Where Is Maureen Dean, John Dean’s Wife Now?

Maureen Dean presently lives in Beverly Hills with John Dean, her husband of over 50 years. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2022.

Maureen is a 78-year-old American writer, while her husband, John Dean, is a former White House Counsel to ex-U.S. president Richard Nixon. John’s congressional testimony proved pivotal in bringing down the Nixon administration. Maureen has been referenced in several movies about the White House, like Blind Ambition, produced in 1979, and The Nike Douglas Show (1961). She is also remembered for her stoic show of support to her husband while he took the witness stand at the Watergate hearings.

Maureen Dean’s Bio

  • AGE: 78 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: October 10, 1945
  • BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • FATHER: Mr. Kane
  • MOTHER: Mrs. Kane

Maureen Dean Was Born in Los Angeles, California

Maureen Dean was born Maureen Elizabeth Kane on October 10, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was born to American parents who were staunch Catholics. She is Caucasian by ethnicity and American by nationality. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

There is not much information available on Maureen Dean presently, as the writer loves her privacy and is not liberal with information about her personal and professional life.

Also, when it comes to her family background, not much is known about the writer, especially concerning her parents, such as their names, ethnicity, and religion, except for her father, who is said to have worked as a professional settling of diamonds businessman.

It is also not known if Maureen Dean is an only child or has siblings who she grew up alongside, as the writer has not been liberal with information about her personal and professional life. Information gathered from reputable sources shows that Maureen grew up near the Hughes Aircraft plant and lost her father at the very young age of seventeen.

Maureen Dean got her primary education in Los Angeles and then went ahead to get her high school education at a local high school nearby. However, she couldn’t continue because of her father’s untimely death. This led to her dropping out of college as her mother was not able to fund her education.

Maureen Dean Got Married to John Dean in 1972

Maureen Kane met American congressman John Dean while she was working for the National Committee on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. Shortly after her college education was truncated, Maureen had to work to make ends meet by working as a flight attendant.

She was exceptionally good-looking, had a stunning figure, and was said to have been voted the best-looking student in high school. Maureen was also said to have some resemblance to singer Grace Kelly.

Maureen Dean

It was, therefore, no surprise that despite being twice married and once divorced, Maureen Kane still caught the eye of John Dean. They were introduced to each other by American diplomat Barry Goldwater Jr. Upon learning that John Dean was also divorced like herself, Maureen warmed up to him quickly, and before long, they had moved in together.

Maureen said in an interview years later that she and John lived together for a while before agreeing to marry out of respect for convention. Maureen Dean got married to John Dean on October 13, 1972, in a simple wedding ceremony. John is best remembered as a former attorney who had served the US Government for three years as a White House Counsel.

The couple has been married for more than five decades and has no children together. However, John happens to have a son from his first marriage to Karla Hennings. He married Karla in 1962, but they got divorced in 1970. His son is named John Wesley Dean IV.

Maureen Dean Supported Her Husband Throughout the Watergate Scandal

Maureen Dean

Maureen and John became known to the general American public after the story of the Richard Nixon Watergate Scandal broke. John Dean especially became more known after his cover-up in the Watergate Scandal and his testimony during the court hearings. As a dutiful wife, Maureen showed up to his court hearing impeccably dressed and sat stoically through it all.

She captured the attention of everyone when she refused to cower even in the face of her husband’s punishment. For his involvement in the Nixon cover-up, John Dean was sentenced to 4 months in jail and was disbarred in the state of Virginia, as well as in the Columbia district.

Is John Dean Still Married To Maureen Dean?

Given the controversial nature of their union and the fact that John was involved in such a huge national scandal, many expected the Deans to have broken up long ago. However, our research has shown that Maureen and her husband, John Dean, are indeed very much in love with each other and have so far been living happily together for five decades.

Maureen Dean

Their marriage has since been without any scandals or stories of them having any misunderstandings or getting separated. Considering that neither of them was each other’s first—and in Maureen’s case, second—partner, it is impressive that they managed to find love and true companionship in each other’s arms amid all the White House-related controversies.

Where are John and Maureen Dean Today?

After the scandal had died down, John and Maureen moved to Beverly Hills to begin their married life afresh. Maureen took to writing and financial trading. John Dean also became a financial analyst.

Some of the books written by Maureen Dean are Mo: A Woman’s View of Watergate (1975), Blind Ambition (1979), Washington Wives (1981), and Capitol Secrets. Her books became widely known and were sold on Amazon for as much as $9. She and her husband are estimated to have a joint net worth running into millions of dollars.

Is Maureen Dean Still Alive?

The author and stockbroker are still alive at the present moment. Having lived for seventy-six years, there is no doubt that Maureen Dean has lived a very long and fulfilling life. She has grown old with her husband, stepson, and their grandchildren by her side. She has since retired from work and spends much of her time going on long walks with her husband, sightseeing, visiting parks, and doing many other enjoyable recreational activities.

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