What is Wrong With Sally Thomsett, Has She Been Ill?

Sally Thomsett, an English actress famous for starring as Phyllis in the classic film The Railway Children, has been ill for a couple of years. Her ill health is believed to be what has kept her away from the acting scene for a long time.

The 74 year old was enjoying a scintillating career in acting until she suffered a stroke in 2003. Consequently, she had to take a long break from acting and started working on recuperating. However, fans and movie enthusiasts alike are still interested in knowing what is wrong with Sally.

Has Sally Thomsett Been Ill?

As per multiple reports, Sally Thomsett had a stroke in 2003 when she was at the peak of her career. After that, she left the film industry and moved to a retirement community for entertainers in West London.

The report also reveals that Sally’s health is deteriorating. Neither the movie star nor people close to her are yet to officially confirm or debunk these reports. Fans have noticed a significant difference between her current and previous photos, which has questioned her health. However, some think she’s naturally aging, which might have led to a change in her appearance.

In the 1990s, Sally was famous partly because she was young, attractive, and personable. She was admired by many for her ravishing looks, and when she mysteriously left the scene, it broke the hearts of many.

What Happened To Sally Thomsett Face?

Sally Thomsett got her fans wondering about what happened to her face as they compared the before and after pictures of her. Some concluded that it was because of her illness. However, this isn’t entirely true because Sally or any source close to her hasn’t confirmed it.

On the contrary, it is believed that Thomsett’s face is rapidly changing due to her age. After all, it’s natural that one begins to generate body changes such as wrinkles and discoloration as one grows old.

Sally is already in her 70s, so it is expected that she will lose her once-admired facial appearance and bright, tightened skin. However, fans are quite perplexed to see her in this condition because she vanished from the scene overnight, and when she reappeared, she appeared quite old. If we’d seen her aging gradually, like other celebs, it probably wouldn’t have created such a fuss.

What is Wrong With Sally Thomsett, Has She Been Ill?

Sally Thomsett Never Had Plastic Surgery

In what seems like Sally Thomsett’s sudden facial change, many believed she had facial surgery. However, this isn’t confirmed! Moreover, The Railway Children star has never mentioned anything regarding her plastic surgery. So speculations about it appear to have been a hoax.

If Sally had undergone surgery, she’d have revealed it, just like the many times she talked about her dental surgery. All of these rumors are mostly based on her limited-screen appearance. Some even suggest that her face appeared this way due to the side effects of her surgery. But because she or her family hasn’t confirmed this, it’s not true!

Sally is merely aging, getting older by the day, so it is expected that her face and other body parts will change. Therefore, her physical appearance isn’t a result of plastic surgery, the stroke, or the treatment she underwent. It is purely natural!

Is Sally Thomsett Still Alive?

English movie star Sally Thomsett is still very much alive! She isn’t dead, as speculated by several quarters. The 74 year-old left the scene, mostly to focus on recovering from her illness. Besides, her health isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Thomsett suffered from ill health that led to a stroke in 2003 and has been on the sidelines ever since. Notwithstanding, she has since recovered from the ailment but has not returned to acting. Details about the cause of her sudden illness haven’t been revealed to the media.

Furthermore, Sally is spending more time with her family in West London. However, her family hasn’t provided any concrete information or updates about her current state of health. Likewise, it is not known if she will resume acting anytime soon.

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