What Is Victory Brinker’s Disability and Is She Autistic?

American child singer, Victory Brinker’s disability is not yet confirmed, however, she is suspected to have autism by so many, including viewers of America’s Got Talent (AGT) reality talent show.

Victory Brinker is a 12-year-old American singer and performer who became popular after she appeared on the 16th season of AGT. Since her glorious stint on the talent show, she has been rumored to be autistic. Here is all we know about her rumored disability and how it began in the first place.

Does Victory Brinker From AGT Have Autism?

While it has not been confirmed, most viewers who watched Victory Brinker in her run as a contestant on AGT believe she is autistic. According to the CDC, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. People on the spectrum are often said to experience certain challenges, especially regarding social communication and interactions.

When she was a contestant on AGT, Victory Brinker certainly wowed the entire audience with her sterling operatic rendition of the song, Julia’s Waltz. She further made history by becoming the only performer in the show’s entire run to receive a golden buzzer from all four judges, and the host as well. Still, observant people couldn’t help but notice some discrepancies in Victory’s behavior, as seen in autistic children.

Watching the 7-minute-clip of Victory’s arrival and performance, she appeared slightly uncomfortable with her surroundings, until it was time to sing. She was also noticeably close to her mother and seemed to look to her for constant reassurance.

While these signs are certainly normal, especially for a child who seemed more anxious than usual, they also seemed like tell-tale signs of autism. Victory Brinker’s shyness seemed to disappear as soon as she stepped onto the stage, however.

The starlet made small talk with the judges and even promised to buy taciturn judge Simon Cowell a rainbow-colored shirt if she won the prize money. But be that as it may, it would seem clear that Victory Brinker’s autism diagnosis isn’t confirmed just yet and the rumors might also have been a marketing ploy by her managers to get people to pay attention to Brinker, mostly out of pity.

This isn’t anything new as a lot of contestants have been known to put out certain backstories, often embellished, to make themselves appear more relatable. In Victory Brinker’s case, it isn’t clear how the rumors came to be, but since neither she nor her guardians have confirmed her supposed disability, it remains a rumor that should be disregarded.

Victory is Part of a Very Large Family

Victory Brinker is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She was born 12 years ago, in 2012, and is the adoptive daughter of Christine and Eric Brinker. Details on her exact date of birth are unavailable.

The young singer currently has six brothers and four sisters, making it 10 siblings altogether. The Brinkers are known for adopting special needs children and giving them a safe place to stay. According to verified reports, the couple is the biological parents to only two of their 11 kids.

Very little is known about Victory Brinker’s biological parents, but according to interviews granted by her adoptive mother, Christine, all their adoptions were open. This means the kids had the option of staying in touch with their birth parents if possible. Still, it doesn’t look like Victory knows any other mother besides Christine. She is currently being homeschooled and is also pursuing her music career in earnest.

Where is Victory Brinker Now?

Shortly after AGT’s conclusion in 2021—during which she made it to the top 10—Brinker announced the release of her debut EP. It was a Christmas EP titled, The Wonder of Christmas, which was made up of the following tracks: Ave Maria, O Holy Night, Silent Night, and Pie Jesu.

She is also active on social media, especially on Instagram on the handle @victorybrinker.official, where she has over 60k followers. Brinker is also on Facebook, at Victory Brinker, and on Twitter, @victory_brinker, all platforms on which she has a sizable following as well.

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