein, her place of birth has not been revealed, making her nationality unknown.

Shirley Fender has not considered it necessary to reveal information about her family members. This has made the names and occupations of her parents unknown. Also, the names and occupations of her siblings have not been revealed, if she has any. All that is known about her family background is that she is white.

Sam Fender’s mum has not disclosed the names and locations of her elementary and high schools. It is no doubt that she attended a college or university, as evidenced by her profession as a nurse.

Sam Fender’s Dad and Mum

The Singer Had a Rough time With His Mum

At the age of eight, Shirley abandoned Sam Fender with his father. Some years later, after he was thrown out of his father’s house by his stepmother, he went back and started living with his mother. He eventually made up with her, which made him take care of her after she got ill.

Meanwhile, his mother’s 40-year working career came to a stop in 2011, when Sam was 17 years old, due to an illness. She suffered from fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain that usually comes with fatigue, mood, sleep, and memory problems. This made Sam think about dealing drugs to raise money to care for her, but she discouraged him from doing so.

He revealed in The New York Times that he borrowed, begged, and stole from anyone who could be of help to her. He also worked in a local pub so as to raise money to take care of both of them. Though the level of her illness at the moment is not known, it is believed that she is undergoing treatment and therapies to help her overcome the illness.

A Detailed Look at Their Relationship Life

Sam Fender’s dad and mum had a broken marriage, though they chose not to reveal much about it. It was not revealed when Allan and Shirley met, so it is unknown how long they were together before getting married. They have also kept the public in the dark about when they got married and the kind of wedding ceremony that they had.

This has also made it impossible to know how long they were married before calling it quits. However, Sam Fender’s dad and mum eventually got divorced when he was just 8 years old. Neither the singer nor his parents have revealed the reason for their divorce. According to reports, Sam Fender’s dad remarried, while it was not clear if his mother remarried or not.

Sam Fender’s Parents Welcomed two Children

Sam Fender’s dad and mum are proud parents to two children, including the singer. Below is more to know about the singer’s brother, Liam.

  • Full Name: Liam Fender
  • Date of Birth: 1985
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Occupation: Singer

Liam Fender is the older brother of the British singer born in 1985 next to St. James Park, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. With his age, he is nine years older than his famous brother, Sam Fender. Just like his brother, he is a British citizen and inherited his white roots from his parents.

Details about his educational background, from basic school to college, have been scarce. Meanwhile, Liam fender also inherited the music genes from his father. While growing up, he played the drums and is steadily pursuing a career in music at the moment. He released his debut single, Love Will Conquer in October 2022.

He disclosed that his debut single sends a global message of belief in better times, oneness, and the importance of connection, which has grown poignant in the midst of the turbulence of recent years. Liam believes music is in his DNA and was inspired by Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and many others to pursue a career in music.


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