Who Are Donnie Yen’s Kids, Jasmine Yen, James and Man-Zeok Yen?

Donnie Yen’s kids are three, namely Man-Zeok Yen aka Jeff Yen, Jasmine Yen, and James Yen. All of Donnie Yen’s children are from two different relationships.

Man-Zeok Yen was born to Donnie and his first wife, Leung Zing Ci, at the end of their marriage, which barely lasted one year. Donnie Yen’s last two kids are products of his current marriage to former model and beauty pageant Cissy Wang. Every member of the Yen brood seems to be set on different career paths. While Jeff is working in the corporate world as an assistant manager, Jasmine is thriving as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. The baby of the family, James, is creating a niche for himself on social media, and he can play the piano.

Man-Zeok Yen, aka Jeff Yen, is Donnie Yen’s Oldest Child

  • Date of birth: 1995
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Mother: Leung Zing Ci

Donnie Yen has two sons, and the first of them is Man-Zeok Yen, his first child. Also known as Jeff Yen, he was born in China in 1995. Man-Zeok is obviously Chinese by nationality but comes from a mixed ethnic background.

Jeff’s mum has been identified as Leung Zing Ci, who works and earns a living as an advertising executive. According to reports, Donnie Yen and Leung Zing Ci got married in 1992, but unfortunately, their union ended within one year. It was while they were finalizing their divorce that Leung Zing Ci discovered she was pregnant and sought custody from the court.

Reports said both parents got joint custody, but Leung Zing Ci thwarted Donnie’s effort to visit their son despite his visitation right.

When Jeff was 18 in 2013, he suffered from pneumothorax which led to his hospitalization and lung surgery, and according to reports, Donnie never went to visit him even after his ex-wife called begging him to try.

Donnie’s neglect of his ailing son triggered a lot of negative press about him, and many already concluded that they didn’t share a great father/son relationship until the Father’s Day celebration of 2018, when the actor shared a picture with his complete brood.

Jeff is An Alum of The University of Hong Kong

Growing up in Hong Kong, Donnie Yen’s first son attended La Salle College, where he accomplished his High School Diploma. However, the quest for further academic achievement took him to The University of Hong Kong to study International Business and Global Management. Jeff also studied Urban Governance, graduating in 2013.

According to reports, he bagged a Second Class Honours and later moved to Munich Business School to complete a semester exchange program in European Business.

He is an Assitant Manager at HK Express Airline

After earning his university degree, Jeff went to look for work in the corporate world. Currently, he is a staff of HK Express Airline Retail department, where he works in his capacity as an Assistant Manager. He started with the firm in 2018 as a Graduate Trainee and worked his way up the ladder to become a Product Development Specialist in 2020. Jeff maintained this position for two years, and in 2022 he rose to his current post.

Before scoring his present position at HK Express, Jeff worked with DBS Bank during his summer internship. He also worked with Hudson Global on a part-time basis.

Jasmine Yen is Donnie Yen’s Only Daughter

  • Date of birth: January 2004
  • Age: 20
  • Mother: Cissy Wang

Born on January 2004, Jasmine Yen is Donnie Yen’s only female child. Donnie shares Jasmine with his second wife, Cissy Wang, who is a model and beauty pageant by profession. During the prime of her career, Cissy contested in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant in 2000 and came out victorious.

Where and when Jasmine did her early academic journey is not known, but in recent times, news hit the airwaves that the Chinese celebrity kid just gained admission into the Berklee College of Music in America and she is going on a scholarship.

Reportedly, the young lady was also accepted by all the prestigious academic institutions she applied to however, she has been dreaming of going to Berklee College since she hit 15.

Jasmine is a Model as Well as a Talented Musician and Dancer 

It goes without saying that Jasmine Yen is going to follow her parents into the show biz industry. The young lady is already making headway in modeling and music. Her debut magazine shoot was accomplished in 2019 when she posed for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Her Cosmopolitan Hong Kong gig was barely six months old when the Chinese celebrity kid landed a second one with Vogue Taiwan decked out in an ethereal pink attire and white trainers

In recent times, Donnie Yen’s only daughter has evolved into a remarkable musician who may likely become a big pop star.

Since the age of 12, the young talent has been impressing her entire country with her beautiful voice. She attended the Save the Children Annual Gala Dinner in 2017, where she performed Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All.

Donnie Yen is super proud of his daughter’s achievements at a young age. While marking Jasmine’s 18th birthday, the proud papa shared an Instagram video showing her progress from a singing kid to a highly talented teen. Donnie is also proud of his baby girl’s songwriting skills, especially her song, No Man Could, which she wrote and performed for her grandfather, who passed in 2020. Donnie shared a video of Jasmine performing the song on Facebook, while her mum Cissy Wang shared it on Instagram.

As a dancer, Jasmine shares her dance videos on social media platforms, especially TikTok. Going by the quality of vocal talent and dance moves Jasmine displays in her teens, we would not be far from the truth to say that the young lady is headed for greatness. Hitting the high notes, busting great moves, and looking pretty stunning on TikTok are the beginnings of greater things to come.

James is the youngest Among Donnie Yen’s Children

  • Date of birth: 2007
  • Age: 17 years old
  • Mother: Cissy Wang

Born in 2007, James Yen is the youngest child of Donnie Yen. Donnie shares James with his second wife, Cissy Wang. Nothing much is known about James’ academic journey, but the young man appears to be a high school student, given his age. He is already out on social media and can be located on Instagram, where he has accumulated over three thousand followers and counting.

Reports also revealed that James is a talented instrumentalist majoring in piano. The young man may go places with his skills on the keyboard.

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