What Happened To Shammi Brother Jayden Prasad?

Shammi Prasad’s brother, Jayden Prasad, was in poor health and hospitalized for some time, but the exact situation of his health has not been mentioned. 

Jayden Prasad is famed for being Shammi Prasad’s brother, a social media sensation. His health has been a concern to the public since pictures of him in a hospital bed surfaced. Get to know more about what happened to Shammi’s brother, Jayden Prasad.

What Happened to Shammi Prasad’s Brother?

At the moment, what happened to Jayden Prasad is not known, but the footballer’s health has not been good. The public’s curiosity was piqued after he shared pictures of himself on a hospital bed and tagged it “a time to retire, I think.”

After the pictures circulated, the public was thrown into a frenzy. Despite this, he did not further reveal why he was in a hospital bed. Until he decides to come out with what happened to him, our fingers remain crossed while we wish him a quick recovery.

Who is Jayden Prasad?

Jayden Prasad is Shammi Prasad’s younger brother, born on February 5, 1997, in Australia, and is 27 years old. The YouTuber’s brother is an Australian national born under the Aquarius birth sign and is of white ethnicity. Details of who his parents are, as well as their occupation, have been concealed from the public.

Aside from his brother, Shammi, it is not known if he has other siblings. Jayden was raised alongside his brother in Brisbane, Australia, in firm Christian faith.

Though he has gained recognition, Jayde is reserved when it comes to making details about himself known. Commensurate with this, the names and locations of the elementary and high schools that he attended have not been mentioned. At the moment, it is not known if he furthered his education at any university or college, as nothing has been revealed in that regard.

What Does Shammi Prasad’s Brother Do For a Living?

Jayden Prasad is a footballer who plays for the Australian national team. He joined the Australian national youth team in 2016 and plays as a midfielder. In 2018, he began his professional career as a footballer with Redlands United.

Jayden is an outstanding player who plays with a passion for his club and country. He represented Australia in the AFF Under 22 Championship as an attacker and scored a goal against their opposing team. He also appears in some of his older brother’s videos and vlogs. Jayden’s brother once came under the public’s scrutiny after he threw out all his brother’s belongings from their home.

The social media star did this in retaliation against his brother for always staying at his girlfriend’s house. In the video, Jayden came back to an empty room with his brother, laughing as he threw all his belongings into a skip bin. On seeing that his room had been emptied, the footballer stormed out of the house while Shammie and his cameraman burst into laughter.

The video, which was meant to be funny, turned out to be disturbing to the public, as many frowned at it. While some tagged it disgusting, many said that he took his joke this time too far. This notwithstanding, Jayden and Shammie still share a close-knit brotherly bond.

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While Jayden Prasad is a passionate footballer, his brother, Shammi Prasad, is a famous Facebook persona, YouTuber, and social media influencer famous for his pranks and social experiment motion pictures. He often shares vlogs, challenges, customary Q&A, and prank motion pictures with Jayden. Most of his prank videos are those that irritate his friends or siblings. Both brothers have achieved great feats in their careers and hope to achieve more.

Is Jayden Prasad Still Alive?

Yes! Jayden Prasa is alive, as there has been no record of his death. The fact that he was spotted on a hospital bed does not mean that he is extremely ill, which will lead to death. Further details of whether he has been discharged are not known.


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