Where Does PewDiePie Live Now? In The UK, Japan or Both Countries?

PewDiePie and his wife Marzia live in the English East Sussex town of Brighton and Hove. In 2019, they purchased a house in Japan, a country they have long admired. The couple regularly travels out to the East Asian island country to spend quality time but their primary residence remains Brighton and Hove.

Despite all the controversies that have surrounded his YouTube career, PewDiePie has still managed to emerge as the No. 1 independent creator on the platform. With over 108 million subscribers and 26 billion views to his name, the swede is certainly YouTube royalty with an earning power that is unmatched. That earning power now makes him one of the richest YouTube personalities in the world. It also means that the former college dropout can afford to live like a celebrity.

Even though PewDiePie and his better half are reluctant about showing the world where they live in order to avoid obsessive fans, we do know that the pair live in the English town of Brighton and Hove. They also own another home in Japan, a fact that they would undoubtedly be ecstatic about given that they have made no attempts to hide their deep-rooted love for that particular country.

PewDiePie’s Home in Brighton and Hove

Prior to becoming a world-famous content creator who can afford to own homes in multiple countries, PewDiePie (real name – Felix Kjellberg) was just a regular teenager who grew up in the Swedish town of Gothenburg. He loved playing games online and at some point, dropped out of college. He later picked up a bunch of odd jobs as he lost his parent’s financial support, and used his earnings to finance his passion.

PewDiePie set up his YouTube channel in 2010 and it was an instant hit thanks to him pioneering the gaming commentary genre. He reached one million subscribers in less than two years and has since enjoyed an unparalleled rise. That rise has resulted in a fortune that financed PewDiePie’s relocation from Sweden to the United Kingdom in 2013.

Along on the ride with him was his then-girlfriend Marzia and they made their home in the seaside resort town of Brighton and Hove, located in South East England. The duo maintains their residence there to date and Marzia often posts pictures of them and their beloved dogs taken against various magnificent backdrops.

Several people have sought to know why PewDiePie and his wife chose to move to Brighton and he has stated that there was no major reason for it. He maintains though that it is a great city that comes with opportunities. The YouTuber and his wife are certainly living their best life but thus far, they have been reluctant to share pictures of what their digs look like inside. One cannot blame them as they are only trying to protect their privacy. But despite these best efforts, several fans have managed to decipher their exact address and have shown up uninvited. PewDiePie has not taken kindly to this and in 2016 made a video warning fans to stop turning up on his doorstep randomly.

Their UK Home Was Flooded in Late November 2019

It has certainly been a good experience for PewDiePie and his wife living in England but there have also been some downsides. The English weather is quite unpredictable and Marzia got a taste of this in late 2019. In November of that year, the young lady took to Instagram to share that their house had been flooded as a result of heavy downpour. The water got as high as mid-calf and totally covered their backyard. She was therefore forced to resort to scooping it out with a bucket in order to ensure that it did not enter their house.

It was indeed quite a stressful day for the couple and matters were made worse when sewage water from their neighbors also made its way back into their property. Thankfully, the experience did not scar them for life and they have no intention of permanently leaving the U.K. One of the attractive reasons that have certainly motivated them to stay put in the U.K. is taxes. According to PewDiePie, his taxes has reduced since Brexit and he is happy about it despite the fact that he never supported Britain leaving the E.U.

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The Couple Snapped Up A House In Japan In October 2019

PewDiePie and Marzia have been growing their real estate portfolio with a second home in Japan. Prior to buying that particular place, the duo had been out to Japan on several occasions and absolutely loved it. They even got engaged in that country in the year 2018 and so when the opportunity and resources presented themselves, they decided to buy a home there in October 2019.

PewDiePie took to his social media handles to announce the good news and struck a grateful note as he acknowledged that it wouldn’t have been possible without the fans. The couple have since visited their Japanese home severally but they are not thinking of moving out to the country permanently anytime soon. Firstly, there is the fact that the YouTuber wants to continue enjoying the tax benefits of living in the U.K. and is required by law to spend a certain amount of time in that country lest he will be taxed in whatever other country that he has gone to. PewDiePie may also be rethinking any future relocation plans to Japan seeing as his house was burglarised just two months after purchase.

Their Japanese Home was Burglarised Just Two Months After Purchase

As usual, it was Marzia that took to Instagram to reveal the news. She shared that the burglars had gotten in while they were away and carted away 90% of her valuables which ranged from jewelry to luxury goods and special items. The young lady went ahead to reveal that she couldn’t help being shocked and sad even though she knew that she should be happy with what she had left.

PewDiePie would later discuss the robbery and revealed that the burglars did not touch his precious camera or computer but only targeted Marzia’s things. He described this as quite unfortunate and went on to reveal that they received lots of supportive comments from fans. He however revealed that some other people were quite unsympathetic and felt that it wasn’t really a big deal since he was quite wealthy.

The whole episode made the YouTuber acquire a new outlook on life and he is now working to declutter his home. According to him, he has been reading about the Greek philosopher Diogenes (who had no worldly possessions) and is getting rid of everything that has no real or sentimental value to him. All items that have no value or utility to him are either being donated, sold, or gotten rid of via another means.


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