What is Known About Titus Welliver’s Ex-wife Jose Stemkens

Jose Stemkens is the ex-wife of Titus Welliver, a Hollywood actor. She is a South African style expert, fashion consultant, and ex-model born on December 29, 1987, and is 36 years old. Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver got married in 2014 but filed for divorce five years later, which was finalized in 2021. They did not have any children.

Similar to many celebrity partners, Jose came into the limelight on account of her marriage to Titus Welliver. However, prior to gaining fame as a celebrity spouse, she had already established a strong reputation in the fashion sector. She is currently in charge of her own fashion firm, which also encompasses a few associated businesses. Meanwhile, read on to learn more about her.

Summary of Jose Stemkens’ Bio

  • Full name: Josepha Theordora Stemkens
  • Nickname: Jose
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: December 29, 1987
  • Jose Stemkens’ Age: 36 years old
  • Ethnicity: Dutch
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Jose Stemkens’ Ex-Husband: Titus Welliver
  • Jose Stemkens’ Children: Three stepchildren (Eamonn, Quinn, and Cora)
  • Jose Stemkens’ Father: Jet Strijbos
  • Siblings: Two siblings (sister- May Nijssen)
  • Jose Stemkens’ Height in Inches:  5’6′
  • Jose Stemkens’ Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Jose Stemkens’ Weight: 70 kg
  • Jose Stemkens’ Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being Titus Welliver’s ex-wife
  • Jose Stemkens’ Instagram: @josestemkens
  • Twitter: @josestemkens1
  • Facebook: Jose Stemkens

How Old Is Jose Stemkens?

Jose Stemkens is 36 years old and was born Josepha Theordora Stemkens on December 29, 1987, in Tembisa, now known as Thembisa in Northern Kempton Park, Gauten’s East Rand, South Africa.

Jose holds dual citizenship and is recognized as a German and South African citizen. Titus Welliver’s ex-wife was born under the Capricorn birth sign and is of Dutch ancestry.

Jose was born to the late Jet Strijbos, who passed away several years ago, while the identity of her mother is scarce. Meanwhile, what her parents did for a living was not mentioned, but it is believed that they gave their children the best. She has two siblings: a sister known as May Nijssen and a brother whose name is not known.

Her sister graduated from Bouwens Van Der Bogie College, but her course of study and occupation have not been mentioned. On the other hand, nothing is known about what her brother does for a living. They were all raised under the care of their parents, who instilled the Christian faith in them. Her birthplace is in Africa, however, she spent her early years in the Netherlands and later in Holland, where her family still resides.

Though Jose Stemkens was thrust into the limelight, she has concealed all there is to know about the names and locations of her primary and high school education. She studied at Bouwens Van Der Bogie College, located in Panningen, Netherlands, but her course of study remains vague.

Jose Stemkens Became Titus Welliver’s Wife In 2014

There is no credible information concerning how Titus Welliver and Jose Stemkens met for the first time or what brought about the spark that led to their union. When they started dating or how long they dated was not mentioned, but they reportedly dated for numerous years before taking the legal step to make their marriage official.

On April 12th, 2014, Jose Stemkens walked down the aisle with her ex-husband, Titus Welliver, at Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, California, United States. The event was a grand one, with all attention focused on the bride, who looked stunning in a Herve Leger gown. In attendance were various guests, including family members such as Jose’s mother, brother, and sister, who traveled from Holland. Her stepchildren, whom her husband welcomed from his previous marriages, also graced the occasion.

The wedding was a memorable one for the couple, especially the movie star, whose joy knew no bounds. Shortly after the wedding, Titus took to his Twitter page to express his joy, stating that it was a most glorious and magical day. He concluded the tweet by stating that they were blessed.

Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver Divorced in 2019

Having been married for five years, their marriage met some hurdles, which resulted in a divorce. The couple filed for divorce in 2019, after which they took separate paths even before their divorce was finalized in 2021. Meanwhile, neither Titus Welliver nor Jose Stemkens revealed the reason they decided to pull the plug on their union.

Upon the termination of their marriage in 2021, an equitable division of their joint assets was done. Titus Welliver obtained ownership of several bank accounts, residuals, royalties from his movies and TV work, and specific properties in his hometown, Connecticut. Additionally, he was granted possession of two vehicles, a 2014 Harley Davidson and a Mini Cooper. The presiding judge also ordered the actor to pay his ex-wife a sum of $27,000 monthly for spousal settlements.

Titus was to pay a $50,000 bullet payment in order to equalize the property split. The actor also won both legal and physical custody of his daughter Cora, whom Jose Stemkens adopted when they were married. Hence, Jose was only permitted to see Cora during her therapy session.

On Jose Stemkens’s path, she was allocated a 2017 Range Rover along with maintaining possession of her business, personal account, jewelry, furniture, and various valuable assets. She also secured ownership of the family’s six horses, named Martha Grace, Kid, Kimba, Chief, Jackson, and Aslan.

Following Jose Stemkens’ divorce from her ex-husband, she maintained a relatively low profile, which has made her love life unknown. Titus has since moved on and is currently involved in another relationship with Samantha Edge, whom he engaged privately in May 2022. While their marriage is Jose Stemkens’ first marriage, it is Titus Welliver’s third marriage, as he was previously married to Joanna Heimbold in 1998, and they severed their ties in 2004. He got married for the second time to Elizabeth W. Alexander in 2005 and divorced in 2012.

Did Titus Welliver Welcome Any Children With His Ex-wife?

