What is Ben Shapiro’s IQ and How Smart is The Conservative Commentator?

Ben Shapiro’s IQ is estimated to be between 130 to 140. That IQ range is pretty high, meaning that he is very smart. It is not surprising to find out that the conservative commentator is very smart seeing what he has achieved in life.

He enrolled at college two years earlier than his peers before attending Harvard and excelling there. He has since launched a media empire, became the youngest syndicated columnist in American history at age 17, and published up to seven books, all before he turned 33 years of age.

Ben Shapiro’s High IQ Has Been Evident Since He was a Teen

Born in 1984, little Ben became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist at the age of 17. He got into the University of California when he was 16 years old. He studied political science and graduated summa cum laude in June 2004. In 2007, he graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School. Upon graduation, he published his first two books; Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth, and Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future. He has published about fifteen books over the years.

The 40 years old Jew is best known as an American conservative political commentator. Renowned for fearlessly putting out his opinions about national and political matters, Ben has created a niche for himself in the public space. In addition to being a lawyer, an author, and a political commentator, he still retains his job as a columnist. He is also a host and a speaker.

Ben Shapiro has written for prominent websites and newspapers, including Newsweek, and has equally been the topic of several articles by different publications. Asides from writing, he has also served as the editor-at-large of Breitbart News, a position he later resigned. He is also the editor emeritus of Daily Wire, an organization he co-founded. He hosts the Ben Shapiro Show podcast which is aired on many radio stations.

For a person with his level of IQ, Ben Shapiro is doing unsurprisingly well. His career choice is known to be reserved for highly intelligent people. Therefore, he is doing well enough to put his natural intelligence to the test. However, this has not been without controversies and backlash. Being that the average IQ for a genius is 140, it is safe to say that he is a genius, or close to being one.

What Does IQ Mean?

IQ is simply short for Intelligence Quotient. It measures a person’s mental capability through a test. IQ scoring started in France and spread to other parts of the world. It is measured through a testing process that analyzes the memory and processing speed, language ability, mathematics, image processing ability of a person. Sometimes, advanced tests like knowledge-based questions are asked.

Since Intelligence Quotient testing reveals the mental strength of a person, it may also be able to answer a few questions surrounding a person’s life choices and decisions. People act based on their level of intelligence and understanding of a thing or situation. However, it does not completely define a person. It is also possible that career choices are influenced by people’s IQ.

Generally, understanding that there are different levels of Intelligence Quotient helps to improve interaction. For instance, you may want to use simpler words and terms when interacting with people of lower IQ so you can carry them along in your conversation. On the other hand, you may not mind your choice of words when interacting with a person with an IQ of 115 and above. It also helps in schools so that children who are not as fast as others are given extra attention and are not left behind.

Although a natural gift, a person’s IQ may increase or decrease over time due to external factors like nutrition and lifestyle. Also, activities like exercising, learning languages, taking supplements, etc may increase a person’s IQ. The normal IQ level is 85 to 115 which is the estimated IQ for about 68% of the world population.

Does Ben’s IQ Have To Do With Him Being Intelligent or Smart?

Having a high IQ simply means you are intelligent. A person’s Intelligence Quotient is directly proportional to their level of understanding. Being smart on the other hand has to do with a person’s ability to acquire skills and learn new things over time. Although often used interchangeably, both mean different things.

Ben Shapiro as an intelligent person may not be deemed very smart if he fails to apply his intelligence properly. On the other hand, as a smart person, Ben may still not be deemed very intelligent but may possess skills or talents that make people see him as smart. Smartness can be subjective while intelligence is determined by certain acceptable standards. It is possible to possess both, but only a few people have such a gift. Perhaps Ben Shapiro has both.

Other Celebrities with Equally High IQ Like Ben Shapiro

Other Celebrities with Equally High IQ like Ben Shapiro
Celebrities with high IQ like Ben Shapiro

When compared to other prominent people and celebrities from different industries, Ben Shapiro can arguably be regarded as one of the smartest people in America. Although there are some people with higher IQs than his, he also has an IQ that is higher than that of many others. Below is a list of some American celebrities and their IQ.

John Legend – IQ Score of 135

With an IQ of 135, John Legend turned down an offer to attend Harvard, a scholarship from Georgetown University and Morehouse College. He instead attended the University of Pennsylvania where he studied African-American Literature. He is one of the fifteen people in the world to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards altogether.

Natalie Portman – IQ Score of 140

The Israel-born superstar has an IQ of 140. She was known for being studious as a teenager and she prioritized her studies over her acting career. Natalie Portman also co-authored two research papers as a student. The papers were published in scientific journals.

Sharon Stone – IQ Score of 148

Unlike Portman, the Pennsylvania native quit school to take up a career in modeling and acting. She gained admission into college at age 15, thanks to her IQ of 148. Sharon Stone later returned to complete her studies in 2016, at the age of 60.

Bill Gates – IQ Score of 160

The principal founder of Microsoft, business tycoon, author, and philanthropist has an IQ of 160.

Reginald Jackson – IQ Score of 148

Jackson has an IQ of 160. He is a former professional baseball right fielder. He played 21 seasons for Kansas City / Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, California, Baltimore Orioles, and Angels of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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