What Is Pete Davidson’s Ethnicity and Nationality, Is He White?

Pete Davidson’s ethnicity is mixed; he is of Jewish, Polish, German Jewish, Dutch Jewish, Irish, Italian, English, Scottish, German, and Sicilian heritage, which he inherited from his father and mother. The comedian also holds American nationality. 

Pete Davidson is an American comedian and actor well known for being a cast member of the American late-night television sketch comedy and variety show titled Saturday Night Live. The show aired from 2014 to 2022 and the comedian appeared in eight seasons of it. Having carved a niche in the American entertainment industry, there has been a growing interest from the public in knowing his roots. Here is all you need to know about Pete Davidson’s ethnicity and how he inherited it.

Details of Pete Davidson’s Nationality 

Pete Davidson was born on November 16, 1993, in New York City’s Staten Island borough. Owing to his place of birth, he is an American citizen.

Born to Amy Davidson and Scott Davidson, his father was a firefighter who died in service with the rest of his unit in the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. This left Pete devastated and affected him mentally. His mother, on the other hand is a nurse and she rose to the limelight because of her son’s fame.


Pete Davidson grew up with his younger sister, Casey Davidson, under the care of their mother. Casey has concluded her didactic year at a university in New York and is set to become a physician assistant.

The comedian attended Joseph-By-The-Sea High School before moving on to Tottenville High School and then Xaverian High School, where he completed his high school education. He furthered his education at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights and dropped out after his first semester to pursue his comedy career.

In 2013, he made his debut appearance in the third episode of the MTV comedy series, Failosophy. After the success of his debut appearance, he began to appear on various other comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, Nick Canon Presents: Wild ‘N Out, and many more. As an actor, his film credits include Dumb Money, Angry Birds Movie 2, Transformers: Rise Of The Beast, The Suicide Squad, and many more.

Pete Davidson has also appeared in over 17 television shows, including Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends, and many more. In addition to his career as a comedian and an actor, he has also made guest appearances in music albums, including Wall of Fame, A Message From The Count, and Kevin and Barracuda.

Exploring Pete Davidson’s Ethnicity 

Pete Davidson’s ethnicity is mixed, which includes Jewish, Polish, German Jewish, Dutch Jewish, Irish, Italian, English, Scottish, German, and Sicilian heritage. The comedian-turned-actor inherited his mixed ethnicity from his father and mother. He inherited the Jewish, Polish, German Jewish, Dutch Jewish, Italian, and Irish roots from his father.


From his mother’s side, he inherited his English, Scottish, Irish, and German roots. In an interview, Pete claimed to be white, but for some reason, he does not look it. He further stated that he is all Irish, but for some reason, he looks like a Puerto Rican. He is half Jewish and half a mixture of many other ancestral roots.

The Comedian Had Been Previously A Subject Of Joke Because Of His Ethnicity

Since Pete Davidson rose to stardom, he has been teased about his looks, which show his mixed ethnicity. He was first teased by his fellow SNL cast members, who were much older and had achieved fame years before him. At the time that he joined the show, he did not have an idea of his roots, nor did his family members. These made ethnic jokes that were uttered about him turn out to be regular.

The actor, who never took the jokes to heart in an interview revealed how he handled issues when people discussed his looks. His co-comedians also made jokes about his racial confusion in the Central Roasts for Justin Bieber and Rob Lowe. However, his ethnicity is no longer made a subject of jokes since he has made it known to the public.


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