What Is Fox News Ainsley Earhardt’s Age and How Much Is Her Salary?

Ainsley Earhardt works as an American television personality, journalist, and conservative political commentator. She is currently on the payroll of the Fox Network Channel. She is best known for the show titled Fox & Friends First and her own show Ainsley Across America. Since joining Fox News in 2007, Earhardt has stamped her name on a few Fox programs such as Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve, The Live Desk, and Fox and Friends Weekend.

Before joining Fox News, Ainsley had worked as a reporter for different networks, including WLTX-News 19 and KENS-TV. Earhardt has been to the altar twice, and had a daughter, Hayden, from her second marriage.

How Old Is Ainsley Earhardt And Where Is She From?

Ainsley Earhardt’s birthplace is Spartanburg, South California. She was born on September 20, 1976. The journalist spent part of her growing years in South Carolina. This was before her family eventually moved to the Foxcroft area of Charlotte, in North California. For her elementary school education, the journalist attended Sharon Elementary School and subsequently did her high school education at Spring Valley High School, from where she graduated in 1995 at the age of 18.

After her time in High School, Ainsley got into Florida State University, thanks to a leadership and academic scholarship program. She studied biology during her time at the University. While at Florida State University, Earhardt served in the student union government in the capacity of a senator. She would later transfer to the University of South California, where she pursued a degree in journalism and graduated in 1999. She was 22 years old at the time.

Career History: How Did She End Up With Fox News?

Ainsley graduated top of her class at the University of South California. This achievement led to her automatic employment as she was picked up by WLTX-News 19 where she anchored some morning and noon programs. She started working at WLTX-News 19 in 2000 – at the age of 23 –  and continued until 2004. In 2005, she relocated to San Antonio, Texas, where she anchored newscasts for KENS-TV. Some of the programs she was known for anchoring included Eye Witness News This Morning and Eye Witness News At Noon. She also participated in and completed the Austin, Texas half-marathon and has often been out skydiving with the U.S Army’s Golden Knights. She also flew with the U.S. Airforce Thunderbirds in an F-16 aircraft.

Still considered to be a relative newbie in the journalism world at the time, Earhardt was just 30 years old when she was hired by Fox News Channel in 2007. She had to relocate to New York City for the job. Since then, the journalist has served as the co-host of the Fox & Friends talk program. She is also a political commentator and a reporter for The Hannity Show. Additionally, Ainsley is also the anchor of her own segment titled Ainsley Across America. She has also been on Greg Gutfield’s show Red Eye. She would admit later that she did not have the slightest idea about politics before she was hired by Fox News.

The conservative journalist is widely known for her stellar achievements in the world of journalism. In 2007, she was bestowed with a Young Alumni Award from the University of South Carolina and an Outstanding Young Alumna Award from the university’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Interview With President Trump in 2018

The journalist who is undoubtedly conservative stated in 2018 that she wanted to be unbiased while doing her job and ask the tough questions regards of who she was sitting across from. However, her choices have not done much to strengthen that resolve, especially after her arguably soft interviews with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in 2018. These interviews happened in her early 40s and are the highlight of her journalism career so far.

She hit some controversy in the same year after she praised the President for bluffing during the congressional hearings of former FBI Director, James Comey. The president had announced that he had possession of audio recordings detailing statements made by the former head of the FBI. Earhardt hailed it as a smart move to make sure that Comey stayed honest during his hearing. The journalist has also been known to support some of the President’s other controversial decisions like the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and his negotiations with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

What We Know About Ainsley Earhardt’s Marital Life 

Ainsley Earhardt, her ex-husband, Will Proctor, and their daughter, Hayden
Ainsley Earhardt, her ex-husband, Will Proctor, and their daughter, Hayden

The journalist has been married two times. The first time around, she tied the knot with Kevin McKinney, who is also an alumnus of the University of South Carolina. They started their romance while they were both students at the university. In April 2005, a few months before her 29th birthday, they got married. They were together for four years, before calling it quits sometime in 2009. They never divulged the reason that their romance turned sour.

A few years later, Ainsley Earhardt decided to try her hand at love again, this time with former football player Will Proctor. Proctor played collegiate football as a quarterback during his time at Clemson University. They got married on October 13, 2012, a month after her 36th birthday. It was with Will that Ainsley had her first child in 2015, a daughter, whom they named Hayden Dubose Proctor. Proctor and Ainsley soon hit a rough patch a few years after Hayden’s birth. In October 2018, her husband filed for divorce after the journalist had already stated publicly that they were splitting up because he had been unfaithful.

Fox News revealed sometime in May 2019 that Ainsley had sat down with the faith-focused initiative I Am Second and revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage months before she became pregnant with Hailey

What Have Her Ex-husbands Been Up To?

While Ainsley Earhardt has continued to push forward in her career, we scoured online sources to find out what happened to her ex-husbands after their respective splits.

Since the divorce, Kevin McKinney has tried to maintain a more quiet profile, but his moves have not gone unnoticed. After Ainsley was hired by Fox, Kevin had to move with her to New York. It was here that he took a job as a Territory Sales Manager for CR Bard, a medical sales and manufacturing company. According to the information we found on his LinkedIn profile, Kevin made his way back to South Carolina, where he took a job with Ethicon Inc., as a Hernia Solutions Representative, and later as a GYN Specialist/Senior Sales Rep. He left Ethicon in January 2015 and has been with Eisai US since then as a Senior Oncology Rep.

It appears that Will Proctor, on the other hand, still holds the same job that he did when he was married to Ainsley. In September 2012, the former quarterback bagged himself a role as the Vice President and Wealth Advisor in the wealth management division of Neuberger Berman Wealth Management. The position did not exist until he was hired. The graduate of management and finance used to work in the marketing and client services department of Sarasota, Florida’s Glaxis Capital Management.

What Is Ainsley Earhardt’s Net Worth and Salary?

Earhardt is not doing badly, financially speaking. Her efforts with Fox News brings the journalist an annual take-home of around $2 million, according to sites like Celebrity Net Worth, although other sources peg her annual take home to be as low as $800,000. The journalist is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million.

Apart from her job as a journalist, Ainsley is also building a career as an author, with a special focus on children’s books. On November 15, 2016, she released her book Take Heart, My Child. The book went on to top the New York Times Bestseller’s list in the category of picture books. She has also released two other books: another children’s book, Through Your Eyes; and a memoir titled The Light Within Me. The royalties she has received from the sale of her books have contributed reasonably to her rumored $6 million net worth.

So who has had the better deal since these divorces? From the few facts available, Ainsley seems to have drawn the longest straw as she seems to be the one sitting on the biggest pile of cash, thanks to her lucrative Fox News job and her book deals.

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