What is Silvana Mojica’s Age?

Silvana Mojica is a 28 year old accountant, marketing assistant, model, influencer, and social media personality.

Over the years, the Instagram star has been blessing her fans with jaw-dropping pictures of herself. However, she achieved a different level of fame in 2021 after she revealed that she spends a lot of time with Dave Portnoy, a renowned blogger, and entrepreneur.

Silvana Mojica’s Bio

  • SILVANA MOJICA AGE: 28 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 8th April 1995
  • BIRTHPLACE: Colombia, South America
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aries
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed
  • SIBLINGS: Valeria Mojica (sister)

How Old is Silvana Mojica?

Silvana Mojica is 28 years old. She was born on the 8th of April 1995 in Colombia, South America. She was born into a Christian family, but she has kept details about her family away from the media.

We do not know who her parents are or what they do for a living. However, she has shared photos of her sister identified as Valeria Mojica and the two appear to be quite close.

Silvana Mojica Has Achieved a Lot at Her Age

Like most people, Silvana started marking her achievements right from when she was in school. Since then, she has consistently grown into an accomplished lady at a young age. Her LinkedIn profile reveals a lot about her achievements, including that she can speak English and Spanish fluently.

She Earned a Marketing Degree at 23

When she was nineteen years old, the influencer enrolled in Valencia College where she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. She was there from 2014 to 2016. Later in 2016, at the age of twenty-one years old, she was admitted to Florida State University.

By the time she was twenty-three, she bagged a degree in marketing. These academic achievements helped her set the ball rolling for her career journey.

Silvana Secured Her First Job at 22

Silvana Mojica started working at the age of twenty-two. She worked as a brand ambassador for Strike Magazine in Tallahassee, Florida. This was her first official job as an influencer. She continued to influence and model for different brands after that, including “I am Gia”, “Giti Online” and “Barstool”.

Mojica Has Been Working at Giti Inc. Miami, Florida Since 2020

On the side of her marketing and accounting career, she got her first job at twenty-three. She was employed at Uncommon Fashion, Atlanta, Georgia. Here, she handled the role of the Junior Account Manager.

At the same age, she got another job at Squeem, Orlando where she worked as an Account Executive. Currently, the model works as the Social Media Marketing Assistant at Giti Inc. Miami, Florida, USA. She got this job in 2020 when she was twenty-five years old.

What is Silvana Mojica’s Age Compared to Dave Portnoy’s?

Silvana Mojica’s boyfriend, Dave Portnoy, is eighteen years older than she is. While Dave was born on the 22nd of March 1977, she was born in 1995. Despite their age difference, the duo has a beautiful relationship which they often flaunt on social media.

It started with both of them confessing that they enjoy each other’s company a lot. Since then, they have continuously posted pictures of themselves, including some public displays of affection. Their age difference does not appear to have any negative impact on their relationship.

Her Social Media Activities

Her most active social media account is her Instagram. She has 205k followers and makes posts often on it. Her Facebook account does not receive as much attention. She has a regular account with 1,613 friends. The model does not seem to have an account on Twitter.

Silvana Mojica is Doing Well for Her Age

Nothing beats having a successful career and a beautiful love life and Silvana Mojica has been able to achieve this at a young age. She is hardworking and will continue to achieve more for herself as the years go by. Also, her relationship with Dave appears to get even better by the day. Apparently, she is living her dream life.

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