Who Are Patrick Beverley’s Kids Everett and Adlaia Beverley?

NBA player Patrick Beverley reportedly has four kids. However, the public and the media are more aware of his two oldest children, Adlaia and Everett Beverley. Adlaia Beverley is reportedly a model, but not much is known about her younger brother, Everett.

Adlaia’s birth came about as a result of Patrick Beverley’s relationship with a woman named Nina Montega, while Everett was born after his relationship with a woman named Tumeka Williams. The basketball player is said to be a doting father, and several pictures have attested to the truth behind that assertion. Here is more about them.

Adlaia Beverley is The Oldest of Patrick Beverley’s Kids

Various media sources have indicated that Adlaia was born in 2007. Her exact date and month of birth are unknown at the moment, and despite being a model, she has yet to reveal that bit of information. Adlaia Beverley is the first child of NBA point guard Patrick Beverley.

The details of Adlaia’s birth mother are unknown at the moment, but several verified reports have claimed that she was named after her grandmother’s late boyfriend, Adlai “Dexter” Hood. Adlai, which means God is Just, was said to be a drug dealer who assisted Adlaia’s grandmother in raising and caring for Patrick Beverley, Adlaia’s father.

His influence on Adlaia’s father’s life was monumental and impactful before he was cruelly murdered in his car after he was shot at least 8 times. To honor his memory, Patrick decided to name his first child after Adlaia, and that was how Adlaia got her name.

Adlaia is currently in the custody of her father, Patrick, and in her more than a dozen years on earth, the only reference to her mother is on her Instagram profile, where she points out that her Instagram account is monitored by her mom @ninamontega, an account with just 756 followers and which has been set to private.

Adlaia’s formal education details are well hidden amongst other confidential pieces of information that the family is reluctant to reveal at the moment, but one would imagine that at her current age, as of the time of writing, she would be a high school student. Certain sources speculate that she finds a way to engage in various modeling gigs whenever she can get away from her studies.

Adlaia Beverley is active on social media but so far, her activities have been restricted to the social media platform known as Instagram. You can view her activities on the platform under the handle, @adlaiabeverley. So far, she has more than 200 followers and more than a couple of posted content. One thing that the couple of videos she has posted so far have revealed is the fact that Adlaia Beverley may well be on her way to replicating her father’s athletic prowess.

The videos show that she is quite adept and effective on either the volleyball court or the basketball court. She would have to make a choice at some point, but whichever choice she makes, the videos indicate that she would probably excel at either. Only time will tell though, and we will just wait and see how good she will be at either sport.

Patrick Beverley’s First Son, Everett Beverley, Is 17 Years Old

As earlier stated, Patrick Beverley has four children, two girls, and two boys. We’ve talked about his first child, Adlaia, and we will now discuss his second child, a son named Everett Beverley. Everett Beverley was reportedly born Everett Williams Beverley on May 10, 2007. He is currently 17 years old.

Everett Beverley’s Mother Is Active In His Life

The celebrity kid’s mother is currently very active in his life and he has spent the first few years of his life living with his father. Everett’s dad, Patrick, has been in countless romantic relationships over the years, and one of those relationships with a woman known as Tumeka Williams eventually led to the birth of Everett in May 2007.

Not much is known about Tumeka except from the facts that have been subtly hidden in her @mz1913 Instagram account, which has just over 480 posts and just over 200 posts.

As relationships go, Everett’s father has had his fair share of them. In 2013, he was rumored to be dating and later engaged to be married to a woman named Amber Spencer. Neither Patrick nor Amber verified or denied these rumors, but they had a long-term relationship as evidenced by the fact that they were still a couple when they were pictured together at the 2017 NBA Awards.

That particular relationship most likely ended before 2020 when speculations became rife that Everett’s father was in a romantic relationship with Wild ‘n’ Out Star Alexis Marie even though neither of them came out to confirm or deny the speculations. It is important to recall that around the time Everett’s dad was reportedly dating Amber Spencer, he also allegedly dated a stripper and model named Lira Galore, and he allegedly had a falling out with popular rapper Drake over her.

As of the time of writing, Patrick Beverley is dating an entrepreneur named Mandana Bolourchi. Her Instagram profile describes her as a philanthropist, fashion expert, Rolls Royce collector, and Glam Queen. The exact timeline of the beginning of this romance is unknown, but they are still together.

Everett Beverley is Quite Active on Social Media

Everett Beverley is quite active on Instagram, where he can be identified with the handle @708.money. He has been able to amass more than 850 followers and also has just over 200 posts similar to his mother. His posts relate to his everyday life which captures beautiful moments at school, with friends, and with family members.

Everett is a student of Bentonville High School, where he has shown and continues to exhibit athletic abilities comparable to his illustrious father. He has shown remarkable skills as a basketball player and as a football player, but time will be the judge of whether he goes on to fulfill the NBA dream just as his father did or if he would go on to become one of the best football players of his generation.

Nothing is certain in life, but Everett Beverley is growing up fast and with the way things are going right now, it won’t be long before his name is mentioned in the same sentence as the NBA draft or the NFL draft.

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