Who Are Matt Corral’s Parents Peter Corral and Elizabeth Corral?

NFL quarterback, Matt Coral’s parents are Peter and Elizabeth Corral, and they are known for being their son’s biggest supporters since his debut in the National Football League (NFL) in 2022.

From Ventura in the United States, Matt Corral is a player for the Carolina Rangers and was recruited in the third round of the 2022 NFL draft. His career is yet a fledgling one as he has been playing professional football for less than 1 year only. So what role did his parents play in his NFL career? Let’s find out in this read.

Matt Corral’s Parents Are Both Americans

According to available information, Matt Corral’s parents, Peter and Elizabeth, are both American citizens. However, when it comes to their ethnicities, there are various conflicting reports about that on the internet. Matt Corral is of mixed ethnicity and this fact is obvious to anyone who looks at him. Nevertheless, it has proven a bit difficult to pinpoint his roots since his parents aren’t exactly public figures.

Peter Corral is believed to have some Japanese ancestry and although this is believable based on his Asian looks, there is still no confirmation of this at the moment. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is Hispanic. While her exact ancestry isn’t public knowledge, her dark hair and eyes along with her heavy Spanish accent immediately give her ethnicity away. While we cannot accurately state whether Matt Corral has Japanese blood or not, the NFL player has Spanish roots.

The couple is from the town of Carpinteria in Santa Barbara county, California. Carpinteria is a small beach city, dubbed the “World’s Safest Beach” in 1912. They attended the same local high school and were both heavily into sports at the time. While Peter played football and even won an award as the “Most Valuable Defensive Lineman”, his then-girlfriend-turned-wife, Elizabeth, was a volleyball player.

Meet Matt Corral’s Father, Peter Corral

Peter Corral is Matt Corral’s father. He was born in Carpinteria, California, United States of America. His date of birth is stated as November 30, but his year of birth remains unavailable. Nonetheless, Peter is said to be about two years older than his wife.

Reliable sources have reported that his father and brothers were US Marines, just like he later became. While we can confirm the existence of at least one brother for Peter, there is no information about who his mother was, or if he had any sisters.Matt Corral Parents

Peter Corral has said that he grew up in a household that upheld discipline above all else. This is probably the reason he chose to join the Marines. Before him, his biological father had also served in the Marines. He joined right after he graduated from college and grew to the rank of Colonel. The length of his service isn’t public knowledge, neither is what he chose to do after leaving the force.

However, Peter Corral received no college education and never bothered to get a college degree.

Matt Corral’s Mother is Elizabeth Corral

Elizabeth M. Corral was also born in Carpinteria, California. She is reported to be 55 years old as of 2022, meaning she was born in 1969. She is of Hispanic descent but has American nationality. Like her husband, Elizabeth’s childhood is quite sketchy.

There is no mention of her parents on the internet or even any other family member. Like Peter, Elizabeth grew up on the coastline town of Carpinteria, after which she moved to Ventura, still in California.

Matt Corral Parents

She attended a local Californian high school where she played volleyball. Upon her graduation, she chose not to pursue the sport and chose another career path instead. Elizabeth Corral is educated but her status as a college graduate is still under question. She currently works as a social media web manager.

Elizabeth is very active on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter handle is @lcorral03 and she has over 1,728 followers currently. She is also fairly active on Instagram at the handle @jcdcmc03.

Matt Dad and Mom Met Each Other as Students

As earlier stated, Peter and Elizabeth met way back in high school and became famous high school sweethearts. After graduation, Peter went off to the Marines while Elizabeth stayed back and took up odd jobs to stay afloat. Upon his discharge from service, Peter decided to get married to Elizabeth.

Their wedding took place in 1988 and they have been married for more than three decades and counting. Since the beginning of their union, there has been no scandal or controversy about their marriage. They appear to be truly in love with each other, an amazing feat considering that they met close to 4 decades ago. The couple has lived in Ventura all their married life although they have changed apartments a couple of times over the years.

Peter and Elizabeth Corral Have Four Children

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Elizabeth and Peter have three sons—Joseph Corral, David Corral, and finally Matt Corral. Joseph is the eldest child and reportedly studied Romance Languages at Point Loma Nazarene University. David Corral, only a couple of years older than Matt, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the US Marines. Matt, the famous son, is a popular footballer in the NFL.

There are also reports that the Corrals have a daughter but not so much is known about her – including her name.

What Role Did Matt Corral’s Parents Play in His Success?

Matt Corral has often spoken of his father’s zero tolerance for laziness. The football quarterback also has credited his father with instilling in him the importance of discipline and focus without which he admits he wouldn’t be where he is.

Matt was drafted into the NFL in 2022 in the third-round at number 94. The player notably won the Conerly Trophy in 2021 when he played for the University of Mississippi’s football team—Ole Miss.

Matt Corral Parents


Matt’s entry into Mississippi was preceded by a couple of scandals, some of which his parents encouraged him through. According to the information available, Matt was supposed to head to the University of Southern California initially. However, a fight with one of Wayne Gretzky’s sons made him go rethink his decision. He finally decided on the University of Mississippi; a decision which his father applauded wholeheartedly.

His mother, Elizabeth, called ‘Liz’ by her close friends, is also an ardent supporter of her son. Elizabeth’s Twitter feed is full of tweets and retweets regarding her son’s football career. If there is anything you can count on Elizabeth Corral to do, it’s making a social media update to brag about her talented son. Matt is currently said to be worth somewhere between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022. His Instagram handle is @mattcorral2.

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