Who Are Peter Gunz’s Children and How Many Kids Does He Have?

Peter Gunz has 10 children from different women. Their names are Cory Gunz, Whitney Gunz, Brandon Gunz, Kennedi Gunz, Phoenix Gunz, Jamison Pankey, Kaz Pankey, Gunner Ethan Pankey, Cori Gunz, and Bronx Pankey.

Out of the women Peter Gunz had kids with, Tara Wallace and Amina are the ones that are known to the public. Read on as we unveil all about the Peter Gunz children, their mothers, and how they relate with their father.

How Many Kids Does Peter Gunz Have?

Peter Gunz is a father of 10 children which were born by different women. The rapper is seen to have lots of relationship controversies, which also affected his marriage with his wife, Amina Buddafly. Despite the rivalry attitudes between their mothers, the rapper still finds a way of keeping his children close to each other.

Rumors have it that the rapper is set to have his 11th child with his youngest girlfriend, who is said to be 19 years old. This was a hint from his wife, Amina Buddafly, who stated that Peter is planning to marry his much younger girlfriend when they are not yet done with their divorce. She further explained that the rapper has refused to submit to the court his own part of the divorce papers.

What Are Peter Gunz’s Kids’ Names?

Although the children came from different mothers, Peter Gunz managed to maintain a close relationship with all his children. Below is the list of all the American rappers’ children.

  • Cory Guns
  • Whitney Gunz
  • Brandon Gunz
  • Kennedi Gunz
  • Phoenix Gunz
  • Jamison Pankey
  • Kaz Pankey
  • Gunner Ethan Pankey
  • Cori Gunz
  • Bronx Pankey

Meet Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz’s Wife

Aminata Schmahl, popularly known by her stage name Amina Buddafly, was born on April 18, 1983, in Hamburg, Germany. She is the only legally married wife of the rapper that has welcomed kids with him. The 41 year-old wife of the rapper is a member of the renowned R&B group Black Buddafly.

Aside from her musical career, Amina has also appeared in a TV series titled Love and Hip Hop: New York. She has successfully carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry as a musician and TV personality.

Meet Peter Gunz’s Children With Amina Buddafly

Amina’s popularity skyrocketed after her marriage to the American rapper Peter Gunz. The duo had been married for seven years and welcomed two children before they began their divorce process. Below are the two children Amina Buddafly had with Peter Gunz.

1. Cori Gunz

  • Date Of Birth: July 29, 2014
  • Age: 9 years old

Cori Gunz, also called Cori Pankey, was born on July 29, 2014, and is the first child of Amina Buddafly and the eighth child of the rapper. She is currently 9 years old and has been flaunted since her birth all over Instagram. This leaves the public with the impression that she is likely going to take after her parents in showbiz.

The celebrity kid has an Instagram account, @coriandbx, where she shares pictures of herself, her sister, her mother, and friends. Cori and her sister have been under their mother’s custody since she got separated from Peter Gunz. Despite being a celebrity kid, most of her personal information is still under wraps. Though her educational level is unknown, according to her age, she should be in the third grade.

2. Bronx Pankey

  • Date Of Birth: August 9, 2016
  • Age: 7 years old

Bronx Pankey, born on August 9, 2016, is the second child of Amina Buddafly and the tenth child of Peter Gunz. The 7 year old celebrity kid became famous for being one of the children born to Peter Gunz. Despite the fact that most of her information remains unknown, it is presumed that she is currently in her grade level following her age.

Although Peter Cruz and his wife Amina are no longer staying together, he tries his best to maintain a healthy relationship with their daughter Bronx and her sister. The celebrity kid is also seen to be active on social media. She and her elder sister share the same @coriandbx account. They currently have over 45k followers on their Instagram account, where they post pictures of their sweet moments with their family members.

Peter Gunz’s Children With His Ex-Girlfriend Tara Wallace

Tara Wallace, also known as Taranasha Wallace, was born on September 30, 1982, in McComb, Mississippi. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in drama from Jackson State University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the New York Actors Theater School.

After she enrolled at Jackson State University, her enthusiasm for acting considerably increased. She began her career in a spotless megastore in the heart of New York City. Tara performed in a few community theatre productions and minor commercials before her meteoric rise to fame.

In 2013, she came to public recognition for appearing in the fourth season of the reality show Love and Hip Hop: New York. The reality show centers on the daily activities of ladies who are either dating or married to hip-hop celebrities.

Tara gained enormous fame for her difficult real-life romance with her boyfriend and rap artist Peter Gunz. The duo met each other in 2000 and dated for over 13 years. They welcomed three sons together through their years of being together.

Meet Peter Gunz’s Children with Tara Wallace

Although the two lovers never got engaged or married each other, they are currently seen to share three lovely children together. Things became awry with their relationship when Peter got linked up in a relationship with Amina. It all became worse with their relationship when he further decided to marry Amina, who is a co-star on the VH1 reality TV show.

Below are the three children welcomed by Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz during their time of relationship.

3. Jamison Pankey

  • Date Of Birth: October 14, 2008
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Occupation: Rapper and celebrity kid

Jamison Pankey, also known as Juice, was born on October 14, 2008, and is a popular celebrity kid and upcoming American rapper. The 15 years old celebrity kid is famous for being the first child of Tara Wallace and the sixth child of Peter Gunz. His nickname, Juice, was given to him by his parents, as he is regarded as the sweetest kid.

