Who Are Jessica Chapman’s Parents and Where is Her Family Today?

Jessica Chapman’s parents are Sharon Chapman (mother) and Leslie Chapman (father). Her mother is a primary school worker while her father works in an engineering firm.

It’s over two decades since Jessica was murdered but her parents still live and work in Soham, England, the same community where the late Jessica Aimee Chapman was born, raised, and killed.

Who Are Jessica Chapman’s Parents?

Jessica Chapman’s parents are Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Sharon Chapman. They were bereaved of their then-10-year-old daughter in August 2002. Thus, they have lived in grief for about 20 years now.

Meet Jessica Chapman’s Mom

The mother of the Soham murder victim, Jessica Chapman, is Sharon Chapman. Mrs. Chapman became famous after her 10-year-old daughter was murdered. However, she lives a private life and as a result, she prefers not to share her personal information with the public.

Consequently, details of her birth and where she is from are not available and as such, we can’t tell how old she is. Apart from her age and birth details, she has also not disclosed information about her ethnic identity.

Jessica Chapman's Parents

Also, the public does not know if she has dual citizenship or if she is English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh. Similarly, her academic qualifications and the schools she attended are top secrets. However, Sharon is married to Jessica Chapman’s father, Mr. Leslie Chapman.

Additionally, Jessica Chapman’s mother works at St. Andrew’s Primary School in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England, the same school her late daughter attended alongside Holly, her best friend who was also murdered. Aside from this, other details of her career journey are not public knowledge.

Leslie Chapman Is Jessica Chapman’s Father

Jessica Chapman’s father is a man named Leslie Chapman. Just like his wife, he came into the spotlight following the murder of Jessica. Despite the popularity that came after his daughter’s demise, he still chose to continue to lead a private life and as a result, most details of his life are still concealed.

This means details like his date of birth, academic background, ancestral heritage, etc, are not known to the public. However, there are speculations that he is an Englishman, but it is not confirmed.

Concerning his career, even though not much is known to the public, Leslie Chapman is said to have secured a job in an engineering firm during the time his daughter passed on but he resumed several months later and that is all there is about his career information.

Chapman’s Parents Have Been Married For A Long While Now

Late Miss Jessica Chapman’s parents have been a couple for many years now but as earlier stated, they are very discreet people. Because of this, we cannot tell how long they’ve been together.

There’s no trace of their dating history on the internet and due to the fact that they haven’t revealed the details, the public is not aware of when they met and on what occasion. There’s also no information about how long they dated anywhere in the media.

Jessica Chapman's Parents
Sharon and Leslie Chapman

Similarly, we cannot tell how long they have been married as we don’t know when they tied the knot or the kind of ceremony they had, but by calculations, they may have been married for almost four decades and they have three children including the late Jessica. Jessica was the youngest of their daughters and was born on September 1, 1991

Unlike some couples who would separate after losing a child, Jessica Chapman’s parents have stayed together to mourn the loss of their daughter. They still live in their Soham home.

Jessica Chapman’s Siblings

Jessica Chapman was the last child of her parents. She was born and raised alongside her two elder sisters, Rebecca Chapman and Alison Chapman. Rebecca, who is the oldest of the sisters, was 17 years old while Alison was 14 at the time of their kid sister’s murder.

Just like their parents, they prefer to live their lives away from the public. So, nothing else is known about these two sisters.

Jessica Chapman Was A Victim Of Double Child Homicide

The question in your mind now might be “what exactly happened to Jessica Chapman?” In a nutshell, she was one of the victims of the double child murder which happened in  Soham, Cambridgeshire, England on the 4th of August 2002.

A few days before the ugly incident, the Chapman family had just returned from a sunshine holiday. Little Jessica Chapman had missed her best friend, Holly Wells, and couldn’t wait to see her. So, after her parents went shopping that Sunday morning, she left for her friend’s family barbecue in Redhouse Gardens.

Jessica Chapman's Parents

She left their home in Brook Street, Soham, around 11:45 a.m. and stayed for lunch at her bestie’s. There, they played games with another friend named Natalie Parr. By 3:15 p.m., these BFFs wore matching Manchester United FC shirts and Holly’s mom took a picture of them.

After dinner, at approximately 6:15 pm, Jessica and Holly left the Well’s home to buy sweets but never returned. It would later be revealed that on their way back, the girls were enticed to the College Close home of Ian Huntley who previously worked as a caretaker in a secondary school in Soham.

He told the girls that Maxine Carr, his lover and a teaching assistant at the girls’ school, was home which was later discovered to be a lie. However, no one actually knows what happened to Wells and Chapman in Huntley’s home. According to him, one of the girls had her nose bleeding, so he had to help.

Since the cause of death couldn’t be traced, the girls’ death was assumed to be caused by asphyxiation. By 9:55 pm, both parents reported their missing daughters after hours of fruitless search.

Jessica Chapman's Parents
Ian Huntley

On August 27, 2002, the girls’ bodies were found in an irrigation ditch near RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk. Ian Huntley had dumped their bodies in the ditch after killing them. He, however, denied sexually molesting the 10-year-old girls.

Jessica Chapman’s body was laid to rest in Fordham Road Cemetery beside her friend, Holly Wells.

Jessica Chapman’s Parents Still Mourn Her

Since Jessica’s death, her parents have mourned her in private. Her demise was a huge blow but they endured the pain together. More so, Mr. and Mrs. Chapman did not say anything to the public for the first decade of the horrific incident. However, after ten years, they gave a statement in a bid to support the police in creating a record of sex culprits.

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