Who are Jon Jones’ Brothers? Meet Arthur and Chandler Jones

Jon Jones’ brothers are Arthur and Chandler Jones who have been supportive of his career. Arthur Jones is the eldest brother of the Jones siblings’ trio; he is into wrestling. On the other hand, Chandler Jones, is the youngest of the three Jones brothers and he is a football player.

The former UFC champion Jon Jones is proud of many things, most especially, his brothers. His fame has brought his brothers to the limelight, with fans interested in knowing more about them. His brothers stood by him even during his suspension and controversies surrounding his career. Here is all there’s to know about Jon Jones’ brothers, Arthur and Chandler Jones.

Jon Jones and His Brothers are all Involved in Sports

Jon Jones has two brothers, Arthur and Chandler Jones. Arthur is the eldest of them and was born on 3 June 1986. And Chandler, the youngest, was born on 27 February 1990. The Jones brothers share a common passion for sports. While Jon is a UFC fighter, the eldest, Arthur Jones was a former footballer and wrestler, and Chandler is a professional footballer, who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Meet Jon Jones’ Elder Brother, Arthur Jones 

  • Date of birth: 3 June 1986
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Occupation: Former Footballer, Wrestler.

Arthur Willis Jones III was born on 3 June 1986, in Rochester, New York, United States. He is the elder brother of Jon and Chandler Jones, and his parents are Arthur Jr. and Camille Jones.

Arthur is a former football defensive end who played for eight seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He started in college playing for Syracuse before he was recruited by the Baltimore Ravens in the fifth round of the NFL Draft in 2010, where he won the Super Bowl XLVII with the team.

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In addition, Arthur has played for the Washington Commanders and Indianapolis Colts. However, he is currently retired from football. He also had a brief stint in wrestling where he won two titles as New State champ in wrestling.

For his education, Arthur Jones graduated from the Union–Endicott High School where he represented his school in both football and wrestling. After he graduated from there, he earned his degree in communication and rhetorical studies.

As a senior, Arthur won six sacks, 64 tackles, and one fumble recovery to lead Union–Endicott to a famous Section IV championship. Following that championship season, SuperPrep ranked him as the 18th best prospect to watch out for in New York.

Arthur Jones Is Protective of His Brother, Jon Jones

Arthur Jones is obviously a big fan of his younger brother, Jon Jones, who is a UFC fighter. He (Arthur) is always at the other end of the ring motivating his brother each time he is involved in a fight. Even though Jon is one of the fiercest fighters in the UFC, Arthur still believes he has a responsibility to “protect” his brother.

Arthur Jones pointed this out in a pre-match interview before Jon Jones’s historic bout with Brazilian, Glover Teixeira, in the headlining fight of “UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira. According to Arthur, each time his younger brother is in the cage, he feels like he’s in there too and would always want to take each blow for his brother.

Arthur also revealed that he is always nervous each time his brother fights. He feels his heart racing, “adrenaline-pumping.” and his whole body shuts down to focus on the match. More so, he confessed that he helps Jon to study films of his opponents before every fight.

Notwithstanding, Arthur believes that Jon is more than capable of reaching any status, even with the utmost confidence in his brother’s skills. Even with the experience of winning so many titles, Arthur stated there is simply nothing like the feeling of the desire to protect a loved one from harm, even if that relative is more than capable of taking care of himself.

Who is Jon Jones’ Younger Brother, Chandler Jones?

  • Date of birth: 27 February 1990
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Occupation: Footballer

Chandler James Jones was born on 27 February 1990 in Rochester, New York, United States. He is the younger brother of Arthur Jones and Jon Jones. He is a football defensive end who plays for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).

Chandler played college football at Syracuse and was an active player for the New England Patriots during the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. In addition, he has played for the Arizona Cardinals. He announced that he’d enter the 2012 NFL Draft on 30th December 2011.

Chandler started playing football during his school days. In 2007, he was selected as the SuperPrep All-Northeast and PrepStar All-East Region. During this time, the 33-year-old was dubbed by scout.com as the eighth-best prospect from the state of New York.

Who is Jon Jones' Brother, Chandler Jones?
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Chandler was a First-round NFL Pick in 2012

Chandler continued with his football career even after moving to college for his higher education. He enrolled at the prestigious Syracuse University and kept playing college football till 2011. However, despite having only seven caps in his last college season, he made the first-round NFL pick by the New England Patriots in 2012.

The youngest of the Jones tasted success for the first time in the year 2014-15 with the New England Patriots when they clinched the Super Bowl. Following that, he left and joined the Arizona Cardinals in 2015, playing for them till 2021. From there, the 6′ 5” athlete signed a whopping three-year contract of $51 million to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, where he’s been playing to date.

Jon Jones Believes in Chandler Jones’ Talent 

Jon had once talked about his brother Chandler to NFL, where he stated that he believed his younger brother was “born to be a great football player”. These words are enough to show how much affection Jon has for his little brother, Chandler.

In the same way, Chandler is a big supporter of his elder brother, Jon. Despite his demanding career, he occasionally takes out time to support his brother in the UFC, especially in big matches. He once mentioned in an exclusive interview with azcentral that they (all three brothers) push each other to their limits.

Is Jon Jones Richer Than His Brothers?

Despite being one of the most decorated UFC fighters of all time, Jon Jones’ wealth cannot match that of his elder brother, Arthur Jones. According to reports, Arthur, who is a retired footballer, is the richest amongst the Jones brothers.

The analysis further states that Arthur Jones has an estimated net worth of $17 million. He made this astronomical sum during his eight seasons spell in the NFL, with the likes of the Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, and Indianapolis Colts.

Nonetheless, UFC star, Jon, aka ‘Bones’ is the second richest amongst the Jones brothers with an estimated net worth of $10 million. This is, however, closely followed by his younger brother and NFL star, Chandler Jones, with an estimated $7 million.

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