Jose Stemkens’ marriage to her ex-husband, Titus Welliver, did not result in any biological children. Instead, Jose played the role of stepmother to Titus’ three children from his previous unions. The Hollywood star welcomed two sons, Eamonn and Quinn, from his first marriage to Joanna Heimbold and a daughter named Cora from his second late wife, Elizabeth.

Notably, Jose formally adopted Cora during her marriage to Titus but could not get full custody of her after their divorce. While she was still their stepmother, they maintained a good relationship, as there were no reported controversies. It is not known if they are still on good ground since her divorce from Titus, but it is believed that with the bonds that she has created with them, they will have a good relationship.

What Does Titus Welliver’s Ex-wife Do For A Living?

Jose Stemkens has explored many different sectors as a style expert, fashion consultant, and ex-model. Growing into an elegant woman, Jose had a great passion for fashion, which eventually expanded to encompass lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

Prior to becoming a style expert, the actor’s ex-wife modeled for different top brands. Starting in her homeland, Holland, where she was raised, her career took off and expanded across numerous European countries and throughout the continent. This was due to the modeling gigs she received from various international companies. Though she did not mention the brands that she has worked with so far, she modeled for years before eventually quitting to broaden her profile in the fashion industry.

What Does Titus Welliver’s Ex-wife Do For A Living?

After Jose Stemkens quit modeling, she relocated to California, where she established her grounds in her fashion career. Meanwhile, the illustrious woman began her journey in the fashion industry during her college years. At that time, she worked with various clothing brands and landed her first job at the Mata Hari chain store, which is located in Holland.

Jose Stemkens

At the company, she worked in various sections of the store, including at the store’s point of sale. She gathered relevant experiences, and her passionate dedication played a role in her promotion to the position of assistant manager of the store. Sooner than expected, she got promoted from the position of assistant manager to store manager.

While managing Mata Hari, Jose had her eyes on a significant position at the Dusseldorf-based fashion store. Eventually, with the requisite experience that she garnered while working with the former store, she got a chance to work with the company in 2008. She worked with the company for some time, expanding her knowledge in the fashion wholesale business before she moved on to another luxurious store.

Subsequently, Jose joined American Wears, securing a competitive role as the sales manager. In this position, she not only gained the responsibilities associated with it but also had the opportunity to travel around Asia. The store presented her with a travel arrangement that funded her trips to Asia once every two months. The purpose of the trip was for her to delve into Asian fashion trends and culture, gathering insights that would influence design choices back at American Wears.

The Expansion of Titus Welliver’s Ex-wife’s Career

Jose Stemkens expanded her portfolio and began working with various international fashion companies. She landed her first gig with Esprit Fashion, a global public retail brand located in Hong Kong, North Point, with its headquarters situated in New York City. The company, which operates in over 30 countries in America, Asia, and Europe, is well known for its unique products and services. This includes the production and sales of casual wear, footwear, accessories, housewares, jewelry, and more, with its products being marketed in many different places across the world.

She was hired with respect to her work ethic, which was, at the time, admired by many owners and managers of fashion firms. Being the senior project manager at the company, Jose had long become an expert in fashion styles and trends and was opportune to manage Esprit’s Hong Kong branch. Under her management, the brand gained a global audience and spanned across several cities, including Los Angeles, New York, and Dusseldorf.

She built strong connections and relationships with individuals and businesses in her ten years of service at the company before she left. Jose Stemkens pitched her tent at another top company known as The Great China, where she was employed as the international account manager. The clothing company is a premium clothing brand known for its luxurious casual wear collection and exceptional global business services.

Leaving the Great China Wall in 2009, Jose moved to the Dutch Clothing Line, where she presided over the brand’s Depts and JC RAGS. Under her presidency, the company recorded exponential growth, particularly in the United States.

The fashion explorer went on to join the House of Quirky following a mouth-watering offer that she inked with them. She worked with the fashion brand for eight months as the Vice President, and this marked her last bus station working for brands as she left the company to establish her own fashion consulting firm.

Jose Stemkens Owns a Fashion Consulting Company

Jose’s extensive years of firsthand experience in fashion design and styles gave her an edge as she gained the perspective to recognize a significant gap in the clothing business. It was this gap that inspired the creation of Sunrise Fashion Consulting, which is the first fashion brand created by Jose Stemkens.

The fashion consulting firm provides fashion-related consultation services to its clients, including assisting international brands who want to enter the United States fashion industry. They establish these connections by linking their clients with trustworthy boutiques and departments across the United States. In line with assisting aspiring companies in forming United States connections, Sunrise Fashion Consulting also assists partnered firms in securing public relations, financial support, marketing, and business prospects.

They also provide guidance on structural and legal matters when required. Presently, Sunrise Fashion Consulting collaborates with top-tier fashion brands like Lu Jo, Freddy, Cocurata, Superfine, and numerous others. In 2017, Titus Welliver’s ex-wife ventured into a groundbreaking collaboration by partnering with fellow fashion icon Jane Munro-Altinok to establish the fashion label Eywasouls Malibu.

According to the company’s website, the brand drew inspiration from the azure ocean waves, the enchanting golden sands of beaches, and the vibrant Malibu lifestyle. While Jose had already established her reputation prior to Titus Welliver’s coming into her life, her union with the American film superstar significantly skyrocketed the trajectory of the style expert’s career.

Where is Titus Welliver’s Ex-wife Now?

Jose Stemkens

Currently, Jose resides in Los Angeles, California, the United States. After her divorce, she immediately moved forward with her life, totally avoiding the spotlight. She gave all her energy to her fashion career and now oversees her business ventures, which include Sunrise Fashion Consulting, Eywasouls Malibu, and other brands that operate under her parent brand. Notably, she has cut off ties with her former husband and her previous title as a celebrity spouse.


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