The rapper is the eldest child among his siblings, as his mother is seen to have three other children with the American rapper Peter Gunz. Jamison is still in the prime of his music career and has not gone professional because of his age and academics. The celebrity kid is seen to be a bright student and getting the best education, according to his mother, who describes him as a decent and intelligent child.

Although information regarding his current academic level remains unknown, judging by his age, we assumed that Jamison should be at his high school level. He is currently under his mother’s custody, as she is not married to his father. Despite the fact that the parents are not married to each other, Jamison maintains a healthy relationship with his father.

He is not too active on any social media platform yet because his mother plans to keep him focused on his studies rather than showbiz. His pictures can easily be found on any of his parents’ social media handles.

4. Kaz Pankey 

  • Date Of Birth: January 6, 2012
  • Age: 12 years old

Kaz Pankey, also known as Milky, is the second child of Tara Wallace and the rapper’s seventh child, born on January 6, 2012. The 12 year old celebrity kid is famous for being the son of Tara Wallace, a TV reality show personality, and the American rapper Peter Gunz. Kaz is 3 years and a few months younger than his elder brother Jamison.

Currently, there is no trace of Kaz making waves in showbiz like his elder brother, who has identified with their father’s skills as a rapper. He is seen to be fully focused on his academics. Kaz seems to enjoy a life outside the media as he is also not active on any social media platform.

5. Gunner Ethan Pankey 

  • Date Of Birth: February 13, 2016
  • Age: 8 years old

Gunner Ethan Pankey was born on February 13, 2016, in Queens, New York, United States. He is the last son of Tara Wallace and the ninth child of the American rapper Peter Gunz. Being one of the children of Peter Gunz brought Gunner to the public’s eyes. His mother, Tara Wallace, a Love and Hip-Hop star, introduced him to the public a few months after his birth.

The celebrity kid who was born in 2016 is currently 8 years and is still in his grade classes. He has so far been kept out of any social media, as he is seen not to have any active social media account. Being a minor, Gunner is still under his mother’s custody.

A Look At Peter Gunz’s Kids From The Three Other Women

According to the reports, which confirmed that Peter Gunz has a total of ten children from five different women. It was observed that only two of the women are known to the public, while the other women’s identities were kept under wraps. Meanwhile, below are the remaining five children of Peter Gunz and what they are currently up to.

6. Peter Cory Pankey Jr.

  • Date Of Birth: June 22, 1987
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Occupation: Rapper and Songwriter

Cory Pankey was born on June 22, 1987, in the Bronx, New York, United States. He is an American rapper and a songwriter. Despite being a popular rapper, he gained more popularity as one of the children of Peter Guns. Judging from his current age of 36 years, Cory is seen as the first child of Peter Gunz.

Details of who his mother is have remained under the radar. The rapper took after his father’s occupation as a rapper and is currently signed under After Platinum Records, Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Universal Republic Records. He is seen to maintain a healthy relationship with his family, especially with his father.

This was evident as his father was firmly behind him when he was involved in a crime that made him serve some years in prison. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the possession of a gun on January 28, 2012. So far, there has not been any controversy between him and his other siblings.

7. Whitney Gunz

  • Date Of Birth: 1991
  • Age: 33 years old

Whitney Pankey, also known as Whitney Gunz, is the second child and the first daughter of Peter Gunz. She is currently 33 years old and was born in 1991, while her date and month of birth remain under wraps. Not only is she famous for being the daughter of Peter Gunz, but she is also popular because of her role in the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop: New York in 2010.

She is one of the celebrity kids that keeps a very low profile, unlike her elder brother, who is active in the entertainment scene. Peter Gunz also kept his relationship with Whitney Pankey’s mother under wraps, as no information is available about who she is, how she met the rapper, or how long they dated. Whitney is also seen to have a good relationship with her father, siblings, and their mothers.

8. Kennedi Gunz

  • Date of Birth: 1998
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Occupation: Fashion and Model

Kennedi is one of the children of Peter Gunz, who keeps a very low profile. Her date and month of birth remain unknown, but reports have it that the third child of Peter Gunz was born in 1998 and is 26 years old.

According to sources, she is making waves in the world of fashion as a model. Her relationship with the other rapper’s children remains unknown, but being that there is no controversy among them, we believe she maintains a healthy relationship with her family.

9. Brandon Gunz

  • Date Of Birth: 2000
  • Age: 24 years old.

Brandon Pankey, also known as Brandon Gunz, is one of Peter Gunz’s children from his past relationship with Miss Gina. Much isn’t known about Ms. Gina as she lives a very private life though she is usually spotted on the rapper’s Instagram handle. The young celebrity kid’s month and date of birth are unknown, but he was born in 2000 and is currently 24 years old.

He is the fourth child of Peter Gunz. Despite being the son of a popular rapper, he keeps a very low profile. He is usually spotted with his siblings and his father hanging out in Peter Gunz’s Instagram pictures. Brandon, however, maintains a very close relationship with his father and siblings.

10. Phoenix Gunz

  • Date Of Birth: 2005
  • Age: 19 years old

Phoenix Gunz is the daughter and the fifth child of Peter Gunz, born in 2005 by one of the mystery women with whom he had a relationship in the past. As much as her mother tries to keep herself away from the media, she was spotted in one of the rapper’s Instagram photos. She goes by the Instagram handle @emdigg3 though the account does not exist anymore.

Phoenix is currently 19 years and is not much in the public eye like her father and some of her half-siblings. She has been spotted several times being flaunted on her father’s Instagram page. On several occasions, the rapper has also shown the mother of Phoenix on his Instagram page.


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